Why can’t we investigate the “poison train” accident in Russia?

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It has been nearly a month since the derailment of the “poison train” in East Palestine, Ohio, the United States. However, the way the United States handled the accident is very puzzling.

The government seems to have suddenly lost its ability to investigate, and the mainstream media in the United States, known as the “fourth power”, also lost its ability to “supervise”. In more than two weeks, they were busy reporting the “China balloon” event.

After Biden returned from his visit to Ukraine, because Trump went to the East Palestinian City to visit the victims, he instructed officials of the CDC, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to visit the affected families in Russia from door to door.

However, the most surprising thing is not the inaction of the United States government, but the investigation of the “drug train”. Six people have died in a short week.

On February 22, a small plane from Arkansas to Ohio crashed on the way, killing all five people on board. In addition to the pilot, the other four people are experts and consultants of CTEH, an environmental protection assessment consulting company. This time, they went to Ohio to assess the steel plant where the explosion occurred.

When netizens questioned that the experts killed were related to the “poison train”, some “anti-Chinese elements” on Twitter became impatient and scolded Chinese netizens for spreading “conspiracy theory” because the experts were investigating the steel plant, not the “poison train”.

How can we say that the “anti-Chinese elements” are not very clever? They don’t know that NS (Norfolk Southern Railway, the Norfolk Southern Railway company to which the train belongs) has entrusted this company to investigate the “toxic train”, and the data is also kept by them.

Now that all four consultants are dead, there will be no need to testify in court.


Four days later, people died again in Oklahoma.

On February 26, Ohio Republican Senator Chris Jordan died suddenly at home at the age of 46.

Democratic media said he died of normal diabetes. But his colleagues said that his health record has been quite good.

Ohio Governor Dwayne has asked the state government to lower the flag at half mast for him.

Coincidentally, Chris Jordan is also directly related to the “poison train” accident.

He is establishing an investigation team to find out the cause of the train accident and find out the responsible party.

The direction of his investigation is different from that of environmental protection experts. He will start with the problems of the railway itself.

As a result, he also died.

The people who investigated the accident died continuously, and the United States government tried every means to cover up the accident. Taken together, I’m afraid it’s not as simple as coincidence.

Why can’t the “Poison Train” incident be investigated?

Let’s take a look at what happened to the American railway these days?

On February 28, a train derailed near Manat County, Florida.

FOX 13 quoted the local fire department as saying that one of the tanks had about 30000 gallons of propane on board, and the accident was still being handled.

On February 20, a train derailment accident also occurred in Nebraska, with 31 cars derailed and no chemicals carried on the train.

In addition, train derailments also occurred in Michigan and Arizona last month.


To put it mildly, even Indian trains are not so chaotic, and the United States is a superpower.

If the accident of the “poison train” in Russia was not so big that it could not be covered up, the American railway would continue to “keep quiet”.

Once the lid of the “poison train” is lifted, I don’t know how many people will be prosecuted, which will also impact Biden’s re-election in 2024.

The “poison train” accident and a series of paradoxical phenomena behind it are essentially capitalist system problems.

American railway is a privatized industry, almost entirely controlled by capital groups. The only railway company operated by the United States federal government is Amtrak, but it has few lines.

Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NS), which belongs to the poison train, is a super enterprise with its headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia.

But its major shareholders are in New York, and Wall Street giants such as Pioneer Pilot, Blackstone, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo Bank control more than 80% of the equity of NS.

NS operates a total railway mileage of 21500 miles, covering 22 states in the United States, Washington, D.C., and Ontario, Canada.

In 1982, under the operation of Wall Street capital, three railway companies merged: Norfolk and Western Railway, which was founded in 1881, Southern Railway System, which was founded in 1894, and Conrail, which was founded in 1976.

So there was NS to compete with CSX Railway, another giant.

Many people think that the most profitable industry in the United States is information technology, or real estate, or oil.

In fact, railway is the most profitable industry in the United States. Its profit margin is as high as 51%, and the real estate industry profit margin is 41%.

As a freight railway giant, NS is bound to be required by shareholders to maximize profits.

To maximize profits, we must minimize the operating costs.

When the overall economy of the United States is sluggish, their first step is to lay off workers. In the past six years, the United States Freight Railway has laid off 29% of its first-level employees, with a number of about 45000.

The next step is to maintain the rail, train and safe transportation.

NS has long been notorious for its irresponsibility, but the mainstream media in the United States do not report it.

How do American netizens satirize NS? There was a derailment accident last year. Netizens said:

“Don’t blame NS, this is their best train”

“This train is older than my grandfather”

“A straight line of five miles is not easy”

“The locomotive painting is very beautiful”

In addition to NS, other American railway companies are doing the same. We cut corners together. As for safety, it depends on luck. Besides, who are the railway companies afraid of when they file a lawsuit?

After the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, the disorder of American railway enterprises has escalated. Some risky tracks have been ignored by them, and some problematic trains still operate.

In this case, it is strange that nothing should happen.

American railway companies are scrambling for profits. Does the government care?

This problem will come to the deep water area, otherwise there will be no continuous death.

The railway management department of the Federal Department of Transportation should have regularly checked the equipment maintenance of each railway in strict accordance with the safety standards.

As an enterprise, if the maintenance cost of a section of railway track and related trains and other equipment is US $50 million in a certain period of time. But they spent only $5 million to reduce costs.

Then send 20 million US dollars to the ministers, deputy ministers and inspection officials of the Federal Ministry of Transport, and everyone will make money.

The benefited officials of the Ministry of Transport signed the inspection report, allowing NS and other companies to operate normally, and even the rectification was saved.

The trans-state transportation of dangerous goods was originally restricted by regulations, but Wall Street capitalists could negotiate directly with the White House to get through this.

Otherwise, whether Democrats or Republicans, do you want political contributions in the future?

What is this called behavior? This is the typical collusion of officials and businessmen to engage in corruption, and the Americans are injured.

If such a thing is found in China, neither officials nor business owners will come to a good end.

In the United States, the railway has been in such chaos. There have been so many derailments in February. Can’t Biden see them? But he didn’t want to blame the Ministry of Transport, even helped cover up the problem.


Last time, I said that the Federal Secretary of Transportation of the United States, Butijaki (the man in white, is on maternity leave with his husband)

As early as last year, when the West Coast container terminal was in chaos, Biden should have fired him. But because he is gay and can attract LGBT group votes, Biden has repeatedly connived at him.

The toxic train incident was caused by the accumulation of railway management chaos, and Butijaki was to blame.

But is he just doing nothing? Who knows how many benefits he has taken from NS, otherwise NS could have passed the verification for two consecutive years and maintained normal operation.

When Chris Jordan, a Republican senator from Ohio, wants to organize people to investigate the railway problem, how many people will be threatened by his action.

If NS is caught with evidence of bribery, what will their senior management do? Similarly, what about the senior officials of the Federal Ministry of Transportation who are caught taking bribes?

The ideal result is, of course, to make Chris Jordan shut up forever.

He walked quietly, 46 years old, diabetes.

NS can also use money to block his mouth, but he is a big fan of Trump. Trump went to East Palestine, Ohio, on the 22nd to condole. The political signal was very clear. He wanted to use the accident to fight Biden.

If the investigation team of Chris Jordan is established, it will certainly cooperate with Trump, and he will become a political threat, which may not be solved with money.

So, Jordan died before he was successful. Four days after Trump left, Jordan died.

I wonder if this is a warning to Trump?

The darkness of American politics and enterprises can be said to have reached the point of darkness. Do you remember the pimp Epstein who committed suicide in his cell? If he doesn’t die, how many American elites can he lead in the court? Including the Clinton couple. So he shut up forever.

The next time is not diabetes, the next time will be “eight shots in the back”, or “cut off your head and throw it in the garbage can”

Who wants to seriously investigate the poison train incident? Do you want to die if you offend both capital and politicians?

However, it is also good for the United States to go on like this. Without inspection, there will be no corruption.

Now is the train derailment, and in the future, it may be the country derailment.

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