Why did king Zhou of Shang dynasty like his concubine Daji so much? Just because Daji is beautiful?

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Ancient Chinese imperial concubines have always been the objects of various unofficial histories, and their popularity in the hearts of the broad masses of people is no less than that of emperors and generals throughout the ages. One of these is that ancient imperial concubines can be used as a breakthrough to interpret emperors in a certain sense.
The relationship between emperors and concubines is very close. What happened between them is very valuable research materials for historians, so as to create a more vivid and three-dimensional character for future generations.
Whether it is Baosi and king you of Zhou, or sisters zhaofeiyan and empress Chen, these concubines who are called “beauties are evil” by the public have always left traces in history, and the most praised story is the story of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty and Daji.

King Zhou ascended the throne
In many film and television works, King Zhou of Shang Dynasty is often portrayed as a fatuous tyrant, but in fact, King Zhou of Shang Dynasty is not like that at all.
In history, the real king Zhou of Shang Dynasty was a very capable monarch. He was born Kongwu and powerful. It is said that Li Yuanba of Sui Dynasty could lift a thousand jin tripod, while King Zhou could fight with fierce tigers and lions.

Emperors with good physical conditions loved to fight, and King Zhou was no exception. After he ascended the throne, he began to invade the East and the West. Originally, the territory of the Shang Dynasty was concentrated in the Central Plains. With his own efforts, King Zhou expanded the territory of the Shang Dynasty to Jiangsu today.
So on the whole, King Zhou was a man with developed limbs and not simple mind.

However, people in history often have limitations. Although King Zhou of Shang Dynasty made the national strength and territory of Shang Dynasty reach the peak, the prosperous Shang Dynasty was destroyed in his hands.

During his reign, King Zhou formulated a series of cruel punishments. The princes and ministers committed a small crime. Originally, the punishment was very light. However, as long as they caught up with King Zhou, they would be whipped at the slightest and burned at the worst. For a time, people inside and outside the court and the public were terrified.
At the same time, King Zhou and his concubine Su Daji were hanging around all day. Under the internal and external troubles of the Shang Dynasty, the people who could not survive finally rebelled.
New to the palace
Daji was originally named Su Daji. There are few records about Daji in orthodox history books. However, as she was the concubine of Xin, King Zhou of Shang Dynasty, various unofficial histories and literary works have made a lot of fictions and creations about Su Daji’s life experience.
The most famous is that Su Daji was created into an image transformed from a millennium old fox spirit in the romance of gods. This setting is also the most well-known setting, and many later literary and even film and television works are based on it.

In fact, sudaji was an ordinary girl in the state of Su in 1046 BC. When King Zhou of Shang Dynasty attacked the state of Su, facing the Shang Dynasty, which had been established for more than 600 years, the state of Su was as weak as a tribe, so it was soon flattened.
After this battle, King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty not only expanded his territory again, but also brought back Su Daji, the love of his life.
After the conquest of the Soviet Union, King Zhou was very interested in inspecting the spoils he had captured. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful girl with graceful posture and elegant eyebrows among the prisoners of the Soviet Union, which surprised King Zhou. He immediately took Su Daji back to the palace and made her Princess.
King Zhou never thought that his later years would be closely tied with Su Daji.

After returning to the palace, King Zhou was very proud when he looked at the thousands of miles of territory of his great business. At this time, he was already the most powerful king on the earth. Naturally, he had a proud capital. With the presence of beautiful women, the common problems of emperors came.
King Zhou built a magnificent palace for sudaji, which was convenient for fun. At the same time, King Zhou also ignored the court politics. He devoted himself to the relationship with sudaji.
Su Daji not only has a beautiful face, it is said that her dancing skills are not inferior to those of the sisters zhaofeiyan and zhaohede. In addition, King Zhou is at the age of 30. He dotes on Su Daji more and more day by day, even more than the original empress Jiang.

You should know that the Queen’s status can not be shaken by ordinary people. King Zhou’s blatant favor of Su Daji actually puts the harem in a great imbalance. Therefore, the ministers in the court admonished King Zhou one after another, asking him to pay attention to discretion, mainly to maintain the majesty of the queen, the mother of the country.
At this time, King Zhou was so headstrong that he would not listen to any words. At first, he would prevaricate the ministers. Later, he became angry. As long as someone said bad things about Su Daji in front of King Zhou, he would basically be sentenced to death.
Sudaji’s Secret
In fact, the key point that sudaji attracted King Zhou was that he had a strange fragrance, which was different from any other fragrance in the world, as if it came from another world.
In the Shang Dynasty, the ancient spice technology was still underdeveloped. In addition, the ancient bathing conditions were very poor. Therefore, even the royal family rarely took a bath, so they basically didn’t smell good. Therefore, it’s reasonable that the emergence of Daji triggered King Zhou’s frenzy.

In this regard, King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty even ordered his servants to prepare spices according to the smell of Daji’s mother. However, with the efforts of many craftsmen, they failed. Therefore, King Zhou became more dependent on Daji. If he could not smell the smell of Daji every night, he could not sleep.
Daji has a “bad habit”, which is to eat fresh fruit before going to bed every night. This “bad habit” is very bad for modern people, because most people sleep for up to seven hours. Eating fruit or sweets before going to bed will leave sugar residue on our teeth.
This will greatly increase the risk of dental caries. In addition, many people are prone to decay, so do not eat before going to bed.
Maybe this is one of the reasons why King Zhou is so infatuated with Su Daji.

It is also ridiculous to say that king Youwang of Zhou made war on princes just to win Baosi a smile. After Baosi smiled, King Youwang of Zhou got great satisfaction, as if he had laid a foundation; King Zhou was so heroic, but he was so obsessed with the strange fragrance of Daji that his sleep would be affected if he could not smell it.
It seems that the High Emperor is also an ordinary person who eats grains, and has the same low-level desires as the general public.
In fact, with the development of modern medicine, it has been proved that love between people is essentially a chemical reaction. Different people have different smells, and this smell may just be the premise to attract lovers.

The development of modern perfume industry is also following this track. A variety of perfume is also to make people’s smell more suitable for their personal temperament, so that their personal charm can be amplified in the cultivation of intimate relationships.
So you can spray perfume to make yourself more attractive.

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