Why did the central government attach great importance to the small earthworm and write it into the No. 1 document?

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A small earthworm, unexpectedly appeared in the No. 1 central document!

In the document No. 1 of 2023, the State Council’s opinion on doing a good job in the key work of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization in 2023, in the chapter on strengthening the construction of high-standard farmland, there was a clear statement on severely cracking down on soil destruction such as illegal digging of black soil and electric fishing of earthworms.

This paragraph should make a lot of uncle and uncle who love fishing nervous:

what the fuck……. Is this earthworm so valuable? Is it illegal for me to catch worms as bait?

First of all, the fishermen can rest assured that if they just dig a few shovels of earth to find earthworms out of it, there is nothing at all. No one cares about digging for a few days, as long as they do not damage the environment, because it is clearly written here that the electric fishing of earthworms.

What is electric earthworm catching? What harm is there? Listen to me.

Earthworms are beneficial insects and friends of human beings, which everyone knows;

But many people may not know that earthworms are also considered as Chinese herbal medicine. It has a prominent name called earthworm.

The medicinal value of earthworms has been recorded in detail in many medical techniques, from the Shenlong Herbal Classic to the Compendium of Materia Medica to the Qianjin Prescription, which is believed to have the effects of clearing heat, calming shock, clearing collaterals and relieving asthma.

Whether earthworms have medicinal value and health help is still controversial in academic circles. Today we will not talk about this, and it is not our focus.

We still talk about catching worms by electricity.

Because earthworms are considered to be of medical value, some people have been digging and collecting earthworms as medicinal materials for a long time. But more than 10 years ago, people still used more traditional methods to catch them.

The method of digging earth may be too inefficient to find earthworms. Generally, the method used to catch earthworms in a concentrated way is to trap them by piling fodder;

Generally, fermented organic fertilizer is piled up in fields, vegetable gardens and other places, because earthworms like to eat organic substances in the soil, and soon the feed pile will attract a large number of earthworms to come.

There is also irrigation. Earthworms are afraid of water accumulation. If the soil humidity is too high, the earthworms can’t breathe freely. So if someone irrigates the soil where the earthworms gather, a large number of earthworms will climb out of the soil layer and escape everywhere.

In fact, using these old methods to catch earthworms is basically nothing, and the state will not care about it, because earthworms are a highly reproducible organism.

Earthworms can usually live for one year, and some can live for more than six or seven years according to their species. They will lay about four or five hundred eggs in their lifetime, while small worms can reproduce after two months Therefore, the traditional way of catching earthworms has no destructive effect on the environment.

But as soon as the electric earthworms appear, they will die.

Electric earthworm fishing, in short, is

Kill all and leave no survivors

It can cause almost permanent damage to the ecological environment.

A few years ago, a product called earth dragon instrument appeared and became the enemy of earthworms. Wherever it went, earthworms almost disappeared.

The earth dragon instrument is an instrument with voltage pulse output. The capacitor generates high voltage after storing electricity. As long as the user inserts the conductive needle on the earth dragon instrument into the ground and turns on the switch, he can instantly release high voltage electricity to a large area of land nearby.

Therefore, the earthworms in the soil were electrocuted, and they had difficulty breathing. They were so uncomfortable that they scrambled to climb to the ground.

As long as this instrument is activated once, the coverage range is 10 to 50 square meters, and the depth reaches 5 meters, and the earthworms in the soil are all wiped out,

No one is immune!

Under normal circumstances, using the earth dragon instrument, if you use the best one, if you work hard and quickly, you can catch nearly 100 kilograms of worms a day, and there are no worms left in the nearby land

Earthworms caught in one mu of farmland can get more than 10 jin of raw materials after drying, which can be sold for 80-100 yuan/jin by a special company appointed to purchase. After being made into medicine, the purchasing company can sell for 200 or even more yuan per kilogram.

Soon, this business attracted a large number of people who wanted to earn money through earthworms.

The price of the earth dragon instrument is usually about 500 yuan, and the cheap one is only about 100 yuan. There are even companies that rent this kind of equipment, so this has become a business with small investment and large return. Some rural people have a earth dragon instrument and run to catch worms.

In 2021, as many as 100000 electric earthworm machines were sold on some e-commerce platforms, such as Dilongyi!

This data makes people’s backs cool. It can be imagined that 100000 earth dragon instruments can make all the earthworms on millions of acres of land extinct.

How important are earthworms to humans?

In the cultivated land quality evaluation index system issued by many scientific research institutions, the number of earthworms in soil is a special index, and very high.

For a long time, earthworms have been called ecosystem engineers, soil scarifiers, and environmental cleaners… These are by no means illusory. Earthworms can be said to have made great contributions to agriculture.

According to our general knowledge, earthworms feed on animal and plant debris in the soil, drill holes in the ground every day, and turn the soil loose and the air smooth, which can fully improve the fertility of the soil and facilitate the growth of plants.

In fact, its value is far more than that.

Every year, the earthworm excretes tens to hundreds of tons of earthworm feces per hectare of farmland, which is an excellent natural fertilizer for plant growth.

The activities of earthworms can also improve the soil, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter in the soil, make the slightly acidic or slightly alkaline soil become nearly neutral, restore and maintain the ecological balance of the soil, and are more suitable for crop growth and microbial reproduction.

At the same time, earthworms inhabit the soil, which can also increase a variety of humic acids in the soil, facilitate the gradual dissolution of rocks, accelerate weathering, improve sandy and barren soil, and promote the development of crop roots.


There are more auxiliary functions, for example, earthworms can also control heavy metal pollution and protect the environment.

Darwin once concluded that if there is no earthworm dung in the soil, it is definitely not fertile soil.

This sentence has been proved to be scientific for a long time. Many families have to find earthworms from outside to put them in flower pots to make plants more prosperous.

What will happen once the earthworms disappear from the soil?

The soil is hardened and not suitable for cultivation. The most intuitive thing is that the fertility index of the soil is declining. Even the fertilizer of chemical fertilizer is difficult to penetrate into the depth of the soil, and the yield of crops is declining rapidly.

As soon as the earth dragon instrument opened, the earthworms became extinct, and the fertile fields became barren in an instant, and could not be recovered for at least 10 years.

Unless you go to other places to catch worms and release them

Earthworms caught on an acre of land can earn hundreds of dollars, but this acre of land is almost abandoned

In the past few years, it has become popular to catch earthworms in some places, even as a means of getting rich, resulting in that no earthworms can be found after digging for hundreds of miles

In fact, even according to the records of the Pharmacopoeia, there are hundreds of earthworms in China, and no more than 6 species can be used for medicine. In the past, specialized species such as “Guangdilong” or “Hudilong” were generally used for medicine through artificial cultivation of earthworms. Compared with wild earthworms, this method is also more safe and effective.

But as soon as the earth dragon instrument comes out, the rules change, because there is no need to invest in the early stage of electric earthworm catching. It only takes hundreds of yuan to buy this big killer, and you can catch it freely in the farmland.

In this comparison, the artificial breeders must be unable to catch the worms randomly. At last, they all want to build a ground dragon instrument to electrify the worms in the “vast world”.

The manufacturer of the earth dragon instrument takes this as a story of getting rich. The more it is told, the more provocative it is. In fact, many earthworms that are electrified often have no medicinal value. But in order to make money, the drug manufacturer finally refuses to accept it. Anyway, it can’t be separated after being put into medicine Finally, a black industrial chain will be formed.

Once this wind rises and spreads for several years, it will inevitably lead to the sharp deterioration of the agricultural environment, and our food security will be severely challenged.

The dilemma in the past few years is that earthworms do not really belong to wild protected animals, so it is difficult to have laws for such behavior.

Fortunately, electric earthworms attract more and more people of insight. In July 2020, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation filed a public interest lawsuit against the manufacturer of electric earthworm instruments. After efforts, in August 2021, the Intermediate People’s Court of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province made a judgment, and the manufacturer compensated 1.59 million yuan for economic losses.

This can be said to be the first earthworm case in the world.

Subsequently, more and more earthworm cases have been severely punished, and the scope of attack has become wider and wider.

For example, in Meihua Village, Bijie, Guangxi, in 2022, a group of “drug dealers” rented the earth dragon instrument to the villagers, lured the villagers to catch earthworms and then bought it, which attracted local attention. Finally, the court ordered the four defendants to jointly compensate for the loss of wildlife resources of more than 177000 yuan, the loss of ecological service functions of more than 38000 yuan, and bear the identification fee of 10000 yuan, and publicly apologize in the national media.

Under the continuous heavy blows, the practice of catching earthworms has finally been curbed. Beijing, Guangdong, Haikou and other places have issued laws and regulations to include wild earthworms in the scope of protection.

In the No. 1 central document in 2022, the behavior of electric earthworm catching will finally be explicitly required to be severely punished.

This time, the No. 1 central document of the Central Committee of the People’s Republic of China proposed four severe crackdowns, many of which are relatively new, namely:

The first is to cut green crops to destroy grain. This is what we were familiar with last year. When the grain crops were not mature, we cut the reserved ration crops for feed.

The second is the illegal digging of black soil, that is, some people go to the mountains or the fields without any approval procedures to dig up the soil with fertilizer, resulting in soil erosion, resulting in that the stolen excavated land can no longer be cultivated;

The third is what we are talking about today;

The fourth is the illegal introduction of exotic species. A typical example is the Eupatorium odoratum, which originated in America and once spread in China. It is recognized as a malignant poisonous weed in the world.

Once the grass grows, it will continuously secrete toxic substances, which will make the local herbs around it unable to grow or wither. At the same time, poultry and livestock will also be poisoned after eating. As long as it has this, the grassland will be abandoned in three years.

The No. 1 document this time also shows that we are paying more and more attention to the protection of the environment, especially the protection of farmland.

In the past few decades, although the red line of 1.8 billion mu has been maintained and the grain yield has also increased, the soil fertility has declined.

An obvious data is that China’s grain production accounts for 22% of the world’s total, but also uses 25% of the world’s chemical fertilizers and 43% of the world’s pesticides.

China uses 6 times more pesticides and 3 times more nitrogen fertilizer per hectare of arable land than the United States.

More use of fertilizer has also led to 21.5% of China’s arable land heavy metals exceeding the standard, and the proportion of saline-alkali arable land is increasing

In the past few years, some people have been using the illegal way of killing earthworms by electric shock, which has made the environmental problems worse. This will seriously violate our goal of building high standard basic farmland and cause a devastating impact on the future ecological environment.

Food security is fundamental to the country.

Earthworms are our good friends and the guardians of grain harvest.

It is also known as the earth dragon. Once the earth is free of worms, there will be no dragon spirit.

Now it is not too late to mend up. Only by prohibiting the indiscriminate killing of earthworms can the earth be full of dragon spirit, beautiful rivers and mountains, and permanent prosperity be achieved.

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