Why did Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty execute all the imperial concubines who had given birth to children for himself?

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Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty had five wives and concubines, namely Li Ji, Cheng Ji, Tang Ji, Jia Ji and Mrs. Wang. Previously, Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty had a thin queen, who died after six years as Queen and had no children. After emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty abolished the crown prince born to Li Ji, Liu Che, born to Mrs. Wang, was made the crown prince, which was later Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.

Zhidu, a native of Yang County, served Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty as Lang Guan. In the era of emperor Jing, zhidu became a Zhonglang general. Once, he followed emperor Jing to Shanglinyuan. Jackie went to the toilet, and the boar suddenly broke into the toilet. Emperor Jing motioned zhidu with his eyes to save him, but zhidu refused to act. The king himself took the weapon to save Jia Ji. Zhi Du knelt before the king and said, “if you lose a Ji concubine, there will be another Ji concubine in the palace. Will there be a lack of people like Jia Ji in the world? Even if your majesty despises himself, what will the world and the Empress Dowager do?” The king stopped and turned around, just as the boar also left. When empress dowager Dou heard of it, she rewarded zhidu with a hundred jin of gold. Zhidu later became an officer to a lieutenant (equivalent to the current Minister of Public Security). He did not avoid noble relatives, did not send private letters, did not accept gifts, was brave and honest, and dared to advise directly. The nobles in Chang’an city didn’t dare to look him in the eye and gave him a nickname “goshawk”. Unfortunately, such officials who dared to contradict the emperor and speak frankly became increasingly rare.

Generally speaking, there are several women in the harem of Liu Bang, Emperor Wen of Han Dynasty and Emperor Jing of Han Dynasty. But this situation changed a lot during the period of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was in power for 54 years. During this period, he expanded the number of people in the harem on a large scale. In the fourth year of the Taichu period (101 BC), after the completion of the Mingguang palace, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty immediately selected 2000 beautiful women from Yan and Zhao dynasties to fill the harem, all of whom were young women aged 15-20. During the Yuan Dynasty, Gong Yu, the minister, introduced the situation of the imperial harem in his memorials, saying: in ancient times, there were only nine palace maids, and when Emperor Gaozu, Emperor Wen and Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty, they still followed the ancient style of frugality; During Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, thousands of good women were taken to fill the harem.

However, in the harem of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, there are many historical records, such as the first queen Chen Ajiao, the second queen Wei Zifu, as well as Mrs. Wang, Mrs. Li, Yin Jieyu, Mrs. Xing, Mrs. Gou Yi, etc.

It’s not a joke to hide your beauty in a golden house

Ban Gu said in the book of Han Dynasty that Liu Che, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, was named king of Jiaodong when he was 3 years old. During his time as king of Jiaodong, his aunt Princess Liu Chuan once held him on her lap and asked, “do you want to marry a wife?” Liu Che replied, “yes.” The eldest princess pointed to more than 100 people who were waiting beside her and asked, “who do you want?” Liu Che said, “not at all.” Finally, the eldest princess pointed to her daughter Chen Ajiao and asked, “is Ajiao suitable?” Liu Che replied with a smile, “OK! If you get Ajiao as a wife, you can store it as a golden house.” This witticism later evolved into an allusion – Jinwucangjiao.

Although the story may have deductive elements, in history, Liu Che did get engaged with 10-year-old Chen Ajiao at the age of 6. Later, the eldest princess made a lot of efforts in making Liu Che the crown prince. After Liu Che became emperor, he made Chen Ajiao queen, but he never had a son.

A long gate Fu, Gillian regained favor

Chen Ajiao is arrogant and arrogant because of her meritorious service to the emperor. Hearing that Wei Zifu was very lucky, Chen Ajiao was very angry. She cried, made trouble, and hung herself, looking for life and death, and made Wei Zifu almost die several times. This made Emperor Wu very unhappy and gradually alienated queen Chen.

It is said that in order to regain the favor of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, Queen Chen once invited Sima Xiangru to write “changmen Fu” with a large amount of money and presented it to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. After Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty saw it, he was deeply moved, and queen Chen was favored again.

Is history really like this? “Preface to changmen Fu” written by the editor of selected works of Zhaoming said: “empress Chen, the emperor of Xiaowu, was lucky and jealous. Don’t be in changmen palace, and be sad and sad. Hearing that Sima Xiangru, the world’s work in Chengdu, Shu County, was written as an article, and he presented a hundred jin of gold as Xiangru, and the king of Wen took wine, because of his sad words. And Xiangru was written as an article to realize, and empress Chen was happy again.”

It can be seen from the preface to changmen Fu that the Fu was written by Queen Chen to Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty with a large amount of money, and the result played a very good role. After Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty saw it, he changed his view of Queen Chen, who was fortunate again. Why Sima Xiangru’s Chang men Fu can play such a great role? Apart from Emperor Wu’s love for Sima Xiangru Fu, this Fu is indeed very successful. At the beginning of the article, write the image of Queen Chen after falling out of favor: “the soul is lost but not reversed, and the shape is haggard and living alone.” It makes people feel pitiful and sympathetic. Then she wrote that queen Chen was looking forward to the lucky arrival of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and even she “climbed the orchid stage and looked into the distance”, heard “the thunder sounded like the sound of your car”, heard the thunder, and thought it was the sound of Emperor Wu’s chariot coming to see her. The writing is sincere.

Of course, some people believe that this is just a story made up by Sima Xiangru or later generations in order to enhance the appeal and popularity of this Fu.

In any case, it’s true that Chen Ajiao is in favor again. But later, she used witchcraft to Wei Zifu, and even cursed Emperor Hanwu. After Emperor Hanwu found out, he abolished queen Chen and made Wei Zifu queen.

Queen Chen’s mother, Princess Chang, complained many times in front of Emperor Wu’s sister princess Pingyang: “the emperor can’t ascend the throne without me, and then he abandoned my daughter. How can he forget without self love!” Princess Pingyang said, “it was because there was no son.” Therefore, the eldest princess searched for famous doctors for Queen Chen, and the cost of seeking medical treatment was as much as 90 million, but she failed to have a son in the end.

Having a daughter without anger, the singer is favored

Queen Wei Zifu was originally the singer of Princess Pingyang. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty ascended the throne without a son for several years. Princess Pingyang chose more than a dozen good family women to stay at home and teach them carefully. Once, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty came back from the ceremony of eliminating disasters and praying for blessings in Bashang and stopped by Princess Pingyang’s house. The princess asked all the beauties she served to come out to see Emperor Wu, but I didn’t expect that Emperor Wu didn’t like it. After drinking, Geji came in. Emperor Wu only liked Wei Zifu. That day, Emperor Wu got up and went to the bathroom. His husband served in the cloakroom and got a kiss. Emperor Wu returned to his seat, very happy, and gave Princess Pingyang a thousand jin of gold. The princess took the opportunity to invite Wei Zifu to the palace. I didn’t expect that my husband had been in the palace for more than a year, but he didn’t get lucky anymore. After a period of time, Emperor Wu picked out the palace maids who were not prepared to keep them and asked them to leave the palace and go home. Wei Zifu was able to see Emperor Wu again, crying and asking to leave the palace. The emperor felt pity and was lucky again. This time he was pregnant. In this way, Wei Zifu became more and more respected and favored day by day, and he had three daughters and a son. His son’s name was Liu Ju, and he was later made crown prince.

When Wei Zifu was made queen, her brother Wei Qing, who was known as a great general, was awarded the Marquis of Changping for his meritorious deeds in fighting the Hu people. Huo Qubing, the son of Wei Zifu’s sister, Wei Shaoer, was awarded the champion Hou for his meritorious service and was known as the Hussars general. Wei’s relatives started with military achievements, and five people were granted Marquises, so a ballad spread at that time: “there is no joy in giving birth to a man, there is no anger in giving birth to a woman, and only Wei Zifu dominates the world!” In other words, “don’t be too happy to have a son. Don’t get angry when you have a daughter. Don’t you see Wei Zifu dominating the world!”

After the queen of Wei was old and weak, the wife of the king of Zhao was favored, and her son was crowned king of Qi. After Mrs. Wang’s early death, Mrs. Li in Zhongshan was favored. In the late years of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, after the prince Wei incident, Emperor Wu of Han sent someone to collect Wei Zifu’s empress’s seal ribbon, and Wei Zifu committed suicide with his sword.

Mrs. Li: there are beauties in the north, both the country and the city

Mrs. Li’s brother Li Yannian was proficient in melody and served Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty in the palace. Once, he sang, “there are beauties in the north. They are peerless and independent. Look at the city and the country. It’s better to know that the city and the country are gone, and beauties are hard to get!” After hearing this, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was very envious and sighed, “is there really such a beautiful person?” Princess Pingyang told Emperor Wu that Li Yannian had a beautiful sister. Therefore, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty asked Li Yannian to bring his sister. At first sight, she was indeed beautiful and extraordinary, so she stayed in the palace. Mrs. Li was deeply favored. She gave birth to a son, named Liu Xiang, and was granted the title of king of Changyi.

Once, when Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty came to Mrs. Li’s palace, he suddenly felt his scalp itch, and took the jade hairpin on Mrs. Li’s head and scratched it. The next day, Emperor Wu’s love affair of scratching his head with a jade hairpin spread all over the capital. It can be seen that the palace ban was not very strict at that time. For a time, no matter the concubines and maids in the palace or the concubines and concubines in Chang’an City, everyone scratched their heads with jade hairpins, and the price of jade in Chang’an city doubled several times. People give this kind of jade hairpin a nice name, called “jade scratch head”.

Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty and Lady Li

Mrs. Li was very weak. When she gave birth to her son Liu Xiang, king of Changyi, she got an obstetric disease and died soon. When Li Fu was ill, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty served him personally. She covered her face with a quilt and said, “I have been ill for a long time, and my appearance has been much worse than before, so I can’t let the emperor see it anymore. My only wish is to entrust my brother and brother to the emperor.” Emperor Hanwu said, “madam is seriously ill. It is likely that this meeting will be a farewell.” Mrs. Li said, “I don’t have makeup, and I dare not see the emperor.” Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty once again asked to see him. Mrs. Li turned her face and cried inwards, but never let Emperor Hanwu see her. Finally, Emperor Hanwu got up and left unhappily.

After Emperor Hanwu left, Mrs. Li’s sister complained why she made the emperor so unhappy? Mrs. Li replied, “we who serve people with lust, lust decline and love Chi, love Chi is enjue. Without a beautiful face, everything will be gone. The reason why the emperor never forgets me is that my previous face left a good impression in his mind. If my face has been destroyed, the emperor will definitely spit on me after seeing it. How can he take care of my brother?”

Mrs. Li seems to have accurately touched the psychology of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and even the psychology of men all over the world. After her death, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty missed her so much that he wrote an article “Ode to Mrs. Li” in person, which was deeply moving.

After Mrs. Li’s death, her brother Li Yannian was favored because he was good at music, and was appointed a lawyer to manage the singers and dancers in the world; His eldest brother liguangli was made a general of the second division. After defeating Dawan, he returned and was made a Marquis of Haixi. But then Li Yannian raped the harem, and Li Guangli surrendered to the Huns, and the Li family was exterminated from then on. After the death of Emperor Hanwu, Huo Guang, the assistant minister appointed by Emperor Hanwu, pursued Mrs. Li as empress Xiaowu. Mrs. Li was not canonized as queen before her death, but she was the favorite woman of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, so this move was quite in line with Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.

“Yesterday, white bones were piled on the Loess ridge, and tonight, mandarin ducks were lying in the red silk tent.” Soon after Mrs. Li’s death, Yin Jieyu and Mrs. Xing were alternately favored. However, they all met Emperor Wu as song girls, not from the royal family, and their identities could not match the emperor. Mrs. Yin and Mrs. Xing were lucky to be kissed at the same time, but Emperor Wu had an imperial edict that they could not meet. Once, Yin Jieyu asked Emperor Wu to see Mrs. Xing. Emperor Wu agreed. He first asked another lady to decorate it. Dozens of attendants followed him, pretending to be Mrs. Xing. Yin Jieyu went up to see her and said, “this is not Mrs. Xing.” Emperor Wu said, “why do you say so?” Mrs. Yin replied, “her figure, appearance and posture are not enough to match the emperor.” So Emperor Wu ordered Mrs. Xing to wear old clothes and come alone. Seeing her from a distance, Yin Jieyu said, “this is true.” I was so sad that I bowed my head and cried, because I was not as good as Mrs. Xing.

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was afraid of such things as empress Lu’s dictatorship because emperor Zhao of the Han Dynasty was young. Before he died, he executed all the harem women who had given birth to children for himself.

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