Why did Sunwukong ask for help to kill the demons when the four masters and disciples learned the Scriptures?

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Monkey King can’t subdue many monsters on his way to get scriptures. Where’s his skill when he made a scene in heaven? Readers who are not clear can read it together with the Xiaobian of China story network.

Rest assured, Monkey King’s ability to make trouble in heaven has not been weakened at all. Sunwukong is not as old as ordinary people. His physical strength is weak, and his skill naturally weakens. Sunwukong is an immortal. Although he hasn’t moved his hands or feet for 500 years when he was pressed by the Tathagata Buddha at the foot of the five elements mountain, he hasn’t lost his skills, such as seventy-two changes and tumbling clouds.


The monkey king was the same Monkey King 500 years ago. Why did he give the impression that he was unstoppable when he was making havoc in the heavenly palace, but most of the time he couldn’t subdue a monster on the way to protect the Tang monk from scriptures and had to ask people everywhere to help eliminate the demons?

In fact, this can’t blame the monkey king for his incompetence, but because it’s difficult for a skillful woman to make bricks without rice! What do you mean? It is the lack of decent magic weapons in Sunwukong’s hands. Sunwukong’s golden cudgel seems very powerful, but its essence is that it is not a weapon. It is just a piece of divine iron abandoned by Dayu during flood control in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. It is used as a stator to determine the depth of the river and sea. In other words, it is a measuring tool.

Although this piece of divine iron was also made by the Supreme Master, and the monkey king can use it easily, it is not a particularly powerful magic weapon. Speaking of magic weapons, that’s very important. When we read journey to the West or the romance of gods, we will clearly know that the key to winning a fight between immortals lies in magic weapons.

Whoever has more powerful magic weapons will win the war, which has little to do with his own ability. Not to mention the Taiyi Sanxian like Sunwukong, even the quasi Saint level immortals like the lamp burning Taoist are often chased around the world by the immortals holding magic weapons? Is the lamp burning Taoist skilled? Can the teaching assistant leader be incompetent? But what if you have the ability? It’s not that I can’t do anything in front of Hunyuan Jindou of Sanxiao empress, Jinjiao scissors of zhaogongming and Dinghai Shenzhu!


Monkey King’s situation is also a truth. His teacher Bodhi did not give him any magic weapons when he went down the mountain to learn martial arts, which led to repeated losses in the process of protecting Tang Monk’s Buddhist scriptures. We must not underestimate these evil monsters. Most of them have powerful backgrounds and backgrounds. Those monsters without backgrounds are certainly not the opponents of the monkey king. People like white bone spirits, yellow lion spirits and tiger power immortals all died under the monkey king’s iron rod.

Those monsters with backstage, Sunwukong, have no choice, because these monsters are either the children around the gods or the pets or mounts of the gods. When they are demons in the lower world, they will always take oneortwo magic weapons of their masters. As for their masters, they are basically turning a blind eye. Most of the monsters are humble in their own abilities, but the magic weapon is so powerful that Sunwukong suffers losses from the magic weapon.

For example, the postnatal race bag of the Yellow browed boy under Maitreya, the two magic treasures of jinrao, the diamond bracelet on the mount of the Supreme Lord qingniu Jing, the purple golden bell in the mount of Guanyin Bodhisattva, the yin-yang gas cylinder of the golden winged ROC, the banana fan of Princess Iron Fan and other magic treasures are beyond the reach of Sunwukong. However, Sunwukong’s golden cudgel can not be a magic weapon. At this time, Sun Wukong may complain in his heart about why master Bodhi didn’t give himself even a powerful magic weapon?


Of course, the monkey king could not defeat the monsters. In addition to the lack of magic weapons, his brave performance when he was making trouble in the heavenly palace actually contained some moisture. Why do you say that? Because the immortals in the heavenly palace cooperated with the Tathagata Buddha to investigate the ability of Sunwukong, so as to determine that he was the candidate to protect the Tang Monk and take the heavenly palace as an examination room.

That said, when the monkey king was making trouble in the heavenly palace, the Tathagata Buddha had not decided to learn from the Scriptures? Hehe, that would underestimate the foresight of the Buddha. In fact, the Buddha had already prepared for a rainy day and planned to learn from scriptures. As important subordinates of Tianting, the Jade Emperor and Sanqing will certainly fully cooperate with the Tathagata to perform this play well!

In short, the absence of magic weapons in the hands of the monkey king is the main factor that can not beat the monsters, and some moisture in the ability of the monkey king is the secondary factor. This is the case. This is the case. Welcome to discuss! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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