Why did Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty feel afraid of the women he deeply loved

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When Emperor Wu’s illness became more and more serious, he might finally understand that there are probably no immortals in the world. Although he was the son of heaven, he could not help but end up as loess. In this way, he had to consider the matter behind him, that is, even if he could not live forever as an emperor to rule the world, his descendants should enjoy the fruits of his life. After much deliberation, he decided to make liufuling the crown prince. At the age of seven, liufuling was a lively and lovely child. Emperor Wu suddenly remembered the story of empress Lu in the early Han Dynasty. He was shocked. He immediately decided to make liufuling the crown prince and execute liufuling’s biological mother, his favorite concubine in his later years, Mrs. Gou Yi.

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was originally an amorous seed. When he was eight or nine years old, he promised his cousin, his later Queen, that he would build a golden house for her when he grew up (this later evolved into the idiom “Golden House hides charming”). But if a woman is thought by him to be likely to endanger his family, she has no other way but to die quickly, consciously and knowingly. About the scene of executing Princess Ai Gou Yi, Sima Guang wrote: “A few days later, the emperor denounced Mrs. Gou Yi. She took off her hairpin and kowtowed. The emperor said, ‘lead the bearer to the court and send him to the prison!’ the wife also took care of her. The emperor said, ‘hurry, you can’t live!’ and the death was imposed. Then the emperor stayed idle and asked the left and right, ‘what do outsiders say about the cloud?’ the left and right counterparties said: ‘if a man says and sets up his son, why should he go to his mother?’ the emperor said: ‘yes. It is not what Cao Yu knew. In ancient times, countries were so chaotic that the LORD had a young mother and the woman lived alone Arrogant and arrogant, and licentious and self indulgent, no one can forbid. You do not hear the evil of empress Lu! So I had to go first. “

When the great and bold generation of the British monarch was afraid of a woman he loved deeply, we suddenly realized that although the monarch under the autocracy and dictatorship looked powerful and strong, he was actually more vulnerable than a piece of white paper. The beautiful madam Gou Yi died wrongfully, in the hands of her awesome and respectable husband who was never amiable and lovely. We can imagine that when Emperor Wu ordered her to be sent to the prison, and she was pushed and pushed by those rude warriors to walk outside the palace, she looked back helplessly at Emperor Wu in fear. How desolate and cold it would be.

He killed the woman who might become empress Lu and set up the crown prince. Since there is no elixir of immortality, Emperor Wu can die naturally. Although Emperor Wu died, he became a model for all emperors just as he pursued during his lifetime. For thousands of years, he has appeared in the memory of later generations and the memory of history as a hero and Lord. However, if we reflect deeply, we will understand that the people living in the era of Emperor Wu must be suffering! Emperor Wu paid great attention to his literary, political and martial arts skills by sacrificing the lives and happiness of countless people like mole ants. During the reign of Emperor Wen and Emperor Jing, there was nothing in the world. The emperor did not have the heroic dream and poetic popularity of Emperor Wu. Therefore, history looked ordinary, but the people lived in peace and tranquility.

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