Why can’t dragon bearded tiger be deified? What is the grudge between longxuhu and Jiang Ziya?

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Why can’t dragon bearded tiger be deified? What is the grudge between longxuhu and Jiang Ziya? The following Chinese story network Xiaobian will bring you detailed answers.

I’m afraid many friends will find the name “dragon bearded tiger” strange. The Dragon bearded tiger was born between heaven and earth. It is a spirit and the most mysterious figure in ancient China. It was born in the period of SHAOHAO, and absorbed the spirit of heaven and earth, and became an immortal body after thousands of years of cultivation. It is said that the Dragon bearded tiger is very strange. It has a head like a camel, a neck like a goose, a hand like an eagle’s claw, and scales all over its body. Many people think that it is a dragon head, but in fact it is not. It is the combination of dragon and leopard. He once made many miracles for the emperor’s family, but he did not have a name on the list of gods. After his death, he was named “nine ugly stars”!

Let’s talk about the grudges between him and Jiang Ziya again. As mentioned earlier, he and Jiang Ziya are teachers and disciples. In those days, because of the rarity, they could not resist the attack of the Four Saints of Kowloon island. So Jiang Ziya went to Kunlun and asked yuan Shitian Zun for help. Then yuan Shitian Zun gave Jiang Ziya three magic weapons. On the occasion of parting, yuan Shitian Zun rescued Jiang Ziya, I told him one thing: “after you left, you kept walking to Beihai. There was another person waiting for you. I gave you the central Wuji flag. There was a Jane in the flag. When you were forced, you would know the truth after reading this Jane.” then Jiang Ziya saw the Dragon bearded tiger and scared Jiang Ziya out of his mind. What is this? She’s so ugly!

Then the Dragon bearded tiger jumped out of the mountain and shouted at Jiang Ziya, “eating a piece of Jiang Shang’s meat can prolong your life by 1000 years.” Jiang Ziya asked the Dragon bearded tiger, “why do you eat me?” Then Jiang Ziya opened the flag given to him by Yuanshi Tianzun and read the note. After reading it, he realized it. Then he shouted, “if you can pull this flag up, I’ll eat it for you.” then dragon beard and tiger began to use both hands to pull this flag up, but they could not pull it up anyway. Then he used his Yin and Yang hands to pull it out!


The angry dragon bearded tiger put his hands under the flag root again, and then tried his best not to pull it out. Jiang Ziya threw five thunders into the air, and the sound of thunder and fire scared the Dragon bearded tiger to withdraw. Jiang Ziya shouted “eat my sword”. The Dragon bearded tiger immediately knelt down on the ground and begged Jiang Ziya for mercy. While begging for mercy, he said that it was Shen Gongbao who threatened the Dragon bearded tiger to kill Jiang Ziya, Then Jiang Ziya said to him, “I don’t want to kill you, but you must be my disciple.” long XUHU agreed immediately! Although the Dragon bearded tiger is ugly and clumsy, he is a “machine” born for war!


Because the Dragon bearded tiger has a stone when he releases it, there will be a stone as big as a grinding plate. As long as he exerts it, the locust shower will beat the dust all over the sky. It can be said that it is a sharp weapon to attack the city and pull out the stronghold. But the cause of death of the Dragon bearded tiger is also very tragic. He died in the hands of a farmer named Wu Wenhua. This Wu Wenhua is very tall. His weapon is a rake similar to that used by farmers, So many people thought that he was a farmer. He came to the camp of the Shang Dynasty and said that he was willing to fight for them, and only had to take care of his food! The next day, Wu Wenhua came to the gate of zhouying to challenge, and was defeated by the dragon beard and tiger. However, Wu Wenhua was unwilling, so he attacked Zhou Jun at night. In the middle of the night, Wu Wenhua hit the ground with a rake for more than ten times, and finally killed the dragon beard and tiger. Although it is said that the dragon beard lake has an immortal body, it may be fate that it should have this disaster. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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