Why did the state of Zhao, one of the seven heroes of the Warring States period, die at the hands of a prostitute?

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The state of Zhao has never recovered since the war of Changping. If xinlingjun didn’t steal the tiger talisman to save the state of Zhao in the defense war of Handan, I’m afraid the time for the state of Qin to destroy Liuhe would be much earlier. Even so, Zhao did not seize this once-in-a-lifetime breathing opportunity. On the contrary, they killed the last famous general Li (MU) in this last time. The death of Li (MU) is still related to a woman.

Li (MU) has been playing with the Huns around Yanmen pass, making the Huns afraid to move forward to the Central Plains. After the war of Changping, the state of Zhao was still struggling blindly, fighting this and that, and the result was that the more he struggled, the poorer he became.

In 243 BC, King Zhao Xiaocheng died. That year, Lian Po also changed jobs and fled to the state of Wei.

Zhao mourned King Xiang’s accession to the throne, and at this time, only Li (MU) was available in the state of Zhao.

At this time, King Zhao mourned Xiangwang inexplicably fell in love with a woman who was a prostitute in Handan.

As for prostitution, I will introduce its origin, development and context in the future biography of Zhao Ji, the mother of Emperor Qinshihuang. There is an old Chinese saying “bitch is ruthless, actor is unjust”. Although this saying is vulgar, it still makes sense from today’s story.

The prostitute was first bought by a large clan of Zhao family in the state of Zhao, but she became popular in this family, and soon the family declined, and the male owner was also tossed to death by her. The prostitute was widowed, but the king of Zhao mourned Xiang heard about her beauty, so he tried to get her into the Zhao palace.

Li (MU) directly admonished: “no, your majesty. This woman has evil intentions. If you call her into the Zhao palace, the country will be upset! This woman has harmed a large clan of the Zhao family, aren’t you afraid?” At present, King Zhao mourned Xiangwang and said, “chaos or not chaos lies in the fact that few people are in power. What does it have to do with a woman?” Still get this whore into the palace. To be fair, Zhao mourned King Xiang’s words are not unreasonable, but it’s a pity that he was not a strong king who would govern, and was soon dominated by this prostitute.

There are many kinds of kindness of women, but there is only one kind of malice of women.

The prostitute’s performance is similar to those vicious women mentioned above, and the way is the same, first frame the prince, then drive away the original Queen, then become the queen himself, his son becomes the prince, and then get rid of the ministers who do not support him in a cruel way. This has almost become a pattern of evil women in the palace.

The queen of Zhao mourned King Xiang and gave birth to crown prince Jia. After the prostitute entered the palace, she gave birth to a son and moved. The prostitute was spoiled by the king of Zhao mourn Xiang, and the queen of Yin was sent to frame the crown prince. The king of Zhao mourn Xiang really had no idea. He abolished the crown prince Jia and made the son move to the new crown prince, deposed the original Queen and made the prostitute queen. This prostitute also got a nickname, called “prostitute Queen”

The strongest thing after the initiative was, of course, Kung Fu in bed. Soon, Zhao mourned King Xiang and was tossed to death by her. After advocating, he lost his immorality, fell in love with Chun Ping Jun privately, and began to fool around. This Chun Ping Jun was a spy sent by the state of Qin to the state of Zhao, and his duty was to bribe the dignitaries of the state of Zhao. After the initiative, through Chun Pingjun, she received a lot of black money from the state of Qin. Since she received the money, she will do things. This is similar to when she was a prostitute. It is all business. What the state of Qin wants her to do is also very simple. Kill Li (MU). Because the only taboo of the state of Qin is that there are famous generals like Zhao and Li (MU), which is really a headache. But soon the good news came, encouraging his son to kill Li (MU). The reason is very simple. At the beginning, Li (MU) opposed Zhao mourning King Xiang’s marriage proposal, and the state of Qin gave a lot of black money. Is there any reason not to kill him? Alas, a generation of famous generals died at the hands of a prostitute.

Qin Bing learned that Li (MU) was dead and said nothing. Fight! Qin soldiers attacked Zhao state as if it were deserted, captured king Youmin (son Ziqian of the empress advocate), and Zhao state perished. The doctors of the state of Zhao were not willing to let the state of Zhao perish at this point. First of all, they had to punish the murderers. They resented and advocated and framed the crown prince and killed Li (MU), so they rose up and killed the queen of Zhao and destroyed her family. But what’s the use of doing this now? The famous general is dead, and the state of Zhao has no hope of turning over. Although the abandoned Prince Jia continued to fight against the strong Qin Dynasty on behalf of the state of Zhao, seven years later, the last piece of land of the state of Zhao was finally occupied by the state of Qin, and the state of Zhao has since become a county on the territory of the state of Qin.

The most terrible thing about a woman is that she has desires, power desires, money desires, and lust. If these three desires are concentrated on a woman, it will definitely bring disaster to the country and the people. The destruction of the state of Zhao was due to these three strong and tangled desires after the initiative.

This is the case with the women’s affairs in the state of Zhao. With the rise and fall of a country, with the performance of these extraordinary women, who says that only men are the masters of history, in fact, women have always been the other half of the protagonists on this stage.

This is history! No way without admitting!

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