Why did the Buddha send LINGJI Bodhisattva to collect the yellow wind monster? What is the origin of the yellow wind monster?

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Why did the Buddha send LINGJI Bodhisattva to collect the yellow wind monster? What is the origin of the yellow wind monster? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Soon after receiving the pig Bajie, he met with the second monster. He was also a very powerful character. Even the monkey king and the pig Bajie could not help but finally invited LINGJI Bodhisattva to subdue him. The real body of the Yellow haired monster is the Yellow haired mink. It is a mouse obtained by cultivation at the foot of Lingshan mountain. It stole the clear oil and was afraid of being caught, so it escaped. The Tathagata gave LINGJI Bodhisattva a flying dragon stick and a calming wind pill to catch and take charge of it. LINGJI released him and became an idle spirit. These are the superficial meanings of the book.

But when you look at it carefully, there are too many unreasonable places: the Tang Monk and his party have just set out, and the pig Bajie has just joined the gang, but the Yellow robed monster is very clear about their strength; The gods in the western world basically get their way by chanting scriptures and meditating. The bodhisattvas and Buddha enlighten them. The daily necessities have no special function at all, but a lot of goblins come out one after another. For example, there are two mouse goblins and scorpion goblins. Their origins are unknown; LINGJI catches the mouse and takes care of it, but releases it without permission. Once again, he catches a recidivist who is supposed to be a recidivist. LINGJI still doesn’t kill him and takes him directly to the Tathagata; LINGJI Bodhisattva is relatively low-key in the book, and even Sun Wukong does not know his ashram. However, his presence is called xiaoxumi mountain. The Maitreya Buddha asked the boy with yellow eyebrows to make trouble, which is called xiaoleiyin temple. LINGJI also has a magic weapon presented by the Tathagata, which shows that LINGJI is closely related to the Tathagata. The other skills of the mouse spirit are relatively ordinary, but it can master samadhi sacred wind. This skill is similar to the samadhi true fire of red child, but it doesn’t need to break its nose and open its mouth. According to the martial arts school, this skill has nothing to do with Buddhism, but has a close relationship with red child.


All kinds of signs show that the origin of LINGJI is not as simple as he said. The Tathagata can tailor two magic weapons to him, which shows that the Tathagata knows the details of the yellow wind monster. What exactly is his origin and background? Throughout the whole text, I understand it this way: the peacock was subdued by the Tathagata and had no choice but to hand over the relic of cultivation. It is considered to have abandoned his martial arts. As the West was poor and unwilling to fail, fortunately there was another more powerful relic, which was passed on to him by the Phoenix. So the peacock began to lay out the layout and used this relic to save a large number of elves in the West. Including two mice and one scorpion. After these people became elite, they were all under the leadership of their younger brother Dapeng, and they continued to participate in the practice of relic together. Red boy understands the true fire of samadhi, and yellow mink understands the sacred wind of Samadhi.

The days are long, and the Tathagata feels strange. There are so many goblins around him for no reason. There must be someone secretly instructing him. In order to find out the reason, he secretly instructed LINGJI Bodhisattva to release the Yellow haired mink, followed the vine to find out the behind the scenes instigator. The peacock got the news and deliberately made the Phoenix relic disappear suddenly (the peacock was handed over to the little white dragon for private collection, and as a condition for washing the little white dragon, it was transferred to Guanyin, and the sun would never see again). The Tathagata did not know the whereabouts of the relic, but found out who were the backbone of the demon world and cleaned them up one by one. For this reason, he did not hesitate to use the peacock relic as a game to attract nine insects out. Without the temptation of the relic, the peacock gradually lost control of the demon world.


This is the origin and development of the yellow wind monster. It is not surprising that the yellow wind monster knows the details of the Tang monk. His subordinates caught Tang monk, but he didn’t eat it. They probably didn’t want to cause trouble. First, they knew that this was an opportunity for little white dragon to wash his identity. Second, they didn’t grasp Sun Wukong. Unexpectedly, Sun Wukong was so powerful that he bullied the door. He was forced to fight with his face. Finally, he was subdued by LINGJI again. LINGJI took him to meet the Buddha. Only by torture and threats and inducements did the Tathagata get the secret of the Phoenix relic. Later, he began to feel the backbone of the demon world, Niu demon king, Dapeng and nine headed insects. Unfortunately, the relic has disappeared.

LINGJI Bodhisattva belongs to a very low-key person in Buddhism. In the book, he belongs to the god dragon who sees the head but not the tail. Later, he met Luo Xiannv again and helped Sun Wukong again. LINGJI is also rare in Buddhist temple scriptures. It seems that he is a proud disciple of the Tathagata and a secret fighter. It is precisely because of this that he dares to use the name of xiaoxumi mountain and is worthy of performing the secret task of the Tathagata. The only way to catch the yellow wind monster is to get the flying dragon staff. The wind fixing pill can only be used in the Luocha female Festival. This is much better than Guanyin. I’m afraid Guanyin would have been corrupt and really deserves the position of secret hatchet. So far, I think that the yellow wind monster has no intention to eat the Tang monk. It just wants to have a peaceful day. I didn’t think that all this was just a game made by the Tathagata. I was just a chess piece. All this was unintentionally involved by the tiger pioneer. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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