Why did Nezha pretend that he couldn’t beat the monkey king? What’s the secret?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com has brought you an article about havoc in heaven. Welcome to read it~

After coming back from Bodhi college, monkey king killed the demon king and tasted the sweetness, so he began his path of purgatory. First, I found the old dragon king and robbed him of the most valuable sea god needle in the dragon palace; Later, when he was taken to the underworld by the imp, he may feel that his life is too short and he has not had enough waves, so he asked the king of hell to find the book of life and death and ticked out the names of all monkeys.

The Jade Emperor was going to send troops to get rid of him, and Taibai Jinxing suggested that heaven be recruited. Sun Wukong has been an official in heaven since then, but he has opened the road of causing havoc in the heavenly palace. The Jade Emperor is not a vegetarian. After enduring it for a while or two, he felt that the monkey was too uncivilized, so he asked someone to deal with him. He is both a heavenly soldier and a heavenly general, and he kept looking for experts to hammer him.

Before the Tathagata came to heaven, there were two nuns who fought alone with sun monkey. The first is Erlang God. He is as powerful as Sunwukong, but 72 changes are a little stronger than him.

The second is Nezha. After watching the journey to the west, you will find that compared with Erlang God, Nezha did not appear much in the whole play. However, in another novel, the introduction of Nezha and his achievements are more described.

Nezha was the general in front of King Li’s account. After he came to Huaguo Mountain, he first met with the monkey king, but he was exposed by the monkey king. The two fought for hundreds of rounds, and Nezha was defeated and went back. However, on the way to get scriptures, Nezha’s magic power surprised the monkey king. For example, the ox demon king, is that he defeated the old ox with his own strength, pulled the nose with a rope and pulled it to Lingshan.

You know, the monkey king couldn’t win the ox demon king at all, but the old ox was defeated by Nezha. It can be seen that Nezha is better than Sunwukong?

However, why did he release water in Huaguo Mountain?

In fact, Nezha pretended to be defeated at that time. The knight had something to do with a secret of the heavenly palace.

When sun monkey was just born, the Jade Emperor happened to be in a meeting with the employees. When he heard that there was something abnormal in the world, he sent someone to check. It turned out that sun monkey was born. Because he was born in a stone, the Jade Emperor thought the monkey was interesting, so he found someone to stare at the monkey, so the monkey was born to the sky, just to see how lucky the monkey could be.

When sun monkey went to heaven, everyone didn’t embarrass him much. Instead, they took sun monkey’s behavior as a drama. After all, the gods in the sky didn’t have anything to do every day. It was not easy to have fun. Naturally, they wouldn’t die just because he made some mistakes. So no matter how many bad things sun monkey did in the sky, everyone was not very angry, so that when he was arrested under the instructions of the Jade Emperor later, many big guys neither played in person nor took out their magic weapons. The purpose was to give him some color, but also to let him continue to live and see what he could develop into by himself.


There are so many immortals in the heaven, and their practice time is generally longer than that of their grandchildren. How can they defeat a monkey born only 300 years ago. Therefore, people in the heaven just treat sun monkey as a plaything, and naturally they won’t let him lose easily.

Why did Nezha pretend not to win the monkey king? Because he saw that the old gentleman was draining water, and the Jade Emperor didn’t really want to kill the monkey, he didn’t bother to be serious. At that time, his will was different from that of the leaders of heaven, so wouldn’t he die miserably? Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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