Why did Li Yifeng not fall in love but go to prostitutes to satisfy his physical needs?

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Li Yifeng’s prostitution is really surprising. According to netizens, he has been with his girlfriend for 3 years. Why should he risk his own life and ruin his future?

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In fact, from an emotional and psychological point of view, many people take risks and would rather go out to find those who pay, rather than pamper their own women.

Reason: looking for stimulation, to satisfy his inner desire for freshness, and a long-term relationship can no longer satisfy his inner needs.

He couldn’t stimulate his physical needs, and he was tired of facing the same face all day, so he thought that he would not be responsible, that there would not be too much involvement in paying, no ambiguous, no gifts, and no worries, so many men would take risks.

If you often walk by the river, you can never get your shoes wet. If you walk too much at night, you will always encounter bad luck. This way of drinking poison to quench thirst not only will not bring about psychological needs, but will give yourself a pair of “silver bracelets”.

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Why not have a real relationship without a girlfriend?

1. Irresponsible

As a traffic star, a better face can bring him more resources, a single identity will not be removed from fans, and the most important supporter of a star is the support of fans.

Not falling in love is great for their careers, but there are limits to their physical and emotional needs.

It’s not good to fall in love and review your own career, but this is just an excuse, the most important thing is “just work, not responsible”

Once you are in love, you are not free, you are clinging to your girlfriend, and you are also responsible for coaxing girls. You need to manage your relationship with your heart and spend energy.

Those who paid are different. After finishing the job, pat on the buttocks and leave without paying any emotion and responsibility, no trust, just a transaction.

However, such a transaction violates the bottom line of the law and is not allowed to be touched, so don’t take chances.

2. Curious psychology

Some people are purely special hobbies, satisfying their curiosity, and being active on the silver screen can no longer satisfy their vanity. They are immersed in the intoxication of money and praised by others to satisfy their hypocritical heart.

Not only that, when getting along with the surrounding sons, it is inevitable that there will be some comparisons and show-offs, such as making some “friends and friends”, which will make him unconsciously want to compare.

If a man makes friends carelessly, he will go astray and delay his future.

Men don’t take chances. Once you have thoughts that you shouldn’t have, you will end up miserably. You must know how to discipline yourself.

Closing remarks:

If you have a small achievement, don’t float, keep calm, don’t feel that your life has reached the peak, and don’t say loudly, “Hi,”, you must know how to keep a low profile, keep a low profile, and be strict with yourself.

Emotionally, don’t play with your feelings, don’t learn to drink poison to quench your thirst to fill the emptiness in your heart. If you don’t treat your feelings with heart, your feelings will naturally not cherish you.

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