Why did Hou Yi shoot the sun? How did he end up dead?

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Hou Yi’s bow and arrow, also known as “Hou Yi’s bow for shooting the sun”, is one of the ten great artifacts of the great famine, and Hou Yi’s bow for shooting the sun ranks fifth among them. In the book of mountains and seas, the Ten Suns are the children of the emperor of heaven. They take turns on duty at the edge of the East China Sea every day to bring light and warmth to the world. The Suns thought such a day was too boring, so they agreed to travel in the sky together.

In the early morning of the next day, ten suns appeared in the sky together, and the life of the people was miserable. After the God of heaven knew the sufferings of the world, the emperor of heaven wanted to send Archer Hou Yi to the world to help Yao save the people from fire and water. After receiving the order, Hou Yi rushed to the world with a sun shooting bow. Hou Yi’s bow was red and the arrow was white. Archer Hou Yi opened the bow and instantly destroyed nine suns. Later, Yao thought that people needed a sun for production and life, so he asked Hou Yi to stop shooting. Hou Yi’s shooting at the sun was praised by heaven and the world, but was envied by other gods. They went to the emperor of heaven to speak ill of Hou Yi. Chang Jun, the emperor of heaven, believed it. He gradually alienated Hou Yi and relegated him to the world.

The story of Hou Yi shooting at the sun has been handed down for thousands of years and has been talked about with great relish. Later, people combined fairy tales with modern elements and used “Hou Yi’s bow and arrow” in the game, giving it infinite power. In the novel The Legend of immortal swords and chivalrous men, Hou Yi’s bow and arrow was named “Shenshou bow”, which was a weapon given to Hou Yi by Feipeng, a general of the heaven. Feipeng also told him two ways to use this bow and arrow in order to make Hou Yi skillful. The first is the “moon returning to the truth” technique, and the second is the “nine sky sunset arrow technique”. The first method is created by Feipeng, and the second method is created by the joint efforts of the arrow God.

How to record Hou Yi’s death in Huainan Zi

During the Western Han Dynasty, Liu An wrote a book called Huainanzi, which recorded the death of Hou Yi. It is mentioned in the book that Hou Yi was killed by his disciple Pang Meng. First, he killed Hou Yi with a peach tree branch; Another is that he shot Hou Yi with a bow and arrow. It was also mentioned that Hou Yi died with his eyes closed, and finally became Zhong Kui.


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The saying that he became Zhong Kui was speculated by the historian Gujiegang based on the book Huainanzi. Many books have recorded the relationship between Hou Yi and Meng. They were apprentices. Hou Yi’s arrow technique is so superb that people all over the world admire him. When Hou Yi shot down the nine suns in the sky and restored the vitality and life of the world, he was even more popular among the people. Many people wanted to learn Hou Yi’s excellent archery. They came to him to learn from him. Among them, there was a disciple named pangmeng. Pang Meng was very deep in the city government. By chance, he learned that the elixir of immortality was kept by Chang’e. When Hou Yi went hunting, he threatened Chang’e to hand over the elixir of immortality. Chang’e vowed not to give it to her and swallowed it. After Hou Yi came back, he successfully deceived him. Hou Yi missed Chang’e very much. Pang Meng told Hou Yi that he had a clever plan to let Hou Yi see Chang’e. That was to let Hou Yi shoot down the moon. When Hou Yi heard the plot of Yun Meng, he fell into deep thought. When Hou Yi went all over the world looking for famous generals to make bows and arrows, a fortune teller told him that he would lose his life when shooting at the moon. Pang Meng comforted Hou Yi that he could shoot down the moon only by his archery level. Hou Yi believed in the trick of Meng. They came to Kunlun mountain together to shoot the moon. When Hou Yi handed the arrow to Pang Meng, Pang Meng pointed the arrow at Hou Yi. As the saying goes, one mountain can’t tolerate two tigers. If he kills Hou Yi, he will become a marksman. Hou Yi finally died in the conspiracy.


When was Hou Yi born

Hou Yi was a man of the Xia Dynasty. During the Taikang period, Houyi tribe rose. Houyi thought he had enough ability to compete with the Xia Dynasty. Hou Yi hid his strength and bided his time in the lower reaches of the Yellow River to become the ruler of the Xia Dynasty. Hou Yi’s archery skills were so superb that he could return home with a full load every time he hunted.

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Because the tribe is located in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, its geographical location is conducive to human habitation and life. Hou Yi was the leader of the tribe. The people of the tribe respected him and were willing to listen to his orders.

During Xia Qi’s reign, no other tribe dared to rebel. After Xia Qi’s death, Taikang ascended the throne. Taikang was a monarch who did nothing and lived in ignorance. He was addicted to hunting all day long, and had no time and energy to manage the political affairs of the Xia Dynasty, let alone worry about the big and small affairs of the tribe. Because of Taikang’s inaction, Hou Yi continued to expand his strength in the lower reaches of the Yellow River. Once, when Taikang went out hunting, the more he fought, the happier he became. He threw the matter of returning to the palace into the clouds. When he thought of going home, it had been more than 100 days. Taikang stood on the South Bank of Luoshui and saw a lot of people on the other side. Knowing that he could not go back, he turned back to the South Bank of Luoshui. Hou Yi thought that seizing power could not be done too quickly, so he supported Zhongkang, Taikang’s brother, as emperor. During this period, Hou Yi bribed people everywhere to lay a good foundation for seizing political power in the future. After Zhongkang’s death, Hou Yi continued to support Zhongkang’s son Xiang as the new king. Not long after, Hou Yi abolished the position of prime minister and drove him and his wife out of the summer palace and into exile. With this, Hou Yi became the sixth monarch of the Xia Dynasty. However, Hou Yi’s throne was not stable because he was addicted to playing and was later killed by his henchmen.

Whose son was Hou Yi in the Taikang period of the Xia Dynasty

In the TV series Jingwei reclamation, Hou Yi is the son of Xing Tian, the God of war. It tells the story of Emperor Yan, Xing Tian, Kuafu and others who were accidentally besieged by the ten thousand year poisonous fire when they were chasing down the local Warcraft. During the struggle, Xing Tian, the God of war, was killed. Kuafu hurriedly rescued Hou Yi, Xing Tian’s son, and fled to the Arctic sea.

The evil devil had no confrontation with the gods. He got the spirit of darkness and unified the world. When Xing Tian was about to die, he gave all his divine powers to his son Hou Yi. When Hou Yi grew up, he avenged his father Xingtian and finally defeated the evil spirit.

In history, there was another Hou Yi, who lived in the early years of the Xia Dynasty. He was the leader of a tribe in the lower reaches of the Yellow River Basin. As for the parents of Hou Yi, later generations do not know. According to legend, Houyi tribe is called poor country. Because of abundant water and light, Houyi tribe has developed animal husbandry. The people of Houyi tribe all had many livestock. When hunting or gathering, they used livestock to pull them out and replaced human power with animal power. Hou Yi was an ambitious leader. Because the tribesmen lived a rich life, he wanted to be emperor himself and seize the power of the Xia Dynasty. Taikang’s father was Xiaqi. When Xiaqi was in power, no other tribe dared to invade him. After Taikang succeeded to the throne, he was so absorbed in playing that he had no time to deal with state affairs. Taikang did not care about political affairs and hunted outside all the year round, which just provided the foundation for Hou Yi to seize power. On one occasion, Taikang was hunting in the north of the Luohe River and led his bodyguards through the jungle every day. Taikang was so excited that he forgot the time. When he wanted to go home, he was already blocked by Hou Yi’s army. Taikang retired from the political arena of al. Hou Yi bribed the hearts of the people and made efforts to gain the political power of the Xia Dynasty. After a while, Hou Yi finally captured the power of the Xia Dynasty and became the sixth monarch.


The story of Chang’e and Hou Yi

In the romance of the four books of the seventy-two dynasties, Mi Fei is Chang’e. according to legend, Mi Fei is good at playing the piano. One day, Mi Fei saw that everyone was working very hard. During her break, she took out a lyre and played it for everyone. The melody of Mi Fei’s zither was so melodious that he Bo in the Yellow River heard her. He dived into the Luohe River and saw Mi Fei.


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Mi Fei is very beautiful. He Bo is attracted by her appearance. He Bo turns into a white dragon, swallows Mi Fei in the Luohe River, and takes her to the deep palace of the water mansion on the Yellow River. Mi Fei is imprisoned in the deep Palace by he Bo. She is unhappy every day. She has to play the piano to relieve her depression. At this time, Hou Yi saw Princess MI and came to her side. Concubine Mi told Hou Yi about her tragic experience. After hearing this, Hou Yi decided to rescue concubine MI from Shuifu deep palace. After Hou Yi rescued Mi Fei, the two gradually got along and developed feelings. Hebo was furious when he learned that Hou Yi and Mi Fei were in love. He turned into a white dragon and dived into the Luohe River again, destroying the people’s fields, houses and livestock. Hou Yi and Mi Fei fled everywhere, and Hebo became even more rampant, devouring a lot of food and crops. Hou Yi decided to come forward and compete with his descendants Hebo. Hou Yi took out his bow and arrow, aimed it at Hebo and prepared to shoot. Hou Yi shot an arrow into Hebo’s left eye. Hebo lost one eye and ran away in a hurry. Hebo knew that he and Hou Yi had great differences in strength, but he always wanted to take the opportunity to retaliate against Hou Yi. Hebo went to the Heavenly Emperor and sued Hou Yi. However, the Heavenly Emperor had already known everything about Hebo and Hou Yi, so he didn’t blame Hou Yi. He Bo was so bored that he returned to Shuifu and dared not disturb Hou Yi and Mi Fei any more.

Later, Hou Yi and Mi Fei lived happily in Luoyang.

How did Hou Yi shoot Ba snake

The story of Hou Yi shooting Ba snake has been widely spread in Yueyang, Hunan. On baling square in Yueyang City, there is a sculpture of “Hou Yi beheading Ba snake”. The sculpture is 16 meters high and weighs 2000 tons. People who come to Yueyang for tourism are attracted by this myth.

“Hou Yi cut Ba snake” first came from the “mountain and sea Sutra and the South Sutra of the sea”. It is recorded that “Ba snake eats an elephant. It comes out of its bones when it is three years old. A gentleman wears it. It has no heart disease. It is a snake green, red and black. The first is a black snake with a green head, which is west of the rhinoceros.” It is said that in ancient times, there was a couple named Ba Mang and Ba she. They were married for ten years and had twins. Father Ba named them Ba Mang and Ba she. Bamang is docile, careful and diligent. Ba she and Ba mang have completely opposite personalities. Ba she likes eating meat, is lazy all day, and is grumpy. When Ba Mang and Ba she were ten years old, BA’s father had a dream. In the dream, he said that Ba Mang and Ba she were two giant snakes, which frightened BA’s father. Later, this dream was verified. Father BA was deeply shocked and died. Mother Ba saw that father Ba had died, and she went with her husband. Only Ba Mang and Ba she lived together. Ba she became more and more lazy. Ba mang could not bear to see Ba she idling around. The two became estranged, and the contradictions became more and more fierce. The two people fought. Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck down, and Ba Mang and Ba she showed their original shape. Ba mang became a glittering snake and swam to the East China Sea. Ba she became a giant snake and swam to Dongting Lake. Ba snake did evil in Dongting Lake, ate and killed many animals. It is said that Ba snake once ate an elephant and spit out the skeleton of the elephant after three years. Pakistan snake sometimes attacks people, and people are very afraid of it. When the emperor of heaven heard about it, he asked Hou Yi to shoot Ba snake. After he came to Dongting Lake, he shot Ba snake with an arrow. Ba snake fled to the West. After Houyi chased Ba snake to the west, he cut it into two parts. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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