Why did the gods come down to earth? What are the reasons for the gods in the myth to come to earth?

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Today’s China story network editor brings you immortals. Why do you want to go to earth? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Myths and legends have always been a very important part of Chinese culture for 5000 years. The ancients’ worship and imagination of all things in nature gave birth to many images of immortals. With the official establishment of Taoism, Taoism with multi God belief has made the images of immortals in myths and legends more colorful. Based on the primitive worship of ghosts and gods, Taoism has absorbed many folk beliefs. In the Taoist immortal system, there are innate gods, natural gods, folk gods and so on, and some of them are immortals who are acquired by Taoism.


“There are gods and men living on the mountain where people shoot. The skin is like ice and snow, and the marsh is like a virgin. They don’t eat grain, absorb wind and dew; ride the clouds, ride the flying dragon, and swim beyond the four seas; their spirit condenses, so that things are flawless and ripe.” Immortals live in the legendary fairyland, where there are strange flowers and plants, rare animals, immortal springs that can make people immortal, and the life of immortals is also carefree. Since it is the fairy life that everyone yearns for, why do many immortals want to descend to the world? Xiaobian believes that there are several reasons.

I. teach Taoism

Taoism has always paid attention to the inheritance of teachers. Taoism believes that “if the Taoist Scriptures are not taught by teachers, the practice is not divine”, and the Taoist Dharma without inheritance does not have divine power. For example, the inheritance of the Quanzhen sect of Taoism has a clear vein: “Xuanfu, the emperor of Shaoyang, is said to be Zhong liyunfang, the emperor of Zhengyang. Zhong Li’s ancestry is Fu you, the emperor of Lu Chunyang. Lu Zu is passed on to liuchengzong, the emperor of sea toads, and also to Wang Dewei, the emperor of Chongyang.” According to the Taoist classics, among the Taoist immortals, many Gao Zhen came down to earth to teach Taoism.


Zhang Daoling, the founder of Taoism, practiced the nine heavenly gods pill at Yunjin mountain in Guixi County, Jiangxi Province. Mountain ghosts often came to seize the pill, so Zhang Daoling turned to Heming mountain in Sichuan to practice. During the practice period, the Supreme Master of Taoism came down to the world and gave Zhang Tianshi the way of Zhengyi alliance, as well as various scriptures, evil cutting swords and jade seals. With this, Tianshi Zhang founded Tianshi Dao, the predecessor of the righteous sect of Taoism, and subdued the six local demon kings. Tianshi SA Shoujian was originally a Taoist in the Song Dynasty. He decided to go to Longhu Mountain to find Tianshi Zhang Jixian of Xu Jing to learn Taoism. Immortal SA didn’t know that Tianshi Zhang had become an immortal at this time. On the road, master SA Shoujian met three immortals who came down from the fairy world. They were Wang Wenqing, Lin lingsu and master Xu Jing of Shenxiao sect. The three immortals taught him the five thunder method and the five Ming demon subduing fan, and finally master SA became an immortal.


II. Monitor good and evil in the world

In the final analysis, the immortals of Taoism are the manifestation of the great road. Taoism uses the image of immortals to enlighten all sentient beings and persuade people to be good. Among the immortals of Taoism, many are entrusted with the duty of supervising the good and evil in the world. They often descend to the earth and record everyone’s good and evil things. Among them, the most familiar is the Lord of the household protection God kitchen. “The upper word is good, and the lower word is auspicious”. The kitchen god is a household god well-known among the people. Taoism calls him the kitchen god, the God of the kitchen, the star king, etc., and the full name is “the nine days East kitchen, the God of the kitchen, the God of the kitchen, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, set a blessing and played a good God”. The kitchen god came to earth under the edict of the Jade Emperor. On the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month every year, the kitchen god would leave his house and go to heaven to perform his duties to the Jade Emperor. He would report the merits and demerits of the family in detail within a year. In order to make the kitchen god say a few good words in front of the Jade Emperor and say less about his own mistakes, people would prepare many candied melons, maltose and other cakes as sacrifices to him on the day when the kitchen god went to heaven. In addition, there are three corpse gods stationed in the body all year round. Every day of Gengshen, they will leave the body and return to the heaven to play the faults of the Jade Emperor and mortals.


III. falling in love with mortals

The last point is a reason loved by ordinary people. In many myths and legends, immortals came to earth to fall in love with mortals, especially in ancient feudal society, the love story between immortals and mortals is widely spread. Such as Dong Yong and seven fairies, cowherd and weaver girl, etc. Of course, for immortals, this kind of private descent is against heaven. However, in Taoist myths and legends, many immortals came to earth to fall in love with mortals in order to turn them into immortals. The most famous story is the story of Yang Xi and princess jiuhua’an.


Yang Xi was the founder of Shangqing sect of Taoism. Since childhood, Yang Xi was very intelligent, good-looking, and very interested in Taoist metaphysics, so he decided to go to Maoshan to worship Nanyue lady Wei Huacun as a teacher. On the night of June 25, the third year of Xingning in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, two fairies descended to Yang Xi’s home. One was lady Ziwei, and the other was Princess jiuhua’an. This princess jiuhua’an was a girl of the wife of Jin Taili, the true Yuan emperor of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court. The Yuan emperor of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court. This time, lady Ziwei betrothed concubine jiuhua’an to Yang Xi as her wife, hoping to help Yang Xi achieve positive results. Yang Xi and princess jiuhua’an raised their eyebrows and respected each other as guests. They practiced together. Finally, in the 13th year of Taiyuan, Yang Xi’s practice was complete and soared to immortality.

Well, the above are the three reasons why immortals came to earth. In addition, there are many people who were demoted to earth because of violating the rules of heaven. Due to space constraints, I won’t elaborate. This issue will briefly introduce you here. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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