Why did Meng Ziyi hold Meng Ziyi in high esteem by virtue of Taohua dock

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Some artists will recruit black people for themselves by participating in variety shows, but some artists will wash white for themselves by participating in variety shows. Mencius righteousness is the latter. Meng Ziyi really realized the reversal of his reputation through two sessions of 50 km Taohuawu. Mencius’ righteousness was washed white by Taohuawu. Why did Taohuawu hold Mencius’ righteousness so highly? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Mengziyi washed white with the help of peach blossom dock

Before Meng Ziyi joined Taohuawu, many netizens didn’t like Meng Ziyi and thought she was artificial. However, after Taohuawu was broadcast, many netizens felt that Meng Ziyi was a cute woman with little heart, especially simple and a little work. Even when she was in the first season of the 50km Taohuawu, her CP with Zhang Han was also loved by many netizens. The following two also participated in other variety shows.

Many people say that Meng Ziyi also achieved a reputation counterattack in Taohuawu by relying on his own character, but in fact, Taohuawu itself is holding Meng Ziyi in high esteem. The director of Taohuawu once said such a passage in an interview before. The director said that Meng Ziyi liked domineering boys, so the program team wanted to gather all the three generations of Daoming temple, so Zhang Han was invited in the first season and Wang Hedi was invited in the second season.

Why Taohuawu holds Meng Ziyi in high esteem

It is obvious that the program group wants to seriously call Meng Ziyi CP in the program. It is reported that the program group first contacted Yan Chengxu. Unfortunately, Yan Chengxu refused the invitation of the program group. From the matter of master CP alone, we can see that Taohuawu attaches importance to Mencius. Meng Ziyi’s good treatment naturally has something to do with her having a very powerful agent. Meng Ziyi’s agent is Jia Shikai, who is very famous in the circle. I believe that melon eaters are very familiar with this name. It’s good to have a backer.

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