Why can wangchuanjun and Songdandan get everyone’s support

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After the 50km Taohuawu 2 went online, although there were many changes in personnel, it still attracted a lot of hot discussion from netizens. Wangchuanjun met Songdandan at the 50km peach blossom stronghold 2. As a result, not only many guests from the peach blossom stronghold supported wangchuanjun, but also many netizens stood in line with wangchuanjun this time. Why is this attitude? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Wangchuanjun meets Songdandan

Songdandan, the parent of the first season, came to Taohuawu 2, 50 kilometers away. When all the members gathered for the first meeting, Songdandan proposed to hold a bonfire party. As a result, many people were not happy. They preferred the sports meeting proposed by Wu Dajing. However, Songdandan’s attitude was very strong, asking questions one by one, and forcing everyone to learn to dance women’s group dance and group dance. Many people had to compromise under the authority of Songdandan’s elders. As a result, wangchuanjun rejected Songdandan twice.

Wangchuanjun directly met Songdandan. Several people applauded and gave Wang a thumbs up. At that time, Songdandan? a href=’ https://www.weimeicun.com/ent/yingshi/89066.html ‘ target=’_ Blank’title=’ herding dust ‘> herding dust also causes Ascaris × In the past few days, the Chinese government has made great efforts to promote the development of China’s foreign-funded enterprises, so that they can gain access to the foreign-funded enterprises and enter into the world through cooperation. They have also made great achievements in this field ? We’re going to have to deal with this problem/ p>

Why can wangchuanjun get support

Because many netizens think that Songdandan, as an elder, is very autocratic when discussing the issue of holding a bonfire party to let everyone dance, which gives those younger generations a sense of oppression. In life, many young people meet such elders, and most of them compromise and then wronged themselves. Wang Chuanjun is different. If he doesn’t like it, he will say it directly. In real life, many people hope to become such a person who dares to rebel against their elders as Wang Chuanjun, so everyone supports Wang Chuanjun this time.

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