Why did Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty execute his favorite imperial concubine for a small mistake in his later years

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After the death of Prince Li Liu Ju and the early death of King Liu Hong of Qi, the mourning king of Changyi also died of depression soon after his uncle defected. Emperor Wu’s successor could only choose among his three remaining sons.

Among them, Liu Dan, the third son of Yan, and Liu Xu, the fourth son of Guangling, were born to another lady Li. According to his age, King Yan was the eldest, so he sent an emissary from Fengguo to tentatively write to Emperor Wu requesting to return to the capital to serve his father. Emperor Wu was so angry that he thought it necessary to kill the chicken for the monkey, so he cut the unlucky messenger in two. King Yan has no hope. Is it the turn of King Liu Xu of Guangling?

However, Emperor Wu had other plans.

About one day in the first month of the first year of the late Yuan Dynasty (88 BC), Emperor Liu Che, who was recuperating in the Ganquan palace, summoned a painter to draw a picture of the Duke of Zhou negating King Wen and showed it to the ministers. Then they realized that Emperor Wu’s mind was to set up liufuling, the youngest son.

Liu Fuling’s mother, surnamed Zhao, was a native of Hejian, the state of Qi. Her family was very unfortunate. Her father broke the law and was sentenced to “palace punishment”. He became a eunuch and was appointed to the yellow gate. The unfortunate man may have died early with his wife before his daughter “came to the fore”. He left his daughter to live in his hometown Hejian with his aunt zhaojunxi.

Two to three years before empress weizifu committed suicide because of the “evil of witches and insects”, Miss Zhao was personally elected to the palace by Emperor Wu.

When Emperor Wu toured Hejian, a magician suddenly claimed that there were auspicious clouds here, indicating that strange women must have grown up here. After hearing this, Emperor Wu immediately ordered a search on the spot. As expected, he found the beautiful girl. Although she was beautiful, she was ill since childhood, ate less, and clenched her hands into fists. No one could make her stretch. Emperor Wu was overwhelmed by her beauty and tried to break his fist for her personally. Then a miracle appeared: the hands were easily restored to a healthy appearance. What is more strange is that they still tightly held a small jade hook in their right hand.

Liu Che was so happy with this miracle that he immediately called her “fist lady” and included her in the harem. Mrs. Quan soon became pregnant. In the third year of Taishi (94 BC), she gave birth to liufuling, the youngest child of liuche, who was 65 years old. Therefore, she was granted the title of Jieyu, named Mrs. Gou Yi, and the little prince was also called “Gou Yi Zi”.

Liufuling, the son of Mrs. zhaogouyi, was born with strange signs. He stayed in his mother’s womb for 14 months before he came into the world. This made Emperor Wu overjoyed: “I only heard that Emperor Yao was born when his mother was 14 months pregnant. I didn’t expect that madam Gou Yi also gave birth to a son who was 14 months pregnant for me.” Immediately change the name of the palace gate where zhaogouyi gave birth to his son to “Yao mother gate”.

By the time Liu Che was 70, Liu Fuling was only fiveorsix years old. Although he was young, he was very smart. He was not only strong and handsome, but also very smart. Liu Che loved this child, who was younger than his grandson, and kept boasting that he was likable and very much like himself. Thinking of Liu Fuling’s unique birth experience, he made up his mind to make the child his heir.

However, Liu Che soon thought of a problem, that is, Liu Fuling was too young and Mrs. Gou Yi was too young and beautiful. He began to wonder what would happen when madam Gou Yi became empress dowager. The first thing that came to mind in his mind was LV pheasant, not the meek empress dowager Bo. Liu Che had played the darkest side of politics all his life. He was too familiar with this, so he must start thinking about others from the most sinister side.

The result came out. He thought that it was a danger for Mrs. Gou Yi to continue to live. He had to find a way to kill her. But also let her bear the blame and die, so as to avoid the possibility that her cousins may become officials in the DPRK in the future.

This cruel idea was soon put into practice by Liu Che.

After reading the picture of the Duke of Zhou defeating the king of Wen, all the ministers could not help admiring the young madam Gou Yi and her family. But just a few days later, a shocking scene happened in Ganquan palace.

Liuche suddenly starts to attack Mrs. Gou Yi for a small and insignificant fault. In the past few years since she entered the palace, Mrs. Gou Yi has heard and seen the experiences of many sisters. She has already learned about her old husband’s heartless turn. She immediately knew that she was likely to repeat the mistakes of her predecessors. She quickly pulled off the hairpin ornament on her head and bowed to him for mercy. However, Liu Che was not moved at all, and gave a stern order to the nearby ministers: “take her away and send her to yeting prison for questioning!” The bodyguards immediately carried out the order and dragged Mrs. Gou Yi down. Mrs. Gou Yi still wanted to make the last plea. She looked back at Emperor Wu and hoped that he could let go of his old love at the last moment. And Emperor Wu immediately killed all her hopes: “go, you can’t live any longer.”

This sentence announced the final fate of Mrs. Gou Yi. Yeting prison did not need to waste extra time to interrogate her. Emperor Wu’s order was immediately executed.

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