Why did the Jade Emperor build “ Qi Tian Da Shengfu &rdquo& ldquo; Qitian Grand Palace ” Up there?

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Why did the Jade Emperor build a “holy mansion in heaven” for Sun Wukong? Next, the editor of China story net will introduce the relevant content in detail.

Conspiracy, big conspiracy.

Where is Qisheng mansion built? Beside the Queen Mother’s flat peach garden.


Placing the monkey’s home next to the peach garden is like pressing the cat next to the fish tank. If this is not a conspiracy, what is a conspiracy?

Flat peaches have been designed to be lost. Even if Sunwukong doesn’t go to heaven, he doesn’t have to be the saint of heaven after going to heaven. If he becomes the saint of heaven, he won’t take care of the flat peach garden. Those peaches will be lost if they should be lost, just change a thief or simply set a fire.

In the secret war between Tianting and Xitian, Monkey King is just a pawn.

Although monkeys are skinny, they have also been taught by famous teachers, and they also know some depth. But he has a problem. His ears are too soft and he can’t help it.

It should be noted that as soon as sun monkey was born, his eyes were golden and startled Tianting, which was recorded in Tianting. Therefore, his life is destined to be a life within the system

When I came back from studying, I made trouble in the Dragon Palace because of weapons. But the treasure hunt in the Dragon Palace didn’t come to his mind. It was pushed by a monkey. He asked him, “I don’t know if you can go in the water?”

Once the Dragon Palace was in trouble, the monkey made a small test, but Tianting also included him in the investigation object from then on.

Sure enough, shortly after this, the underground sent someone to provoke him.

You need to remember that this is a node. If the previous “longgongnao” is not sure that Tianting is fishing, this “Difu Nao” is definitely a solid hammer. It is the Tianting who led you into the urn. Because at that time, after Wukong got drunk and dreamed into the nether world, his first reaction was surprise, thinking that the hell had made a mistake, “Lao sun jumped out of the three realms and was not in the five elements”.

Not only he, but also the officials of the underground government thought it was a mistake, so they hurriedly apologized and said, “the immortal calms down…”.

The underground government admitted that it would not make mistakes in the data, and the result was really wrong. The records of the monkey king should have been automatically deleted after he became a fairy, and they would not be under the jurisdiction of the underground government from now on. Somehow, they were automatically restored.

There’s no other purpose. It’s to lead the monkey to the power organ for mischief. It’s best to do some damage. Because the previous powerful weapons into the sea are really not a big deal. At most, it is a public security event. Besides, you Ao Guang lost the bet to others. This kind of gambling is at most a fine, and even the Dragon King.

This kind of nonsense can’t get into the eyes of those dead plaintiffs at all, so someone will add fuel to the flames and take the monkey to the underworld and then make trouble.

This level of trouble is forcing some people to stand up. Sure enough, too white Venus stood up.

It doesn’t matter whether Venus comes out of his duty or whether someone instructs him to do so. The key is that monkeys can go to heaven.

After the official award of Bi Mawen, the monkey was very happy and did a good job. If there were not bad people, he might be able to be a model worker. There must be a Wuqu star to spread virtue, for fear that the monkey can’t understand the bad words, and there must be two monkey’s own excrement stirring staff staff staff in the back to explain fiercely. As a result, the monkey finally succeeded in opposing the next session. Someone laughed, but it’s not over yet

After returning to the mountain, the monkey just felt annoyed and humiliated in front of his fellow villagers. As for how to plan in the future, he just wants to be happy as the monkey king. As for whether to be an official or not, it was not his original intention.

But… Yes, someone came out again. It’s really a ghost. It’s really a ghost, the one horned ghost king. The two one horned ghost kings are not old acquaintances. They came to the mountain only after they learned that the monkey had returned. Now they stand up and say, “it’s better to be a saint of heaven.”.

OK, how did these two ghosts come up with such a popular name? There are only three ghost kings in the whole book. In addition to the two one horned ghost kings, there is also a powerful ghost king who is an official in heaven. Well, the context has been made clear. Who else can these two spies who are not Tianting? Big ghost King’s own brother in his hometown?

Later, war, peace negotiation, recruitment, and official seal… The building of the house finally achieved his wish to let the monkey live next to the flat peach garden. For fear that he was too playful to remember to eat, he gave him a key.

Everything is ready, just wait for you to eat, hurry up, Wukong Jun… Disclaimer: the above content is from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement of your original copyright, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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