Why did Sun Wukong take several turns to tell the prince of the black chicken country the truth about his father’s murder?

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Why did Sun Wukong take several turns to tell the prince of the black chicken country the truth about his father’s murder? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Sun Wukong pulled out a hair and blew out a breath of Fairy Spirit. Then he said “change” and it became a red and gold box. He put the white jade GUI in it and said, “master, hold this thing in your palm. At dawn, put on your brocade cassock and sit in the main hall to recite sutras. Wait for me to see his city. If it’s a monster, I’ll kill him and make a contribution here. If it’s not, I’ll stop bumping into it.” Sanzang Road:; Exactly! Exactly& quot; Pedestrian path:; Let the prince stay in the city. If he really comes out of the city in accordance with his dream, I will surely lead him to see you& quot;

Sanzang Road:; How do you greet me& quot; Pedestrian path:; When I arrived, I told you first to pull off the lid of the box. When I became a two inch long little monk, I drilled into the box and you held me in your hands. When the prince enters the temple, he must worship the Buddha. You can worship him as much as you can, but you just ignore him. When he sees you don’t start, he will teach you to take you. You can take it by him. He can beat you, tie you, and kill you& quot; Sanzang Road:; Ah! His military order is so big that he really killed me. How good& quot; Pedestrian path:; It’s all right. I’ll protect you if you go to that tight place. If he asks, you say it’s a monk sent by an imperial envoy from the east to the west to worship the Buddha and get scriptures and treasures. What treasures does he have? But you told him the brocade cassock again and said: & # 39; This is a third class treasure, and there are first-class and second-class goods;. But when asked, he said that there was a treasure in the box. It was known for 500 years from the top, 500 years from the bottom, and 500 years from the middle. He knew everything about the past and future of 1500 years, but he released the old sun.


I recited the words of my dream to the prince. If he is willing to believe it, he will take the demon. On the one hand, he will avenge his father and the king, and on the other hand, we will establish a reputation; If he doesn’t believe me, I’ll show him the white jade Guina. I’m afraid he’s too young to recognize me& quot; Sanzang was overjoyed when he heard this:; Disciple, this is a wonderful plan! But what’s the name of the baby you’ve changed? One is called Jinzhen cassock and the other is called baiyugui& quot; Pedestrian path:; Let’s call it emperor goods& quot; Sanzang keeps it in mind according to his words. The teachers and disciples had to sleep all night. Looking forward to the dawn, I can’t wait to nod my head to call out Fusang day and blow away the stars in the sky.


This is Sun Wukong’s way of knowing human nature. If he said it directly, the other party might not believe it, because Tang Monk once suffered such a loss in Baoxiang country. He directly said that kuimu wolf was a monster, but was turned into a tiger by kuimu wolf. Therefore, Sun Wukong’s approach is different from that of Zhu Bajie, who always have more insight. Only when the arrangements are made smoothly can they be trusted by the other party. This is a highly artistic process. First of all, Sun Wukong knows that everyone has curiosity and a desire to explore the unknown world. And everyone likes babies, and only believes in what he sees and has. If Sun Wukong doesn’t take more treasures, he will make the prince of the black chicken country think that they stole the keepsake of the black chicken king and won’t believe the fact that his father was killed. In this way, it is difficult for the truth to emerge. So Sun Wukong wants to change several treasures to tell the black chicken king that we are not the ones who steal treasures. We have treasures and don’t care about your father. Therefore, Sun Wukong must be fully prepared to do one thing. In order to do this, we must take several turns to avoid unnecessary troubles. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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