Why did Cao Cao and Zhang Xiu accept their surrender when they were killed by an arrow?

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Life is a long road, and it is inevitable to encounter setbacks and frustrations on the way. If you want to go through many difficulties, you must experience bumps and bumps. People who have no ideals and ambitions in their hearts often cherish their bodies and sacrifice their lives for big things. After all, it is difficult to achieve big things; However, people with lofty ideals, no matter big or small, will be strict with themselves, with a ruthless spirit, be ruthless to others and be meticulous to themselves. Cao Cao, as a hero of a generation, is naturally unparalleled in his ruthlessness. He shows no mercy to the enemy and is also “ruthless” to himself. His skill is to grow up and be hard on himself. At the critical moment, Cao Cao can be cruel to himself, so he won’t have so much hesitation and hesitation, and won’t have so much meaningless looking back afterwards. He spent all his regret time looking forward and moving forward, and focused his energy on overcoming obstacles. Therefore, he can do better than others and achieve greater success.

However, when the politicians of the same period looked left and right, suffering from gains and losses, Cao Cao’s footsteps were sonorous and powerful. It was this kind of ruthlessness that enabled Cao Cao to persist. In the end, the Three Kingdoms stood apart, only the Cao Wei was the most powerful and powerful, and laid the foundation for annexing Shu and Wu and unifying the world. So how did Cao Cao use his ruthless skills to be ruthless to himself?

In 197 A.D. (the second year of Jian’an), Cao Cao personally led the army and planned to invade Wancheng Zhangxiu in the south. When Jia Xu, Zhang Xiu’s adviser, heard that Cao Cao was coming, he persuaded Zhang Xiu to surrender. Zhang Xiu followed Jia Xu’s advice and immediately sent him to contact Cao Cao. Cao Cao agreed to Zhang Xiu’s request for surrender and led his troops into Wancheng village. However, Cao Cao also made mistakes. He did two stupid things. One was to accept Zhang Xiu’s aunt Zou into the house, and the other was to reward Zhang Xiu’s personal favorite Hu che’er, which made Zhang Xiu angry and afraid. So Zhang Xiu raised his army to rebel. Cao Cao was unprepared because he didn’t know he would rebel. He was seriously injured by random arrows on the way to escape. His eldest son Cao ang was killed, and general Dian Wei also died because of the guardian. Cao Cao was pained by this. According to this, Cao Cao and Zhang Xiu have formed a bitter enemy. He must have killed Zhang Xiu to be quick, but this is not the case.

On the eve of the battle of Guandu in 199 A.D. (the fourth year of Jian’an), Zhang Xiu was going to choose one of Cao and Yuan to surrender but could not decide, Counsellor Jia Xu admonished Zhang Xiu again: “Yuan Shao can’t be compatible with his brothers, so how can he tolerate the national scholars in the world? Rather than surrender to Yuan Shao, it’s better to surrender to Cao Cao again. This is the most appropriate. For one thing, today, Cao Cao is serving the son of heaven to command the princes in the world, and we surrender to him is to belong to the Great Han. Second, Yuan Shao is now powerful, and we have so many people. How can Yuan Shao like us and put us in important position? And Cao Cao Cao is a little weak, such as If you can get our support, you must be very happy; Third, those who have the ambition to be king and tyrant will put aside their personal gratitude and resentment and show their love and tolerance to the world by accepting us. I hope the general will stop doubting and make a decision quickly. ” So Zhang Xiu obeyed Jia Xu and surrendered to Cao Cao again. This time, Cao Cao had to think about it. From the choice between the death of his son and the general situation of Lianxiu’s resistance to yuan, Cao Cao was really cruel to himself, because after weighing the pros and cons under the general situation, he finally put aside his hatred, accepted Zhang Xiu’s surrender, entertained Zhang Xiu, and worshiped him as a general. With deep hatred, Cao Cao did not hesitate to extend an olive branch of friendship to his enemies for his own cause and victory. Not everyone can do it. To be exact, I think most people can’t do it. This has to show how thoroughly Cao Cao carried out his skills &\8211; If you want to achieve the big goal in your heart, you must be hard on yourself.

From this point of view, Cao Cao’s skills in dealing with affairs are not only aimed at the enemy, but also at himself. This skill is cruel to him, but it is necessary to achieve great things. At the same time, it is also a kind of spur to him. The reason why Cao Cao is a big man and a big hero is that he is at an insurmountable height for ordinary people. He knows how to use the technique of “being cruel to himself”. This is the only way to realize his lofty ideals.

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