Why can’t Cheng Yi close his mouth? Why does Cheng Yi keep whistling

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After Cheng Yi’s recent performance of aloes Rushi was broadcast, it seems that the response is not good. Although Chenxiang Rushi is the play of Youku s+, at present, passers-by do not have a good evaluation of this play except for fans. Why can’t Cheng Yi close his mouth? Why has Cheng Yi been whistling in Aloes like crumbs? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Why can’t Cheng Yi close his mouth

Chenxiang rucrumb just went online a few days ago, there are a lot of mischievous pictures about Cheng Yi in this play on the Internet, especially Cheng Yi’s roast whistling, whistling and directly going to hot search. In the fragrance of aloes, Cheng Yi’s mouth has been unable to close. It was clearly the person next to him who was talking. Cheng Yi, who stood by without lines, seemed to be blowing his mouth all the time, which made people feel very uncomfortable.

Cheng Yi originally played a high cold God in Aloes such as crumbs, but his momentum in the play is not very strong, and his momentum is always suppressed by the old drama bones around him. And after many clips of Cheng Yi were teased, everyone really couldn’t get into the play. Every time I saw Cheng Yi coming out, I would think of whistling, and then I couldn’t help laughing, so I couldn’t substitute the feeling of watching the play. Netizens also said that this year’s ugly man in ancient costume must be Cheng Yi, and Jin Han welcomed Cheng Yi to join. Netizens have to stop losing. After all, Jin Han is also a famous representative of ugly men in ancient costumes in the circle.

Why is Cheng Yi whistling all the time

In fact, it’s not the first time that Cheng Yi has been ridiculed by netizens because of his mouth. Cheng Yi’s mouth has always been his fatal weakness. Cheng Yi’s mouth is of the type with thick lower lip and thin upper lip. If he doesn’t speak, it looks like a toot mouth easily. This kind of mouth has been roast as a chicken mouth by netizens. So every time Cheng Yi has a new play broadcast, black fans will taunt Cheng Yi with their mouths. However, beauty is in the eyes of lovers. In the eyes of fans, Cheng Yi’s Tudu mouth is very cute.

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