Why did Guan Yu leave a bad name for arrogance? Take the blame for Liu Bei

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Guan Yu is arrogant and arrogant, which comes from Chen Shou’s evaluation: “Guan Yu is just and arrogant.” The reason why Guan Yu is “rigid and self-confident” is mainly based on two things: one is to enter Sichuan to compete with machao; Second, he claimed that he would not associate with Huang Zhong when he was granted official position. To enter Sichuan and compete with machao, it happened after Liu Bei won Chengdu. In the battle to capture Chengdu, Ma Chao lived up to expectations and won Chengdu without bloodshed, making great contributions to Liu Bei. As a result, he gradually became proud of his achievements. At this time, when Chengdu was initially settled, Liu Bei had to be tolerant of Ma Chao. But don’t forget that there is still a Guan Erye sitting in Jingzhou. Guan Yu wrote a letter to Zhugeliang, saying that he would enter Sichuan to compete with machao. This letter came at the right time, so Zhugeliang pushed Guan Yu to the highest position by replying to his letter: & \8221; Unique and unique&# 8221; Guan Yu read the reply, & \8221; Big joy, show guests &\8221;. But this is not the so-called arrogance and complacency, but the joy of Zhugeliang and his tacit understanding. When he was granted official position, he was unwilling to be with Huang Zhong, which happened after Liu Bei became the king of Hanzhong. In the 24th year of Jian’an (219), Liu Bei launched the Hanzhong campaign, captured this strategic area in Hanzhong, and was granted the title of king of Hanzhong. Returning to Chengdu, Liu Bei was in a good mood. Feng Guanyu was the former general, Zhang Fei was the right general, Ma Chao was the left general, and Huang Zhong was the rear general. Unexpectedly, Guan Yu, who was awarded the crown of military generals, was very unhappy and refused to be worshipped. It turned out that he was not satisfied that Huang Zhong was also named one of the four marshals. The relationship between Guan Yu and Huang Zhong was originally normal, and Huang Zhong was the main general of Liu Bei’s first army in Sichuan, which was of great significance to the complete victory of the Hanzhong campaign. Guan Yu could not have been unaware of Huang Zhong’s weight. Moreover, Guan Yu will not object to Liu Bei’s decision, let alone strongly oppose it. However, why did Guan Yu have such a strong overreaction? Because of Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun was an early general of Liu Bei’s group and a close comrade in arms of Liu Bei, second only to Guan and Zhang. Liu Bei is well aware of Zhao Yun’s courage and loyalty, and Zhao Yun’s qualifications and contributions are not under Guan and Zhang, let alone Ma and Huang. However, Liu Bei’s enfeoffment of meritorious men and the establishment of four marshals did not include Zhao Yun. Why is this? Careful analysis shows that there are profound political reasons for this. When Liu Bei became king of the middle Han Dynasty, he had the capital to compete with Cao Cao and Sun Quan in politics and military. However, unlike Sun Quan, Liu Bei is not a self-protection territory partial hegemony role. He wants to help the Han Dynasty and stabilize the world, so he must integrate his own strength well, so he must balance the interests of all parties. At this time, Liu Bei group is mainly composed of personnel from three aspects. First, the original old team, with Guan, Zhang, Zhao and others as the backbone, can be called “Zhuo (county) Xu (state) group”; Second, the “Jingzhou group”, Zhugeliang, pangtong, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan and others are the backbone; Third, the “Yizhou group”, represented by Fazheng, Li Yan, Mengda, Ma Chao, and many others. Conferring the rank of military commander is related to the fundamental military power of the regime, and the legitimate Guanyu and Zhang Fei cannot but occupy the highest position; However, if Zhao Yun is sealed again, the weight of “Zhuoxu group” will be too heavy, and Ma Chao and Huang Zhong will fall off the list. Ma Chao belongs to the “Yizhou group” and Huang Zhong belongs to the “Jingzhou group”. No matter which one fails, there will be no balance between the three groups. Therefore, Liu Bei can only sacrifice Zhao Yun. With Zhao Yun’s loyalty to Liu Bei group and the spirit of considering the overall situation, he can understand Liu Bei’s political intentions and understand Liu Bei’s political situation. Therefore, Zhao Yun showed his political consciousness of integrity and obedience to organizational arrangements. However, Zhao Yun is an important pillar of Shu Han, and his mood and feelings cannot be ignored. But the decision was made by Liu Bei. How Liu Bei comforted Zhao Yun was powerless, so this ideological and political work fell on Guan Yu’s shoulders. Guan Yu has a heavy responsibility, and it is impossible to go to Chengdu to have a heart to heart talk with Zhao Yun, or write an official document to report to Chengdu. He only expressed his dissent in a special way, and just said that he did not have to change the established facts. Guan Yu lost his political temper completely for the best interests of the group. As for leaving a bad name of “just and self-confident”, Guan Yu can’t take care of himself.

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