Why could King Zhou of Shang Dynasty be canonized for all his evil deeds? An analysis of the reasons why King Zhou of Shang Dynasty granted God

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In the list of gods, the tyrant King Zhou should be the biggest villain. He committed all kinds of evil and became sexual, but he was finally canonized. Why? If you want to know, let’s take a look at the analysis brought by the Xiaobian of China story network.

During the Yin and Shang Dynasties, King Zhou, a tyrant, began a very brutal rule because of the charm of the fox spirits, which made the people all over the world miserable. Everyone was in a physical love without human rights, and the psychological defense line was almost broken. Soon after, the rebels came out at the right time. Among the many rebels, Xiqi’s resistance force was the strongest. The historical events of Xiqi’s attack on Zhou Dynasty became the myth novel “the romance of apotheosis” of later generations through the fiction of novelists. With the help of LV Shang, Ji Fa in the novel fought against Yin and Shang Dynasties. The two sides were in full swing for a time, and all kinds of strange people and scholars died in the war.


After the completion of the event, Lu Shang, according to his destiny, sealed the vast majority of the people who appeared as immortals. However, it is easy to understand why those villains who helped the tyranny can also get a job?

In a word, among the many characters in the list of gods, there are not many who make people feel that they must be killed. Except for King Zhou, most of them are in the wrong team at best, although they are very aggressive. However, although he was cruel and fatuous, he was also named the heavenly joy star because he was the son of heaven. Of course, because of this era of self styled construction, if the identity and status of the son of heaven are completely neglected, it will certainly arouse the dissatisfaction of the current rulers, and it is likely to cause death.

In addition, there are other bad people. The bad people mentioned here are judged only from the perspective of Xiqi. But in fact, the three religions on Kunlun Mountain warned their disciples not to go down the mountain easily before the event of God worship was launched, otherwise they would be listed in the list of gods, and they could continue to practice after this disaster. At that time, there was a riot in Tianting, and the vast square Tianjie became a land of no owners. Moreover, because of the war, the whole Tianjie had turned into ruins. In order to restore the heaven, the supreme god Hongjun ordered the boy under his seat, that is, the later Jade Emperor, to be the Lord of the heaven and take charge of the heaven.

However, when he arrived in the heaven, the Jade Emperor was a lightheaded commander. He had no subordinates around him and was helpless in the face of a messy heaven. He urgently needed a group of capable subordinates, and these people needed the three religions to come out. According to the proportion of the number of people in their respective religions, through the screening of the war of apotheosis, he sent capable talents to the heaven to work hard for the Jade Emperor.

In fact, this also clearly tells us that there are basically no bad people in the war of gods. At the beginning, the three major sects negotiated a relatively harmonious plan. They just hope to plan some talents for the heaven court by this way. Disciples who don’t listen to persuasion go down the mountain and get involved in disputes because of their own interests. Even if they die, they should be robbed. In fact, this means destiny.

In addition, some ministers of the Shang Dynasty in Chaoge City, such as the most famous Wen Taishi generation, were not bad people, but adhered to the idea of taking their own masters. Although they knew it was wrong to do so, in order to show their loyalty at that time, they had to work hard for the Yin merchants, perhaps pedantic and foolish, but this was in line with the ancient idea of taking the emperor’s order as the supreme order. Otherwise, The ministers of all dynasties who knew the great justice immediately made trouble when they saw that the monarch was fatuous. Then the world is far more chaotic than it is now.

In fact, we are not bad people. It is like two basketball teams playing for trophies. It doesn’t matter whether they are good or bad. We all die for our own goals and persistence. Why can’t those who perform well be canonized?

For another example, I don’t know how many people know the origin of cancer. It is said that the old rogue Zeus in Greek mythology once married a human woman and left a boy named Hagrid. This child was deeply hated by Zeus’ wife. Shortly after he was born, he arranged two poisonous snakes to take his life, but he strangled them all. But the vicious woman did not stop at this point. She seduced Hagrid to go crazy and killed her wife and son with her own hands. When he woke up, he immediately wanted to atone for what he had done, and began to experience 12 extremely dangerous adventures. On the second time, he met a water snake. In order to ensure that it could take Hagrid’s life, the woman arranged a big crab to pinch his ankle, but he trampled him to death. This crab was originally helping the tyrant, but after his death, he was promoted to heaven and became cancer, one of the twelve zodiac signs.


Generally speaking, gods are seriously humanized. Since they are endowed with human character, there are naturally good and bad. Therefore, generally speaking, the immortals are all the same. There is no difference between good and evil. The only difference between them is that their strength is strong and weak.

Besides, do you think it’s a blessing to be on the list of gods? In fact, as mentioned earlier, all those who are listed on the list have to go to heaven to be the younger brother of the Jade Emperor. They have no salary but have to work as a party. They are far less free and easy than before. Now they have to look at people’s faces every day. No wonder the leader of Tongtian cult has posted a couplet outside the cave to persuade disciples not to go down the mountain and meddle in their own affairs, Otherwise, there must be no good fruit to eat. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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