Why did Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty lose his first love to empress Ajiao to xiaosanweizifu of grassroots?

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In the fifth year of Yuanguang (130 BC), Chen Ajiao, the heroine of “hidden beauty in the golden house” and the first empress of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, was abolished from the changmen palace. Soon, Wei Zifu’s mother, who was born in the grass roots, was in the world. “Don’t you see Ajiao with a long door lock close by, what’s wrong with her?” Why did queen Chen, a famous girl, end up in a bad way? Why did Wei Zifu, a civilian singer, get three thousand favors? The magnificent palace can hide wealth and glory, but can it hide infatuation and jealousy, lonely spring?

Chen Ajiao is not an ordinary woman! She was the first woman loved by Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, and also his cousin. Gillian’s father Chen Wu is the great grandson of Chen Ying, a Marquis of Tangyi. Chen Ying and Xiang Yu started fighting against Qin Dynasty at the same time, which deeply impressed the people. The people of Dongyang pushed him to be king. However, Chen Ying obeyed his mother’s warning and belonged to Xiang Liang. Later, he turned to Liu Bang and became the founder of the country, and was granted the title of “Lord of Tangyi”. Chen Wu attacked the Marquis, won the golden branches and jade leaves, and married the eldest princess Liu whoring (Princess Tao of the imperial palace of Chen Wu, the Marquis of Tangyi whoring).

During the period of emperor Jing, five women in the palace competed for the throne of Prince. The eldest princess first proposed marriage to Li Ji and betrothed Ajiao to Prince Liu Rong. Unexpectedly, he was rejected and moved to swine, the son of beauty Wang (Liu Che’s nickname). With the promise of beauty Wang and swine’s promise of “hiding in a golden house”, the eldest princess was elated and pestered the king to agree to the marriage. Princess Chang spared no effort to help Liu Yu ascend to the throne of God.

Emperor Jing died of illness, and Prince Liu Che succeeded to the throne, which was Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. The emperor kept his promise. Gillian lived in the golden house and made a queen. She was extremely delicate for a time.

Gillian was pushed to the throne by her mother’s eldest princess, but it was just a piece in this complex political chess game. Her idea may be very simple, not as complex and greedy as her mother. She only wants Liu Che’s pet. And although this beautiful dream of Chen Ajiao was unveiled with the romantic “Golden House hidden Jiao”, it ended with the tragedy “long gate resentment”. Why? Who can replace Gillian?

The abolition of Queen Chen involves Ajiao herself, Chen Ajiao’s mother, Princess Chang, Wei Zifu, and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, which is the result of the joint efforts of the four parties.

How can you be proud and spoiled like the old days

The first person, Chen Ajiao.

First, arrogance.

Ajiao’s mother, the eldest princess, made great contributions to the accession of Emperor Wu by the emperor’s ten sons to the throne. This background made Chen Ajiao the first empress of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, and also made her a little more arrogant and a little less modest.

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was domineering and overbearing, which was a common fault of emperors. However, he has both talent and ambition, plus his publicized personality, which is more serious.

Where’s Chen Ajiao? Chen Ajiao is also very bossy and domineering. Her birth, status, and her mother’s kindness to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, how can Chen Ajiao frown and be submissive?

Like emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and Chen Ajiao, a male tyrant and a Female Tyrant, even if they were childhood sweethearts, they would never be able to follow their husbands.

The second is childlessness.

Chen Ajiao has one fatal thing to teach others: no children.

When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was 62 years old, he gave birth to his youngest son Liu Fuling (emperor Zhao of the Han Dynasty) with his beloved wife Gou Yi. It can be seen that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty has no problem with his fertility. Chen Ajiao has no children. There is only one explanation, that is, there is a problem with her reproductive function. According to historical records, Gillian spent 90 million on treatment. How much is 90 million? At that time, the total annual income of the Western Han government was 5.3 billion, 90 million, accounting for almost 17% of the total national income; It is appalling that the cost of a person’s treatment reaches this proportion! However, it is still invalid in the end. (with medical money of 90 million, he wants to have a son, but he dies without it.)

Ajiao was abolished, and the eldest princess was very dissatisfied. In the presence of Princess Pingyang, the sister of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, she said: the emperor could not have become the prince without my help. It’s ungrateful to abandon my daughter now! Princess Pingyang explained: Gillian was abandoned because she had no children! (Queen Chen’s mother, the eldest princess, Jingdi’s sister also, let Wu Di’s sister, Princess Pingyang: the emperor must stand, and has abandoned my daughter. Why not be happy and double this! Princess Pingyang said: with no children, it’s useless!) The arrogant princess had nothing to say and was dejected.

Third, witchcraft.

The direct reason why Chen Ajiao was abolished was a vicious event: witchcraft. Witchcraft is the witchcraft of burying the puppet with the name and birth date of the victim in the ground to curse.

Wei Zifu is favored, but Chen Ajiao can’t stand it. She made a lot of noise and searched for life and death, which made Emperor Wu of Han very angry. Out of jealousy, resentment, anxiety and helplessness, Gillian secretly recruited the wizard Chu Fu and cursed Wei Zifu’s favorite concubines with witchcraft. After the matter was exposed, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent a cruel official Zhang Tang to investigate the case, implicating more than 300 people. Finally, Chu Fu’s owl was unveiled to the public, and Chen Ajiao was abolished from the changmen palace.

Gillian is very unwise at this time. Expecting the emperor to be faithful and love her alone is tantamount to a fool’s dream. Once you don’t get the emperor’s special favor, you can only add fuel to the fire by looking for life and death and putting pressure on the emperor.

After the witchcraft case, the long princess was very ashamed and apologized to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty said: the queen did things too out of line and had to give up. I hope my aunt doesn’t have misunderstandings. Although the queen was abolished, her living standard is the same as before and will not be degraded. (the eldest princess was ashamed and thanked him. The saying goes: what the queen did was not in line with the general righteousness and had to be abolished. The Lord should believe in masturbation and not be afraid of false words. Although it was abolished later, the worship was like the law, and the eldest gate was no different from going to the palace.)

The second person, the long princess.

The eldest princess is responsible for the abolition of her daughter Ajiao.

One is greed.

The long Princess thought she was kind to Emperor Wu and often asked for this and that endlessly, which made Emperor Wu of Han very disgusted (the long Princess relied on her work and begged for endless trouble), and also implicated Chen Ajiao.

Second, confusion.

The long princess’s confusion is manifested in three points:

One is the lack of understanding of their daughter’s marriage.

In the final analysis, the marriage between Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and Chen Ajiao was based on political interests, which had nothing to do with childhood sweethearts and affections. As a mother, the eldest princess should be soberly aware of this before she can be fully prepared.

Second, Gillian’s husband is the emperor. As a mother, when she marries her daughter to the crown prince, she should understand that Gillian cannot be spoiled exclusively! Moreover, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty was amorous and romantic, and countless women lived in his life. At this time, don’t worry about teaching your daughter. It’s better to look at the scenery. Maybe the situation will be very different.

Third, there was no early intervention in Gillian’s overreaction. Chen Ajiao had a sudden onset, overreacted, and was willing. However, as a mother, the eldest princess should not be impulsive, and should remind her daughter to restrain her extreme behavior as soon as possible, let alone engage in any witchcraft and witchcraft incidents.

We might as well take the long princess to Chen Ajiao and the queen mother to Emperor Hanwu for a comparison. After Emperor Hanwu succeeded to the throne, there was a rift in the relationship with Chen Ajiao and the long princess. The queen mother immediately intervened and hoped that the two people could make peace. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty followed his mother’s advice and immediately adjusted his relationship with the long Princess and queen Chen, avoiding many worries at home. (the Empress Dowager said, “you are new to the throne. Before the minister is served, you will be in the Ming hall first. The Empress Dowager has been angry. Now if you disobey the Lord, you will offend him again. Women are easy to please their ears, so they should be careful. It is up to the Lord and the queen to add a little grace.” Why can the Queen Mother warn her son to adjust the relationship between husband and wife? And the eldest princess can’t tell her daughter to improve the relationship between husband and wife? There is only one reason, that is, the queen mother is more intelligent than the eldest princess.

The eldest princess showed extraordinary talents in the process of getting close to the beauty of the king, privately dating the baby, destroying Li Ji, abolishing Liu Rong, honoring Liu Che, and finally pushing Liu Che to the throne of the emperor. However, in the matter of his daughter, he was numb and stupid. He was completely different!

Who do you want to tell

The third person, Wei Zifu.

How did Wei Zifu, a civilian singer, meet Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty? It’s very accidental.

Wei Zifu, born in a humble family, was originally the singer of Princess Pingyang, the elder sister of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (named Princess Pingyang because her husband was Cao Shou, the Duke of Pingyang). Princess Pingyang is a princess. She always pays attention to the relationship with her brother Emperor Hanwu. She found a dozen beautiful young girls to raise at home, dressed up beautifully, ready to be selected by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. In the second year of his accession to the throne (the second year of Jianyuan, 139 BC), Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty came to Princess Pingyang’s house by the way after attending the ceremony of eliminating disasters and seeking blessings in Bashang.

Princess Pingyang let the beauty meet Emperor Wu, and Emperor Wu didn’t like any of them. At this time, the singer came in to sing, and Emperor Wu took a fancy to Wei Zifu at a glance. On the same day, Wei Zifu served Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty in the car in which the emperor changed his clothes, and was fortunate.

Emperor Wu was very happy to get his beloved woman and rewarded Princess Pingyang with a thousand jin of gold on the spot. Princess Pingyang acted according to the circumstances and asked Wei Zifu to be sent to the palace. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty readily agreed. When Wei Zifu got on the bus, Princess Pingyang stroked her back and said, “go ahead, have a good meal and work hard! Don’t forget me when wealth comes!” (when Zifu got on the bus, the Lord of Pingyang said on his back: go on, make a strong meal, and encourage it! That is, it is expensive, and there is no forgetting!)

Why did Wei Zifu get the favor of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty?

Wei Zifu’s profession is a singer. How about her singing, although history books do not contain it; However, it should be pretty. When we talked about how Mrs. Qi was appreciated by Liu Bang, we especially mentioned that Liu Bang liked Kung Fu concubines and talented concubines; The same is true of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, which has become a major feature of the Liu family: doting on women with both talent and beauty!

Wei Zifu has a hairdresser, which is well documented. A large-scale book compiled in the Song Dynasty, “Taiping Yulan”, volume 373, “Ministry of personnel ยท temples”, records one thing: the historical records says: Empress Wei wrote Zifu, and Emperor Wu was lucky to be in charge of clothes. When I saw his hair and temples on his head, I was happy with him, because he stood behind. However, this matter is not recorded in the historical records. “The story of Han Wu” also said that Wei Zifu was appreciated by the emperor of Han Wu because of his beautiful hair: Zi Fu was lucky, and he was happy to see his beautiful hair in the palace. Zhang Heng, a famous litterateur in the Eastern Han Dynasty, also said in his famous work Fu on the western capital: Empress Wei was interested in hair on her temples.

Chinese men always love beautiful women with dark hair, and Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty can’t avoid vulgarity. A beautiful hair made Wei Zifu, a civilian woman, more charming, and also captured the heart of the highest authority of the Han Dynasty.

Can Wei Zifu continue her good fortune at Princess Pingyang’s house after entering the palace?

The fact is that Wei Zifu has been in the palace for more than a year, and he has never been summoned by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, let alone his marriage.

Isn’t this strange?

In fact, this is not difficult to understand.

First of all, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty passed by Princess Pingyang’s house by chance and met the singer Wei Zifu. His mind was gone for a while. After returning to the palace, there were so many beauties in the harem that Wei Zifu was naturally less eye-catching. The beauty of beauties is always relative. Wei Zifu is outstanding in the home of Princess Pingyang, which has only a dozen beauties; However, when you arrive at the empress of Emperor Wu, it’s not easy to “love three thousand people in one”?

Secondly, the restrictions of the imperial system. Concubines cannot see the emperor at will, except for the emperor’s personal appointment. Therefore, Wei Zifu had no chance to meet Emperor Wu again.

When did Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty meet Wei Zifu again? It was a year after she entered the palace.

At that time, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty planned to send a group of palace maids home. As soon as Wei Zifu saw Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, he immediately cried and asked to leave the palace. (at the end of the year when he entered the palace, he was no longer lucky. Emperor Wu chose the people in the palace who were not suitable for use, and rebuked them out. When Wei Zifu saw it, he cried and asked them out.)

Wei Zifu, who was crying like a pear blossom with rain, made Liu Che feel pity for her.

Wei Zifu was born humble, and her mother Wei Jie was only a servant of the Duke of Pingyang; Therefore, Wei Zifu doesn’t have Gillian’s arrogance and domineering, but he doesn’t have the appearance of a little daughter. That kind of sour and sweet little love is more spicy and hot than Chen Ajiao’s love, which makes Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty more moved.

So Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was lucky to have his son again, and Wei Zifu was also successful, and soon became pregnant. After Wei Zifu became pregnant, he became more and more popular with Emperor Wu day by day. (having pity on him, he was lucky again, so he became pregnant and respected RI long.) Before that, Ajiao didn’t give birth to a man and a half, but Wei Zifu gave birth to three women and a man for Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. When the eldest son Liu Ju was born, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was 29 years old. He was very excited about his eldest son.

The fate of Cinderella Wei Zifu has finally been rewritten!

What role did Wei Zifu play in Ajiao’s dismissal?

First of all, Chen Ajiao was doomed to be abolished, but also led to the rapid abolition of Ajiao.

However, Wei Zifu did not plan all this. It was an encounter to get to know Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. It was an accident to enter the palace, and he was almost expelled. Although Wei Zifu did not deliberately, he always seemed to be specially favored by fate.

From emperor Gaozu Liu Bang to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, there are many women active around the imperial power. These women can be roughly divided into three categories:

One is political. They are not emotional, such as empress Lu and beauty Wang; Empress Lu doesn’t care much about which concubine Liu Bang favors. She cares more about whether the crown prince is my son and the ownership of power.

The second type is the little woman type. Their characteristic is to “carry out love to the end”, such as Mrs. Qi, Li Ji, Wei Zifu, Chen Ajiao, etc. The characteristic of this kind of women is to unrealistically pursue the emperor’s devotion, and fight for favor for this, until they all hit a wall in reality.

There is also a mixed type. They seem a little political minded, but they are very naive. Half is sea water, half is fire. For example, the eldest princess assisted Liu Che to ascend the throne, causing waves on the flat ground and three feet of waves without wind, causing wind and water to rise; Conniving at her daughter’s scramble for favor and being desperate, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was furious and destroyed Chen Ajiao’s position as Queen.

On the surface, whether it’s a little woman or a political type, they pursue the same thing – the position of queen, but there are essential differences between the two. For political women, the Queen’s position is the ultimate, while for small women, the Queen’s position is just a means. What they ultimately need is the emperor’s true love.

Mozi monarch is single-minded

The fourth person, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty.

The abolition of Chen Ajiao from the changmen palace was finally decided by Emperor Hanwu, who was naturally the first party in the matter.

Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty abolished Ajiao’s position as Queen for two reasons: one was childlessness, and the other was witchcraft. Both reasons are irrefutable. As long as the “childless” clause can be abolished, the second clause can not only be abolished, but also be beheaded.

It is said that after Chen Ajiao was put in the cold palace, he heard that Sima Xiangru was good at writing Fu, so he threw a lot of money and begged him to write a sad “changmen Fu”, hoping to call back Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. After all, it didn’t help.

“Ode to the long gate” was first seen in Xiao Tong’s “selected works”, and its “preface” said: Empress Chen, the emperor of Xiaowu, was fortunate at that time and quite jealous. Don’t be in the long Gate Palace and be sad. Hearing that Sima Xiangru in Chengdu, Shu County, worked in the world as an article, she lifted a hundred jin of gold and took wine for Xiangru Wenjun. Because of the words of sorrow, Xiangru was an article to understand the Lord, and queen Chen was fortunate again. Later generations have made great efforts to play it. Xin Qiji’s “fishing children” said: thousands of gold longitudinal buying looks like Fu. Who can complain about this? The origin of changmen Fu is still controversial, and it is likely to be a work of later generations.

When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was still swine before he was proclaimed emperor, he liked Gillian to be careless and angry. For a moment, he wanted to “hide her in a golden house”. However, when the emperor was no longer swine, but Liu Che, who ascended the throne and called him “I”; When the emperor met the gentle and affectionate Wei Zifu with a warbler throat, Gillian was no longer “proud of being spoiled” and seemed to be ignorant of the times.

Beauty grows old, and the son of heaven changes. Without Wei Zifu, there will be more women who make Gillian jealous and crazy.

“Don’t be happy to have a boy, don’t worry about having a girl, and don’t see Wei Zifu dominating the world?” Wei Zifu ascended to the sky with one step, but in his 60s, three foot white silk hanged himself and died; “There are beauties in the north, peerless and independent.” Mrs. Li was the king of the country and the city, and Minamata died young. She dared not let the king wither at the sight of her illness; “The East has your popularity.” Mrs. Gou Yi appeared as a myth, and in the mood for love, she was killed innocently because of the sentence “a young son and a strong mother”.

More than Chen Ajiao? In the past, the women in the Golden House inevitably faced the resolute figure of the emperor.

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