Why did Wang Yao dismiss rabbit tooth after ten years in Africa

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I believe many people have brushed the video of President Wang in Africa for ten years. As the saying goes, President Wang is the assistant of Miss World. Among the numerous assistants of Mr. Wang Yao and Mr. Wang, xiaotuya is also very popular. Unfortunately, the two have gone their separate ways now. After ten years in Africa, Wang Yao was expelled. Why should he be expelled? What’s the conflict between the two? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Africa’s ten-year-old rabbit tooth is expelled

Wang Yao is very generous with his female assistants. In addition to taking them to eat, drink, travel and shop, she also pays each person 4000 dollars a month, which is 24000 yuan in RMB. Moreover, the female assistant did not participate in the video shooting once, and she would have a commission of $200. This income is definitely very high. So many netizens envy Wang Yao and the lives of these female assistants.

Xiaotuya has left Wang Yao’s team. Many netizens who like the video of President Wang in Africa for ten years are still very sorry about xiaotuya’s departure. There are two versions of the reasons why xiaotuya left. One version is that xiaotuya was asked to toast when he participated in the dinner organized by Wang Yao. Xiaotuya felt that this was a threat and a compulsion. He felt that he was not respected, so he left the table and was fired only when he angered Wang Yao.

Why did Wang Yao fire xiaotuya

Another version was told by Wang Yao himself. Wang Yao said that after several female assistants became popular, some boys who colluded with the female assistants appeared on the Internet, and xiaotuya was colluded by one of the boys. Xiaotuya often went out with the boy. Later, at the instigation of the boys, xiaotuya began to put forward various requirements to Wang Yao. Wang Yao couldn’t stand this kind of xiaotuya and wouldn’t agree to xiaotuya’s various requirements, so he absolutely expelled xiaotuya in the end.

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