Why did Xiang Bo inform the enemy before the “Hongmen banquet”?

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Hongmen banquet

According to normal logic, Hongmen banquet is incredible.

Why was Xiangbo so foolish as to tip off the enemy and ignore his nephew? Fan Zeng &\8221; Plain good trick &\8221;, Why fan Zeng’s &\8221; Odd trick &\8221; But not for Xiang Yu? Why did Xiang Yu let Liu Bang go, so that he was finally defeated and irreparable? The doubtful points are & \8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221; Many unsolved mysteries were created out of thin air, and many unsolved mysteries puzzled future generations. Yes, how could there be such a fool as Xiang Yu, who made the cooked duck rush to the sky.

Then &\8221; Smart people &\8221; At first, they refused to admit the existence of such a banquet in a righteous manner. They insisted that & \8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221&# 8221; But when it comes to stories, it’s hard to believe history;. So that the “compendium of general history” compiled by a historian did not mention &\8221; Hongmen banquet;.

More commonly, everyone says with one voice & \8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221; It was a banquet of great significance, but at this banquet, Xiang Yu made a serious mistake in his judgment. If Xiang Yu is more determined, wiser in decision-making, more decisive in action, and more mature in doing things, he may be in & \8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221; Before, he would not hesitate to rob and kill Liu Bang, or at &\8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221; Hit the killer in pain and killed Liu Bang. If so, how can there be a scene of Liu Bang dominating the world? Isn’t history completely different? Therefore, they believe that Xiang Yu missed the once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity, so that he was on the verge of success or failure and drank bitterness in the end. And all this should be in the charge of one person, who is Xiang Bo. Because Xiang Bo was Domino’s first dominoes, his tip off led to Xiang Yu’s total loss later.

Is history really like this&# 8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221; Previously, why did Xiang Bo tip off&# 8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221; Why did Xiang Bo come forward to protect Liu Bang? Is Xiangbo really an eternal sinner who covets small profits and forgets great righteousness?

Therefore, our eyes should go beyond the dust of historical records, return to the specific historical environment, review the historical facts of the struggle between Chu and Han, and carefully look at the banquet more than 2000 years ago.

In order to approach the truth of history, we need to understand the following facts:

First, why did Liu Bang and Xiang Yu meet in Guanzhong?

Xianyang, the capital of the Qin Dynasty, is located in the Guanzhong Plain. Why Liu Bang and Xiang Yu could gather in Guanzhong was because there was a well-known agreement at that time: & \8221; The first to enter the central pass is the king&# 8221;

This agreement was made by King Huai of Chu, the leader of the anti Qin rebel army at that time. At that time, he was leading the rebel army to fight in Jiangsu and Anhui. Obviously, if you want to enter the pass first, taking a straight line from east to west is the shortcut and the best choice. Knowing this, let’s look at the arrangement of King Huai of Chu: he ignored Xiang Yu’s strong request to send troops to the West and directly sent Xiang Yu to the north. March northward to resist Qin and save Zhao. Moreover, Xiang Yu, who was sent to the North Route Army, was only a second general and needed to be controlled by the Lord general Song Yi. At the same time, Liu Bang was sent to lead the army directly to the West. At that time, the main force of the Qin Dynasty was in the north, and the hard battle against the Qin Dynasty was also in the north, so it was inevitable that Xiang Yu and the main force of the Qin army encountered. The progress of the war will directly affect the speed at which Xiang Yu, who had already made a detour, entered Guanzhong. Liu Bang, on the other hand, had another feeling: he had been walking in a straight line, and in the north, Xiang Yu was holding back the main force of the Qin army. The fiercer the battle between Xiang Yu and the Qin army, the smoother Liu Bang’s road to the West will be, and the faster he will enter Guanzhong.

Xiang Yu’s northward journey can be described as twists and turns. First, Xiang Yu stormed the crown and killed the main general Song Yi, making himself a general. Then, he fought to the death with the Qin army. Finally, the Qin Army General Zhang Han surrendered and Xiang Yu won the victory. Originally half hearted, all the vassal armies finally entered Guanzhong with Xiang Yu for the time being.

But at this time, Liu Bang had already entered the Customs for two months. It is strange that he, who could have been king for a long time, was calm and silent, still as poor as before.

In this way, they came together in Guanzhong.

Second, what was the political relationship between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu before they met in Guanzhong?

What’s the relationship between them? In a word, they are friendly to each other. The two men once had an experience of fighting side by side, and also established a revolutionary friendship that was neither deep nor shallow nor salty. At this time, Liu Bang was the West Route Army and Xiang Yu was the North Route Army. Both of them belonged to the anti Qin rebel camp and were under King Huai of Chu.

If we have to ask who has a higher political status than Liu Bang, it should be said that Xiang Yu has a higher status than Liu Bang. Because the supreme power symbol of the anti Qin armed forces is king Huai of Chu, who appointed Song Yi as the supreme military commander and led Xiang Yu northward. During the northern expedition, Xiang Yu killed Song Yi without authorization. King Huai of Chu had no choice but to admit that Xiang Yu succeeded Song Yi as the supreme military commander. In this way, in theory, Xiang Yu became the leader of Liu Bang.

Third, what was Liu Bang doing and what was Xiang Yu doing before the meeting in Guanzhong?

Liu Bang took the lead in entering Guanzhong, didn’t take the needle and thread of the masses, and made three rules with the local people; The murderer dies, the wounded and the thief plead guilty &\8221;, Therefore, it is deeply loved and supported by the people of Guanzhong. The people of Guanzhong expect Liu Bang to be king smoothly.

Where’s Xiang Yu? Before entering the customs, Qin generals Zhang Han and simaxin led the Qin army to surrender to Xiang Yu. Soon, Xiang Yu used an excuse to kill 200000 soldiers. Although there is no clear record of where the 200000 soldiers came from, most of them should have come from Guanzhong, the headquarters of the Qin Dynasty. In this way, Xiang Yu, who killed 200000 soldiers by violent means, has become a murderous devil and a synonym for cruelty in the eyes of the people of Guanzhong.

In the comparison between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, it is difficult for the people in Guanzhong not to support Liu Bang.

Fourth, when they met in Guanzhong, what was the strength comparison between Liu and Xiang?

At this time, Liu Bang was relatively weak, with 100000 people, known as 200000; Xiang Yu has 400000 people.

However, we need to pay attention to the fact that Liu Bang’s 100000 troops are basically the same Liu Jiajun. More importantly, Liu Bang’s troops have been recuperating in the central Shaanxi plain for two months. Among Xiang Yu’s 400000 troops, a considerable proportion are various vassal armies. Although they are controlled by Xiang Yu, they may be estranged from Xiang Yu at any time. In &\8221; Battle of giant deer &\8221; In the middle of the war, there was a precedent for all the vassal armies to sit on the sidelines. The 400000 miscellaneous troops came from a long distance, and their combat effectiveness is hardly superior.

Knowing such a historical fact, we will know how rash it is for counselor fan Zeng to suggest Xiang Yu to attack Liu Bang. However, Xiang Yu actually accepted fan Zeng’s suggestion and decided to &\8221; In order to defeat the Peigong army;, It means to prepare for the next day and kill Liu Bang.

Anyone with a political mind will see the huge risks. Because Liu Bang at this time, there are four things that cannot be killed:

First, for the anti Qin camp, Liu Bang has great achievements, and killing Liu Bang has political risks.

Liu Bang was ordered to march to the West and won the first victory in overthrowing the tyranny of the Qin Dynasty. According to the agreement, even if Liu Bang claimed to be king, it was natural. No one should gossip. As a result, Liu Bang acted in a low-key manner, did not claim to be king, and was politically flawless. At this time, Xiang Yu’s rash order to attack Liu Bang is undoubtedly a roommate, turning the agreement of King Huai of Chu into a dead letter, and there is a huge political risk.

Second, Liu Bang is extremely valuable for stabilizing Guanzhong. Killing Liu Bang has no popular foundation.

The rule of the Qin Dynasty collapsed. At this time, Guanzhong area was in a power vacuum. People in Guanzhong thought about stability, stability, and peace. All these seemed to be promised in Liu Bang’s three chapters. Therefore, Liu Bang, who entered Guanzhong first, was no different from the uncrowned king in the hearts of Guanzhong people. At this time, if someone victimizes Liu Bang, it is difficult to win the support and trust of the people in Guanzhong. Moreover, Xiang Yu still owes 200000 lives to xiaguanzhong.

Third, Liu Bang is an index stock, and his fate connects the fate of other princes.

In the eyes of all the princes who followed Xiang Yu, Liu Bang at this time is an index stock, and the outcome of Liu Bang will be directly related to their future outcome. If Liu Bang is killed, all princes will inevitably doubt Xiang Yu’s handling style, which will directly affect their future cooperation with Xiang Yu. It can be said that all the princes are watching the change, waiting for Snipes and mussels to compete everywhere.

Fourth, Liu Bang’s troops wait for work with ease, and there is a real risk of killing Liu Bang.

Although Liu Bang’s troops are few, they are his own lineage. Although Xiang Yu’s troops are many, they are suspected of being a mob. In addition, Liu Bang’s troops have been recuperating for two months, and their physical strength and combat effectiveness are far beyond Xiang Yu’s troops. At this time, Xiang Yu has no enough chance of winning the attack on Liu Bang.

Therefore, let’s look back at fan Zeng’s proposal. In fact, it is the result of a fever. Liu Bang is not the fish and meat on the case, and Xiang Yu can be slaughtered at will.

However, Xiang Yu couldn’t see the huge risk. Xiang Yu was blinded by fan Zeng’s rhetoric. Therefore, a vicious battle was imminent.

With &\8221; Sub father &\8221; Xiang Yu was like an arrow on the line, waiting only for tomorrow to chop Liu Bang’s dog’s head, completely ignoring the dangers around him. What should I do? Xiangbo was manic and sweaty. Disaster is imminent, the crisis is coming, and Xiang’s great cause of anti Qin will soon be over!

So we saw Xiang Bo’s self-help. He couldn’t see the great cause of the Xiang family destroyed.

Suddenly, a figure flashed in his mind &\8211; Zhang Liang!

Zhang Liang is in Liu Bangying at the moment. He has a strong personal relationship with Zhang Liang. He is the only person who can save Xiang’s cause at this moment.

Why is Zhang Liang the best candidate?

Obviously, in order to completely eliminate the vicious war in Xiang Yu’s plan, there is only one way for Xiang Yu to play such a soft but hard role, that is, to let Liu Bang confess his guilt; If Liu Bang wants to confess his guilt, he must truthfully convey the crisis that Liu Bang may face in the past, so that Liu Bang can realize the seriousness of the problem; Liu Bang’s character is strange. The person who conveys this message to Liu Bang must have enough credibility, otherwise it won’t help; The most critical point is that this person must also have a deep personal relationship with Xiang Bo, otherwise it is also difficult to communicate.

Thinking according to such conditions, in Liu Bang’s camp, only Zhang Liang can shoulder this heavy responsibility. First, he and uncle Xiang were friends of life and death and saved his life; Second, Zhang Liang has a considerable weight in Liu Bang’s camp and can speak to Liu Bang.

Just think, if it is not Zhang Liang, the best bridge, how can Xiang Bo get close to Liu Bang? Even if he can get close to Liu Bang, what evidence does Xiang bo have to convince Liu Bang that he is out of goodwill, not fraud? The world is so big that only Zhang Liang saved the Xiang family!

Later things did indeed develop according to Xiang Bo’s plan. Liu Bang also asked Zhang Liang what the relationship was with Xiang Bo. This question was not that Liu Bang was too suspicious, but that Liu Bang wanted to comprehensively analyze the accuracy of the information. Only in this way could he make an accurate judgment. At the same time, Liu Bang’s question just shows how suitable a person Zhang Liang found by Xiang Bo is to choose?

With such faith in mind, Xiang Bo beat Ma Rufei and rushed to Liu Bang’s station at the first time.

Xiang Bo handles it very artistically. He just &\8221; I want to call Zhang Liang to go with me&# 8221; Don’t die at all;. Xiang Bo knew that his judgment on Zhang Liang would not be wrong at all. Zhang Liang had enough strategy and courage, but also enough loyalty and loyalty. He would not ignore Liu Bang and survive alone. Zhang Liang also found a good reason: & \8221; My minister sent Peigong to King Han. Peigong is in a hurry now. He must die and go unjust&# 8221; Therefore, Zhang Liang, general Xiang Yu, immediately informed Liu Bang of the major military secrets that he was about to send troops to attack Liu Bang. Everything went according to Xiangbo’s plan.

Later, Liu Bang invited Xiang Bo to get together with Zhang Liang to convey the meaning of meeting. When he walked into Liu Bang’s tent with Zhang Liang, Xiang Bo felt a stone fall to the ground in his heart. Facing the coming disaster tomorrow, Liu Bang seemed extremely flustered. The abusive Liu Bang and the arrogant Liu Bang were so servile and respectful at this time, treating uncle Xiang with the courtesy of treating his brother. In order to express his sincerity, he also made a temporary rise and insisted on being in laws with xiangbopan. Xiang Bo hid his contempt in his heart. He knew best that he did not come to save Liu Bang. He saved Xiang Yu and the Xiang family by saving Liu Bang. Liu Bang didn’t have to mobilize the public and shed tears.

Only in this sense can we understand Xiang Bo’s selfless feelings for Xiang Yu and Zhang Liang’s strategic value for Xiang Bo.

Therefore, there is nothing &\8221; Insider &\8221; And &\8221; Rebellion &\8221;, What is there &\8221; The seller seeks prosperity &\8221; And &\8221; Temporarily confused &\8221;, This is completely Xiang Bo’s greatest love and help to Xiang Yu, and Xiang Bo’s greatest contribution and contribution to Xiang’s anti Qin cause. Thousands of years of abuse have come, but Xiang Bo can’t care so much. This is the real loyalty if &\8221; Rape &\8221;, But later generations were not good at reading history and mistakenly regarded Xiang Bo as a villain. Zhennai &\8221; The Yangtze River flows eastward, and the waves wash away heroes &\8221;!

However, Zhang Liang is not an ordinary person after all. He skillfully seized this fleeting historical opportunity and resolutely informed Liu Bang of this important information at the first time, and then jumped into the mainstream of Liu Bang’s camp.

Originally, Zhang Liang was not Liu Bang’s team at all. At the beginning of the war, Liu Bang mainly relied on a group of old acquaintances such as Xiao He, Cao Shen and fan Kuai. During the chaos at the end of Qin Dynasty, Zhang Liang also pulled up his troops. Due to his small scale, Zhang Liang always needed to attach himself to other trees. He was first prepared to join others. As a result, he met Liu Bang halfway and changed his mind halfway, deciding to follow Liu Bang.

Liu Bang’s greatest advantage is that he is willing to be granted official and land titles, but in the face of Zhang Liang, who has taken refuge in him, Liu Bang is incredibly stingy, and only makes him the stabler in charge of horses. This official position is a very interesting one. Zhang Liang, who is good at flattering horses, was directly driven into the stable by Liu Bang. Zhang Liang began to flatter his horse and approached Liu Bang as a small man. His method is to often make suggestions to Liu Bang, take the initiative to create opportunities to contact Liu Bang, and then boast all the details of his contacts with the top leaders to deify himself. It can be said that for a long time, in Liu Bang’s camp, Zhang Liang was basically in a situation of no words. For a long time, Zhang Liang has been very marginalized, in &\8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221; Before, Zhang Liang had never entered the decision-making circle and mainstream of Liu Bang.

Zhang Liang in the periphery has been waiting for opportunities, and Xiang Bo made Zhang Liangcheng the biggest beneficiary. Therefore, after getting the top secret news of Xiang Bo, Zhang Liang made a report to Liu Bang at the first time. Since then, Zhang Liang has become Liu Bang’s celebrity. Therefore, Zhang Liang has always been grateful for Xiang Bo. Later, Liu Bang once rewarded Zhang Liang with gold Bailong and Pearl erdou, which Zhang Liang immediately transferred to Xiang Bo.

Therefore, we can say, & \8221; Hongmen banquet &\8221; It was just a hurried banquet, a small gathering between unexpected guests and unprepared hosts, a selfless effort made by Xiang Bo to preserve Xiang’s anti Qin cause, and a bold attempt by Xiang Bo to introduce external forces to fight fan Zeng.

In that case, at the banquet, when Xiang Zhuang danced his sword with the intention of Peigong, it was completely understandable that Xiang Bo stepped forward. He is not stupid enough to distinguish right from wrong, but that he must protect Liu Bang. At this time, protecting Liu Bang is to protect Xiang Yu and the actual interests of the Xiang group.

Our eyes are often easily blinded by the appearance of history, but returning to the scene and screening possible historical clues through details requires us to give full play to our wisdom.

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