Why did Dayu kill the Fangfeng family who came to help with the flood control?

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Why did Dayu kill the Fangfeng family who came to help with the flood control? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

In the ancient myths all over the world, there is a legend about the great flood. In the face of this great flood, different civilizations have made different responses. In the Bible, there is the legend of Noah’s Ark. In our ancient mythology, there is the legend of Dayu controlling the flood. According to genesis, before the flood, God instructed Noah to build an ark and take his wife, son and daughter-in-law aboard. At the same time, God also instructed Noah to take various animals into the ark.

In our ancient mythology, no one took his immediate family to build a ship, nor did any God stand and speak without pain. Instead, Dayu stepped forward to deal with the flood and did not enter through the door three times. In the process of Dayu’s flood control, many immortals and tribes came to help. Today, let’s use this article to talk about a little story that happened when Dayu was controlling the flood. An ancient giant came to help Dayu control the flood, but was beheaded by Dayu. Why did no one sympathize with him?


Dayu and Yu

Before starting today’s story, I think it is necessary to introduce Dayu and his father, Gu. In ancient mythology, the flood occurred before Dayu was born. Kan was the sixth grandson of the Yellow Emperor and the great grandson of Zhuan Xu, the third emperor of heaven. Feeling that he was the descendant of the emperor of heaven, he was duty bound to control the floods. So he stole the most precious treasure xirang from the emperor of heaven at that time and brought it to earth to control the floods. The book of mountains and seas, an ancient mythological book, records: “the flood is towering, and the flood that steals the land of the emperor does not wait for the emperor’s life. The emperor ordered Zhu Rong to kill him in Yujiao.

Without telling the emperor of heaven at that time, he went down to earth secretly with Xi soil. However, the idea of controlling the flood was wrong, and he always wanted to block the flood with Xi soil. With the efforts of Gu, the flood did not fade away, but under the heavy obstacles of Xi’an, the downstream of Hongshui and Gushui were completely submerged. The mortals were killed and injured, and Gu also committed serious crimes. It can be said that it is a good example of doing bad things with good intentions. In his anger, the emperor of heaven ordered Zhu Rong, the God of fire, to come down to earth. He let Zhu Rong take back xirang from Kan and killed him in Yujiao.


Although Gu died, the flood was still flooding. At this time, his son stood up and continued to fight against the flood. He was Yu. It is recorded in the book of mountains and seas that “he revived Yu, and the emperor Nai ordered Yu’s death to lay the earth to settle Kyushu.” It is difficult to verify whether the “emperor” in this refers to the Emperor Yao on earth or the emperor Tian, the Lord of the three realms.

Dayu is the son of Gu. He is very domineering. According to the records of the book of mountains and seas, Dayu has “a cow’s head, a tiger’s nose, a big mouth, three holes in each ear, a head like a hook bell, long eyebrows and river eyes, long teeth, long neck, beak and snake body of a bird, and a tattooed jade bucket on his chest.” Dayu not only looked domineering, but also acted with determination and ruthlessness.

Dayu flood control

In ancient mythology, Dayu was different from his father Dan. He learned a lesson from Dan when he controlled the flood. Instead of blindly blocking the water, he dug a waterway and dredged the flood. In the process of digging the waterway, it is necessary to encounter mountains, rocks and gravels, and sometimes encounter ancient demons like wuzhiqi to make trouble. It could not be accomplished by Dayu himself and mortals alone, so Dayu invited many immortals and leaders of various tribes to jointly control the water.

According to the records in the book of mountains and seas, the ancient dragon Zu Yinglong brought his own dragon son and grandson to help Dayu dig the waterway. The leaders of Hongmeng, Zhang Shang, Dou Lu, Li Lou and other tribes also came to help. At this time, the giant’s Fangfeng family also agreed to Dayu’s invitation and came to help with the flood control. According to the records in the book of mountains and seas, the Fangfeng clan can only give birth to children after 36 years of pregnancy. Their descendants are all giants, tall and burly. “The head of a dragon and the ears of a cow, even one eyebrow and one eye, are three feet long.”


Why is there no sympathy?

When all the immortals and tribes arrived, the Fangfeng clan still disappeared. Maybe the Fangfeng family did not obey Dayu’s orders, or maybe it was Fangfeng family’s intention to put Dayu down. He arrived a long time later than the agreed time, and his attitude towards Dayu was very arrogant. As the saying goes, “benevolence does not lead the army”. If Dayu let the Fangfeng family do what he wanted, he would certainly sweep the ground with dignity. It is estimated that other tribes will also disobey the orders, and the great event of water control will certainly be subject to great resistance.

Therefore, Dayu ordered the beheading of the giant Fangfeng, who did not obey the order. The book of mountains and seas records as follows: “in the past, Yu sent a group of gods to the mountain of Kuaiji. Fangfeng came later. Yu killed and killed them, and their bones were in a special car.” After Dayu beheaded the giant Fangfeng family, all immortals and tribes were deeply shocked. Ordinary people admired Dayu’s decisiveness and determination to control floods.

Is Fangfeng worthy of sympathy? It’s not worth it. It’s Da Yu’s father who deserves sympathy. Isn’t it for the sake of controlling the flood that he took such a risk to steal the soil? However, the giant Fangfeng did not pay attention to the flood control, and it was just at the time when Dayu wanted to establish his authority, so he ended up in a sad and pitiful end. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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