Why can Wei Zheng kill the Dragon King in journey to the west? Why must Jinghe Dragon King die?

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Today, China story network editor brings you why Wei Zheng can kill the Dragon King in journey to the west? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Wei Zheng is very famous in history. He was a famous minister in the period of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. He was famous for his frank advice. Although he could make Li Shimin angry and want to kill him every time, Li Shimin would eventually accept his suggestion. However, in journey to the west, Wei Zheng’s appearance is very strange. He is actually a person who can kill the Dragon King, and he still kills the Dragon King in his dream. What’s the situation? What is Wei Zheng’s real identity in the book? Why can he kill the Dragon King?

Many people are very clear about the plot of the Jinghe Dragon King and Yuan Shoucheng’s bet. The Jinghe Dragon King is very dissatisfied with Yuan Shoucheng’s calculation of the position of the Jinghe clan. After all, those are his subordinates, so he went to Yuan Shoucheng for trouble, so he made a bet with him. However, the Jinghe Dragon King underestimated yuan Shoucheng. He actually can calculate the will of the Jade Emperor to rain on him, and it’s exactly the same, so he had to rain by mistake, To threaten yuan Shoucheng, he didn’t expect that he even knew his true identity, and said that he would encounter great difficulties because of his mistakes in the rain.

Yuan Shoucheng’s way to give the king of Jinghe dragon is to ask him to go to lishimin for help. Although lishimin promised to help him, he did, but he didn’t expect Wei Zheng to kill the king of Jinghe dragon in his dream. He has been pestering lishimin after death. After all, a person who promised to save his life did not fulfill his promise, so lishimin was also dragged to the hell by him to confront him. But I didn’t expect that the underground government was very partial to Li Shimin, released him to Huanyang, but forced the Dragon King of Jinghe into reincarnation, which can be said to be very eccentric.

However, some people are surprised that the dragon has such a high status. Why would it be killed casually, and it is still a mortal? But this is only the case in folk mythology. In the real ancient mythology, the status of the dragon is not high at all, so killing a dragon king is not a big deal for the Jade Emperor, not to mention the Jinghe Dragon King himself is not as important as the four seas Dragon King. It can be understood that he is only a small branch of a large family, so no one will love him.

In fact, the killing of the Dragon King of Jinghe River can be understood as a link of learning scriptures from the West. In other words, even if it is not Wei Zheng, other people can kill him, because no matter what he does, the final result must be death, otherwise there is no way to start learning scriptures. The Dragon King of Jinghe River must die. As for who died, Wei Zheng is also the best choice. Because there is no other person besides Li Shimin who can initiate the learning of scriptures in the world, and Wei Zheng is one of the people close to Li Shimin.


But these are not enough. We also need Wei Zheng’s “straightness”. His image in history is a person who can kill Li Shimin with words. What he says must be very heavy, and what he does must be beneficial to Li Shimin. It can be understood that there is no sand in his eyes, so in the face of such behavior of the Dragon King of Jinghe River, he will not let go. In addition, he is also a person who promotes learning lessons, Therefore, it is not difficult to explain that the Jade Emperor may have assigned him to kill the Dragon King of Jinghe River before. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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