Why did king Zhou cause trouble when he first perfumed Nu Wa? What is the truth of the apotheosis?

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The beginning of the romance of gods is that King Zhou went to Nuwa palace to offer incense, but he had a blasphemous mind about Nuwa’s statue and wrote a poem, which led to a series of things that happened later. However, this matter makes people really confused. King Zhou has not just ascended the throne. Why did he go to Nuwa palace for pilgrimage after seven years? Why didn’t he go to Nuwa palace for the previous seven years? And King Zhou didn’t even know who Nuwa was. Why did this happen? The above questions will be revealed in the following pages.

The king of Wu in the list of gods attacked Zhou at the very beginning because King Zhou offered incense in Nuwa palace. However, she left poems desecrating Nu Wa in Nu Wa palace, which was seen by Nu Wa who came down to earth. Therefore, Nu Wa, who was very angry, planned to let this stupid monarch send three monsters to accelerate the destruction of Yin Shang. But we won’t talk about Daji and them today. But king Zhou.


In fact, it can’t all be attributed to King Zhou, who was the king at that time. After seven years on the throne, I still don’t know empress Nuwa. He also told the ministers who Nuwa was, what virtue and ability, and asked the king to drive to incense her. It can be said that the ignorant King Zhou was completely immersed in beauty and forgot himself at that time. So this is what led him to write such blasphemous poems after seeing Nu Wa.

Another key figure is the Minister of rites and music of King Zhou in the late Shang Dynasty, a famous sage and patriot. Because he was dissatisfied with King Zhou, he wanted to educate King Zhou with rites and music, but many attempts failed, so he proposed to King Zhou to go to Nuwa palace to pray for the Shang Dynasty. In fact, it is not difficult to see that Shang Rong has lost confidence in King Zhou. But if you want to oppose him, you must have a legitimate reason. So this drama of Nuwa palace was staged. If King Zhou didn’t disappoint him, he was so stupid that even empress Nuwa dared to offend him.

At that time, Wen Taishi, the only one who could suppress King Zhou, was no longer in the court, otherwise this would not have happened. Then I’m sorry, the so-called people are doing things and the sky is watching. So the elucidation here got the decree of Nuwa’s mother, and the Crusade in the real sense even opened the prelude. From the point of view of the whole incident, this person called Shang Rong is also likely to be the person who elucidated this side. And the king Zhou’s pilgrimage event is probably just a drama directed by the expository director to overthrow the king Zhou.

On March 14, the day before Nuwa’s birthday on March 15, the prime minister Shang Rong presented a memorial to King Zhou and said that tomorrow is March 15, Nuwa’s birthday. Your majesty should go to Nuwa palace to offer incense.

Therefore, Shang Rong exaggerated the merits and virtues of empress Nuwa, saying that empress Nuwa was an ancient goddess with holy virtue. At that time, Gonggong was angry and couldn’t touch the surrounding mountains, resulting in the collapse of the earth. Therefore, empress Nuwa picked five colored stones to mend the sky and contributed to the people. Therefore, people built temples to worship her.

It was to offer incense to Nuwa that King Zhou saw the beauty of Nuwa’s statue, so he wrote a pornographic poem, so he angered Nuwa’s mother and sent three demons of Xuanyuan tomb to harm the rivers and mountains of the Shang Dynasty. It opened the prelude to the demise of the Shang Dynasty.

But what makes people confused is that it is the spring and March of the seventh year of King Zhou, which proves that King Zhou has been on the throne for seven years. But when Shang Rong talked about the merits of empress Nuwa, he was completely stunned and didn’t know what empress Nuwa did at all.

Therefore, this proves that King Zhou was deceived by the group of Ministers under his hand. Except for Shang Rong, no one told King Zhou that he should go to offer incense to Nuwa.


Seven years, for seven years, King Zhou didn’t know to offer incense to Nuwa, but it was Nuwa’s birthday every year. Who was obstructing King Zhou from offering incense to Nuwa? The most suspicious person is Shang Rong and the people who stand with Shang Rong.

At that time, King Zhou’s father, Emperor B, was playing in the imperial garden. Suddenly, a beam collapsed in the Feiyun Pavilion, and King Shou, later King Zhou, supported the beam and changed the column. Therefore, Shang Rong, Zhao Qimei, and others played and made king shou the crown prince. When Emperor Yi died, King Zhou took the throne smoothly.

During the seven years when King Zhou took the throne, Shang Rong didn’t ask King Zhou to let him go to Nuwa palace for incense. However, hearing that Zhong had left, Shang Rong immediately played. And King Zhou had an accident when he arrived at Nuwa palace. If Wen Zhong was there, he would never dare to write a poem with Wen Zhong’s prestige in King Zhou’s heart.

Some friends may wonder, in the first seven years of King Zhou’s accession to the throne, there was a grand master Wen Zhong in the court, as well as Wang Shu Bigan, Jizi, Weizi and others. Can Shang Rong block King Zhou’s pilgrimage?

First of all, Wen Zhong is a disciple of three generations of jiejiao sect. He has the leader of Tongtian sect above him, and jiejiao Wanxian comes to court. A mere Nuwa empress really won’t be seen by Wen Zhong.

Therefore, Wen Zhong will not prevent King Zhou from offering incense to Nuwa, but will not support King Zhou to offer incense to Nuwa. It can be said that Wen Zhong is a neutral faction, and King Zhou likes to go or not. Therefore, he will not propose to offer incense to Nuwa at all.

Xiao Liu analyzed before that King Zhou didn’t know what Nuwa did, which had a lot to do with King Zhou’s father. If King Zhou’s father went to offer incense to Nuwa, King Zhou would certainly know what Nuwa’s mother did, but king Zhou didn’t know. Therefore, King Zhou’s father obviously didn’t go to offer incense to Nuwa.

King Zhou’s father didn’t go to offer incense to Nuwa, but the Shang Dynasty was still very strong. Therefore, the strength of the country had nothing to do with worshiping Nuwa’s mother. As long as he was a good emperor, he was able to make the people live and work in peace and contentment, and the country was peaceful and the people were safe.

King Zhou’s father was a good emperor. Although he didn’t go to offer incense to Nuwa, he didn’t offend her. Therefore, Bigan and others will not propose that King Zhou go to offer incense to Nuwa, because there is an example of King Zhou’s father. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t offer incense to Nuwa. Instead, it will also cost the army, the people and money to offer incense to Nuwa.

King Zhou sat on the throne for seven years. Wen Zhong, who was most afraid of him, and people in the royal family didn’t propose that he go to Nuwa palace for incense. Naturally, Shang Rong wouldn’t mention it, and other ministers didn’t dare to mention it, because Shang Rong, Mei Bo and Zhao Qi were a great force in the Shang Dynasty, and no one dared to disobey them.


If King Zhou went to offer incense to Nuwa for seven years in a row, it would happen many times. No matter how beautiful people are, they would have no passion. Moreover, this is a statue of Nuwa that can’t be obtained. King Zhou must have no passion, let alone write pornographic poems.

However, if you meet Nuwa for the first time, her beautiful appearance will definitely give King Zhou a feeling of surprise and passion, and Wen Zhong is not around, King Zhou has no constraints, which can well release the color center and color gall.

Shang Rong was also able to get rid of suspicion, because in his mouth, empress Nuwa became an ancient goddess who made up the sky and made great contributions to mankind. Offering sacrifices to empress Nuwa could bless good weather and the country was long. He was for the good of the Shang Dynasty, and no one would doubt him.

Shang Rong is the one who obstructed King Zhou from letting him go to offer incense to Nuwa for seven years. Because there is only one chance, he must grasp it well, otherwise, if King Zhou did not write a poem, all preparations would fall short. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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