Why did the 4 victims choose collective silence in the beating incident in Tangshan BBQ restaurant?

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Introduction: It has been 4 days since the beating incident, the family members of the victim party have lost their voices, but the family members of the beating party are complaining about the injustice!

At 2:00 a.m. on June 10, a beating incident occurred in a barbecue restaurant on Airport Road, Lubei District, Tangshan City, and the impact was extremely bad.

On June 14, four days after the incident, the original beating incident had developed into a hot incident that attracted the attention of the whole people. New whistleblowers were constantly exposed, and people’s cognition was constantly refreshed.

Obviously, the city is being roasted on the fire. After this experience, the city will surely usher in the second Phoenix Nirvana in history.

A city will not fall because of one incident. The question is how to overcome this difficulty? There is only one answer, which is to endure the severe pain and scrape the bones to cure the poison. All the toxins must be removed in order to be completely new.

Report cases big or small, one counts as one, everything must be taken seriously, and every response must be given. Returning to the incident of beating people at the barbecue restaurant, there is a very strange phenomenon: it has been 4 days since the beating incident, and the families of the victims have collectively lost their voices, which is illogical.

On the contrary, the voices of the family members of the assailant often appear in news reports.

For the in-depth reports of the beating party and the selective protection of the victimized party, this is the attitude that news reports should have. On the one hand, it can prevent secondary harm to the victim, on the other hand, it can focus people’s attention on the guilty party and urge public supervision.

But didn’t the victim’s family have something to say? Active silence and passive silence are two different things, and the victim should be given the right to express their demands.

Among the nine suspects, many have previous convictions, and one of the principal offenders, Chen Jizhi, is suspected of being a fugitive.

According to the information on the Judgment Documents Network, Chen Jizhi has multiple criminal convictions, involving illegal detention cases, traffic hit-and-run cases, and was listed as a dishonest executor twice due to loan disputes and unjust enrichment.

According to people familiar with the matter, Chen Jizhi also organized gambling in the village and organized local people to participate, and made a lot of money during the last World Cup. He also brought locals to Macau to gamble, and cheated them more than 800,000 yuan.

In the eyes of his family, such a man with many evil deeds turned out to be an “honest man”.

Chen Jizhi’s wife, Lan Mou, spoke out, saying that the Internet rumors about the involvement of gangsters are not true, the matter is not so complicated, and netizens don’t know anything, just wait for the announcement.

Chen Jizhi’s mother-in-law also spoke out, saying that they were all honest people in the village and couldn’t stand it.

According to media reports, Chen Jizhi is a local demolition household, and his wife Lan is responsible for taking care of his mother-in-law. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should be good, so the two of them naturally talk as a family.

The city of Tangshan is famous for its minerals. Except for steel mills, there are no decent enterprises. Most ordinary people are employees of steel mills or small businesses. There are not many rich people. Most of the rich people make their fortunes from mining. In the new century, there are more upstarts who make their fortunes by demolition. Overall, the gap between the rich and the poor is large.

Naturally, the family has to defend the family. The words of the family of the beating person cannot be believed. The problem is that the family members of the beating person have not said a word so far, which leads to an imbalance of information.

Is there something tricky behind the collective silence of the victim’s family? Is there a subjective reason for the inconvenience? Or do you want to speak but can’t? Both are possible.

There is such a statement on the Internet. A person named “Tangshan Xiaoliu” said that it is not too strange that things like beating people in barbecue restaurants have happened many times. It didn’t end well.

On the one hand, I feel sad that “ordinary people regard spending money privately as normal.” On the other hand, I have to admit that many victims do prefer compensation. From an ideal analysis, there is no conflict between seeking justice and obtaining compensation; from a practical point of view, there is always a contradiction between seeking justice and compensation.

If it were you, what would you choose? After all, the parties still have to live, and the fairness of the spectators cannot be eaten as food.

But there have been many whistleblower cases recently. The most incomprehensible thing in these cases is that many whistleblowers have received news from the case-handling agency and were asked to delete the whistleblower information.

From this point of view, do we have reason to suspect that the families of the victims also received such information? So it never made a sound?

No matter what kind of result, behind the counter-intuitiveness, the media needs to dig deeper, the official statement needs to be made, and the people need to be reassured.

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