Why did Su Qin go undercover in the state of Qi? Having an affair with Yan Yiwang’s mother was exposed

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Unprecedented prime ministers of the six countries

Su Qin, the word Jizi, was born in Luoyang in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty in the Warring States period. He was a famous strategist at that time. Su Qin’s life, seemingly wavering, has actually been loyal to Yan, because Yan was the first country to accept him and be willing to appoint him. The joint anti Qin policy of Su and Qin for the benefit of Yan was beneficial to Yan, Zhao, Han, Wei, Qi and Chu. With his outstanding talent, he hung the seal of the six countries, so that the army of the state of Qin did not dare to step out of Hangu pass for 15 years.

I’m a scholar and rich

Luoyang people in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty were originally engaged in industry and commerce to get rich. Su Qin left his hometown early and studied there for several years. Guiguzi is a famous debater. Su Qin followed him for several years, but he didn’t make any achievements. Finally, he came home in poverty. Su Qin’s family and even his servants laughed at him and looked down on him, believing that it was impossible for him to make a living by talking.

Su Qin’s self-esteem was hurt and he was ashamed of himself. He studied at home all day. One day, he said to himself: & \8221; You read all day, but you can’t get fame and power. What’s the point of reading more books&# 8221; Finally, he found a book called Yin Fu, from which he carefully guessed the monarch’s psychology. A year later, he thought he could rely on this knowledge to lobby monarchs of all countries.

Unlucky crossbar

As a lobbyist, Su Qin was really unlucky. He first went to the state of Qin to encourage it to unify the world. But at that time, King Qin Hui had just killed Shang Yang, a great hero. Everything in the country was chaotic, and he felt that the dream of unifying the world was too far away. Su Qin spoke eloquently for a long time, which could not arouse the slightest interest of King Hui of Qin. Su Qin had no choice but to leave the state of Qin with a disheartened face.

His second stop was the state of Zhao. Unexpectedly, Feng Yangjun, the Prime Minister of the state of Zhao at that time, didn’t know why. He hated Su Qin very much and was naturally not interested in Su Qin’s words.

The continuous failure made the people who followed Su Qin lose confidence. On the way to Yan state, his entourage always wanted to leave, which made Su Qin very distressed. After arriving in the state of Yan, he couldn’t even find an opportunity to see Yan Wenhou. He didn’t see Yan Wenhou until a year later. He stated the crisis of Yan state to Yan Wenhou and pointed out the benefits of the collusion policy to Yan state. Yan Wenhou was very moved and decided to use Su Qin and gave many carriages and gold and silver as his funds. In this way, Su Qin finally got rid of his bad luck and began the road of great strategists.

Super international consultant

If countries in the Warring States period were all super large companies, Su Qin’s work was undoubtedly equivalent to that of an international consultant. He pointed out the problems of these countries and helped them solve them. At the same time, the consulting fees charged were astronomical.

The first stop of his collusion propaganda was the state of Zhao. At that time, Feng Yangjun, who hated him, just died. He eloquently analyzed the international situation to Zhao Xiaohou and pointed out the benefits of collusion to the state of Zhao. Zhao Xiaohou was moved by his words. He gave him not only a hundred chariots and horses, a thousand pieces of gold (equivalent to more than 2000 kilograms now), but also a hundred pairs of white jade and a thousand pieces of brocade.

With economic support, Su Qin easily persuaded South Korea and the state of Wei, then went east to the state of Qi, persuaded the king of Qi, and finally went south to lobby the state of Chu. Because the six countries were afraid of Qin, the six countries alliance soon united, and Su Qin naturally became the leader of the alliance, and also served as the Prime Minister of the six countries.

After hanging the seal of the six kingdoms, Su Qin could finally be proud. People who had despised him before were in awe of him and laughed at his brother, wife and sister-in-law. When they saw him, they all prostrated on the ground and dared not go out. Su Qin was filled with emotion. He gave the gold and silver he got to his family and friends, and paid back hundreds of times to those who had helped him before.

Under the leadership of Su and Qin, the collusion policy achieved great success. Therefore, the state of Qin did not dare to go out of Hangu pass for 15 years. Su Qin was also granted the title of emperor Wu’an by the state of Zhao.

There is no unchanging morality

However, the collusion policy is not without shortcomings, and there will inevitably be cracks between the six countries. Through efforts, the state of Qin won over the state of Qi and the state of Wei to attack the state of Zhao. Su Qin left the state of Zhao to the state of Yan, and the collusion policy went bankrupt.

After su Qin arrived in the state of Yan, marquis Wen of Yan died, and King Yi of Yan succeeded to the throne. The state of Qi took the opportunity to attack the state of Yan and captured ten cities. In order to repay Yan’s kindness, Su Qin sent an envoy to the state of Qi, using King Yan Yi as Qin’s son-in-law to lobby, so that the state of Qi returned the land occupied by Yan. Su Qin made such a contribution. Unexpectedly, after returning to the state of Yan, he lost the trust of the state of Yan and was deprived of his official position. The reason was that someone secretly told Su Qin that he was immoral.

At that time, loyalty, faith and filial piety were three high moral evaluations. In the Warring States period, international events were chaotic, and it was difficult for individuals to stay at home and be filial in order to survive. For the sake of national interests, honest men often make promises, swear in person, and turn around and repent one after another. Su Qin used the changes of the times to explain that loyalty, faith and filial piety should have new connotations, because he ran between many countries and inevitably fell into the dilemma of one servant and two masters. Su Qin explained his difficulties to King Yan Yi with the fable that loyalty can also be punished. Finally, he obtained understanding and resumed his position as prime minister.

The state of Qi was the victim of Su Qin’s gratitude

Su Qin volunteered to be an undercover agent in the state of Qi because his affair with the mother of King Yan Yi was exposed. The state of Qi and the state of Yan are feuds. For the benefit of the state of Yan, Su Qinyou said that the king of Qi made heavy burials and built palaces to consume the national strength of the state of Qi.

Later, Su Qin and Qi nobles competed for favor, and their opponents sent people to assassinate him. Su Qin was seriously injured and knew it was difficult to live, so he said to the king of Qi: & \8221; Please crack my car, and then say that I was killed in the state of Qi for the sake of Yan. In this way, the person who killed me will come out by himself, and you can avenge me&# 8221; The king of Qi did it this way, and sure enough, he caught the assassin.

After the death of Su Qin, what he did for the state of Yan slowly exposed, which angered the whole state of Qi. Su Dai and Su Li, the two younger brothers of Su Qin, learned the vertical and horizontal skills of Su Qin and continued to develop in Yan state. On the contrary, they caused civil strife in Yan state. Qi took the opportunity to attack Yan state, and Su Dai and Su Li finally attached to Qi state. In the era of Su Qin, the state of Qi had always played the role of the wrongdoer, and finally made a little profit from Su Qin’s younger brother.

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