Why did Ukraine catch the insider? Who is the biggest insider?

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“The front is tight and the rear is tight” is a true portrayal of the Ukrainian government and army today.


ZELINSKY seemed determined to “clean up” the interior and clean up all traitors and collaborators.

On July 17, Zelensky dismissed the procurator general of Ukraine, venediktova, and the director of the national security agency, bakanov.

Zelensky said in a video speech on Tel that he had lost confidence in the management ability of the two men.

Venediktova is the second attorney general appointed by Zelensky. Her predecessor, riaboshapka, was removed from office only half a year ago and was replaced by venediktova, director of the attorney general’s office, in mid March 2020.


Venediktova was called “the only law enforcer” by supreme Radha at that time. She was honest, brave and honest. This appointment was passed by a high vote.

On the 19th, she was dismissed by supreme Radha with 264 votes because of her corruption, incompetence and dishonesty.


According to Zelensky, the reason why bakanov, the director of the Security Bureau, whose position is more critical, was that “there are a lot of treason facts in the institutions he led.”

The Ukrainian security service, which inherited the mechanism of the Soviet KGB, has an extremely large number of personnel. At present, there are about 27000 people, and there are branches in various states.

This bureau has the power of law enforcement, and can directly search, arrest, detain, and even execute suspects. Like the Ukrainian negotiator kiryev, who was killed on the street on March 5, they did it because they had the evidence of his “Treason” (the call record with Russia before the negotiation).

However, unlike the KGB and FBI, the Ukrainian security service is not a government agency, but directly under the command of the president. The FBI is led by the U.S. Department of justice. No matter how powerful, the FBI has to go through legal procedures when enforcing the law.

The Ukrainian security service can perform any task with only one order from the president. Therefore, Zelensky removed the former director and replaced bakanov less than ten days after taking office in 2019. He is not only zelianski’s partner from childhood to childhood, but also the director of zelianski’s kvartal 95 performance studio.

A person in the entertainment industry suddenly became the director of the Security Bureau. How does he command and coordinate this special force with more than 20000 people? The only reason why he was chosen was his personal relationship.

In addition to these two important figures, more than 60 people will be dealt with in this operation. There are 651 cases of “Treason” involving these two law enforcement departments alone. Yesterday, Zelensky dismissed 28 people, including deputy director of the Security Bureau halbanko.

The direct trigger for ZELINSKY’s sudden “clean-up” was a fight within the Security Bureau.

Dmiyenko, the former deputy director of the national security agency of Ukraine, held the material of Zelensky’s dual nationality in his hand, and other deputy directors also knew it.

Because he threatened to reveal it. At the beginning of this year, bakanov ordered him to be wanted, while Andre, the director of another branch Naumov and demianenko had conflicts of interest because of drug trade, arms sales and other issues. So the two decided to get rid of demianenko.


On March 10, at a checkpoint in danitsky District, Kiev, they used the police to shoot the former deputy director in the street in the name of resisting arrest.

Naumov, on the other hand, has a close relationship with German intelligence agencies. He has been running back and forth between Germany and Ukraine to transfer the stolen money.

On June 7, naomov and a German were arrested while trying to cross the Serbian border. Serbian police found 600000 euros, 120000 dollars and a large number of gemstones from his car. If convicted, he will be sentenced to 2-12 years’ imprisonment.

Naumov is known as ZELINSKY’s “secret wallet”, and the vast majority of drug and arms smuggling is handled by him. In this way, ZELINSKY is worried about the emergence of dual nationality.

Bakanov was helpless on this issue. After all, naomov was arrested in Serbia. Zelensky was angry with bakanov.

On June 22, U.S. attorney general garland arrived in Kiev in a low-key manner for two purposes:

1? The request that Attorney General venediktova hand over all the illegal materials of Biden’s son hunt in Ukraine to the United States was rejected.

Venediktova’s predecessor liaboshapka was dismissed because of this matter, but he refused to give the materials to trump at that time.

These materials (including the recording of the call between Biden (then vice president) and Poroshenko) are in the office of the Attorney General of Ukraine. No matter how loyal Zelensky is to the United States, it is a “time bomb” after all.

But for Ukrainians, this is their last “amulet”, so venediktova became a victim.

2? The backbone of the FBI brought by Garan wants to deal with the “hidden dangers” after Naumov’s arrest. The United States should directly manage the Ukrainian security agency, otherwise, the arms and money assisted by the West will not be able to be supervised. Garan is also quite dissatisfied with bakanov.

Therefore, Zelensky took advantage of the situation to replace bakanov, and the interim director general will be transferred to a regular position after being recognized by the United States.

Garland came and went low-key. Compared with other Western politicians, there was almost no media hype. Then ZELINSKY began the “purge”.

Other so-called treason of Kherson State Security Bureau and the dismissal of Kharkov Security Bureau at the end of May are only minor factors. The real key lies in Garan’s personal visit.

But now Zelensky faces a more serious problem, that is, what about his core confidant, yelmark, director of the presidential office?


The one behind the saint.

U.S. congresswoman Victoria Spatz (Ukrainian) publicly accused yermak of committing many crimes last week, including corruption, selling information to Belarus, helping Russia spread rumors, etc.

Yelmark used to be an investor and producer of Zelensky. After helping Zelensky win the election, he was appointed director of the presidential office. He has great power, which can be called Zelensky’s separation.

Yelmark was also a Jew. After getting unrestrained power, he began to make money crazily and share glory with zelianski.


Yelmark appointed his little mistress, online celebrity Dalia, as the assistant to the director of the president’s Office (spokesperson), who is quite good-looking.


Then Dalia introduced her sisters to serve as “assistants” to the members of the “people’s public servants” party.

Without this war, these people could take away the wealth of the Ukrainian people, but everything changed after February 24.

While catching the insider, ZELINSKY appointed Anna sergeyevna, a 25-year-old beauty and hairdressing technician, as the “Deputy Minister of social policy”, responsible for European integration affairs.

Ukrainian netizens revealed that Anna worked for Zelensky’s modeling team.

Actors, screenwriters, directors, agents, and now even beauty salons are on the top, and the Ukrainian government and security departments have almost become an entertainment industry.

What are these things that can lead a country with a population of more than 40 million?

No matter how zeliansky catches the ghost, he will only become a “cursor commander” in the end.

Some western media are still covering up for him, saying that catching the insider will strengthen Ukraine’s combat capability. Is it possible? It’s just a group of new people and then betray the country.

No one will care about this country anymore, and Europeans cannot follow Ukraine to cultivate immortals.

Ukrainian security personnel will increasingly sell intelligence to Russia at the right price.

But how much can these so-called “traitors” sell?

The actors who really sold Ukraine to the West were ZELINSKY and yermak, and they were all Jews. Who knows how many passports they have? Another nationality of Zelensky may be Israel. His parents have settled in Israel.

They kept fabricating scripts to deceive Ukrainians, Europeans and Americans. “Millions of troops fought back against the South” was actually due to the misunderstanding of the Minister of Defense’s poor English.

One day the Ukrainian people will find that the biggest insider is Zelensky.

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