Why did Cao Cao seize Zhang Xiu’s widowed sister-in-law: naturally, he loves to find other people’s wives

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Compared with uncle Liu’s “still holding the Pipa and half covering his face”, Cao Cao’s sex life is more “extensive”. It is worth mentioning that Cao Cao is emotionally single-minded, because he is only interested in women from beginning to end. In Cao Cao’s military life, there were as many as 15 wives and concubines with names recorded in historical records.

Interestingly, Cao Cao also has a little hobby in sexual requirements, that is, he is particularly keen on mature women. This habit had existed in his adolescence (mentioned in angry birds). It is also recorded in the annals of the three kingdoms that many of his wives and concubines came from “hunting” other people’s wives. For example, Mrs. Liu was the wife of Yuan Shao, Mrs. Du was the wife of Qin Yilu, the Minister of Lv Bu, and Mrs. Yin was the wife of Li Pei. In modern terms, Cao Cao is a “man and wife control” to the letter.

Going to bed with someone else’s wife, although exciting, is still risky. After all, not every man is as easy to bully as Mrs. Du’s husband qinyilu (qinyilu was “green hatted” by Cao Cao and worked for him with determination. Later, Zhang Fei looked down on him and stabbed him to death). Finally, the lecherous Cao Cao was planted, and it was very miserable.

The story goes like this:

At the beginning of the second year of Jian’an (197), Cao Cao sent troops to Wancheng to attack the local Tu emperor Zhang Xiu. What Zhang Xiu did was “small business”. Unable to withstand the fierce attack of Cao Jun, she had to surrender. But Cao Cao had a problem. He got a little cheaper and began to have a draught, so he got carried away and started thinking about Zhang Xiu’s widowed aunt. Zhang Xiu’s aunt is really beautiful and charming. She has quite a young woman’s charm. Cao Cao is naturally fascinated. Relying on himself as the winner, Cao Cao took her as his own and prostituted in the tent all night long.

The affair was supposed to be a furtive affair, but Cao Cao was a man of disposition, and he wanted to make the whole world know that they were adulterous. In the face of such a blatant “Yanzhao gate” incident, Zhang Xiu was unwilling. A dignified seven foot man, his elders were insulted, which was more depressing than wearing a “green hat”. Moreover, Zhang Xiu had no choice but to surrender to Cao Cao. Indignant, he led his army to attack Cao Cao’s camp at night. At that time, Cao Cao was busy drinking and having sex with Aunt Zhang Xiu. He didn’t have any precautions. Of course, he was killed. He ran all the way to Wuyin (Biyang, Henan) to catch his breath.

Cao Cao lost a lot in this defeat. Dian Wei, his personal captain, died in the battle. Cao ang, his eldest son, and Cao Anmin, his nephew, were also killed in the chaos. Even Cao Cao himself was shot. Cao Cao was able to escape by luck thanks to a good horse “jueying” that Cao ang gave him. As the saying goes, failure is his mother of success. Failure may be just a minor problem for the cheeky Cao Cao, but Cao Cao’s wife, Mrs. Ding, is Cao Ang’s his mother. She saw that her precious son, whom she had worked hard to raise, died in her husband’s “pornographic photo gate” incident. As a result, their marriage began to crack.

To be exact, Mrs. Ding is only Cao Ang’s stepmother. Mrs. Ding, who came from a civilian family, fought with her husband Cao Cao when she was very young. She was Cao Cao’s first legal wife. It is a pity that Mrs. Ding has not given birth since her marriage. According to the present words, she is infertile. If this is now, it may be a small problem. As long as you go to the “universal” gynecological hospital in the TV advertisement to have a fallopian tube operation, you can solve it. But at that time, maybe adoption was the only way to go. It happened that Cao Cao’s concubine, Mrs. Liu, died. Mrs. Ding adopted her orphan, Cao ang, and gave her great hope.

Originally, the rift between husband and wife may ease with the passage of time. Unfortunately, before the battle of Guandu, Zhang Xiu surrendered to Cao Cao at the suggestion of counsellor Jia Xu. At this time, Cao Cao was just at the time of employing people. He let go of the past and granted Zhang Xiu the title of General Yang Wu. Whether it is magnanimous or showy, as a politician, Cao Cao’s move to win over the people is undoubtedly wise. But as a mother, Mrs. Ding watched her husband and her child murderer perform a close “group photo door”, and her anger finally burst. She pointed at Cao Cao’s nose and scolded: “kill my son, and don’t even think about it.” Today’s words are that you killed my son. You don’t even have the meaning of missing and blaming yourself! It seems that depression and sadness have brought this virtuous wife and mother into menopause early. She scolded during the day, at night, in front of others and behind others. The cheeky Cao Cao finally couldn’t stand it. He beat the difficult “bitch” back to his mother’s house.

Cao Cao only wanted to treat this relationship coldly for a while. After all, distance produces beauty. But Cao Cao was wrong. The stubborn Mrs. Ding never came back from the moment she left the Cao mansion. Since his wife refused to bow her head and admit her mistake, he had to make a humble gesture. After living apart for many days, Cao Cao finally made a difficult decision and humbly went to the father-in-law’s house to meet him. But Mrs. Ding was sitting in the room, only spinning and weaving, and did not go out to meet Cao Cao. Cao Cao had no choice but to invite himself into the room. He stroked her back and begged softly and kindly, “just remember the old love and return to the palace with me!” However, Cao Cao’s bitter drama had no effect on Mrs. Ding.

Over and over again, the persistent Cao Cao was discouraged and had to leave disappointed. At the moment of mounting the horse, Cao Cao suddenly went out of the window again and asked Mrs. Ding to change her mind again: “will you really never forgive me again?” Mrs. Ding still turned a deaf ear, and the shuttle line in her hand was well woven. Seeing this, Cao Cao sighed: “it seems that he has really made up his mind to break up with me.” In this way, Mrs. Ding’s face is much bigger than that of Zhugeliang, who just came out of the mountain after three visits.

Back in the mansion, Cao Cao thought that since the marriage could not continue, he would not delay the family. So he sent a message to his father-in-law and let Mrs. Ding remarry. It seems that Cao Cao is really an interesting person. It is a kind of enjoyment for him to wear “green hats” or be worn by others. Unfortunately, the Ding family’s father and brother did not dare to accept Cao Cao’s affection and never let Mrs. Ding remarry.

Cao Cao has always been bitter about the divorce event triggered by the “pornographic photo gate” and “group photo gate”. Even in his 80s, when Cao Cao thought about his life, he could not help sighing: “the person I can’t let go of in my life is Mrs. Ding. I have never been serious about her, but I can’t undo my mistakes and break up. If people really have souls after death, I met ang’er in the underworld. If he asked me, ‘where is my mother?’ how should I answer

It seems that the lecherous Cao Cao still has a soft side in his heart.

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