Why did Yang Ruoxi and Liu Wei break up? Yang Ruoxi’s husband is even famous

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When Yang Ruoxi and Liu Wei started their love affair, netizens were very surprised. After all, the age difference between them was too big. It was a father daughter relationship. But Yang Ruoxi loved Liu Wei very much, but the two broke up in the end. Why did Yang Ruoxi and Liu Wei break up? Yang Ruoxi’s current husband is actually lianyiming. What’s the matter? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Why did Yang Ruoxi and Liu Wei break up

Yang Ruoxi and Liu Wei fell in love for eight years. Liu Wei was 23 years older than Yang Ruoxi. It is reasonable to say that Liu Wei should love his little girlfriend very much and want to marry her. The two people turned out to be the opposite. Yang Ruoxi was the one who wanted to get married very much, but Liu Wei didn’t want to. In the eighth year of love, Yang Ruoxi finally made up her mind to leave the man who was unwilling to marry her. Or yangruoxi was forced to break up, because Liu Wei began to disappear later. Yangruoxi even cried in front of the media that he could not contact Liu Wei.

This love affair hit Yang Ruoxi very hard. After breaking up with Liu Wei, Yang Ruoxi disappeared from the entertainment circle for several years and took time to heal his love wound. However, Yang Ruoxi finally reaped happiness and married a serial name in the entertainment industry. Now Yang Ruoxi and Lian Yiming have been married for 11 years and have their own children. Their marriage is also very happy.

Yang Ruoxi’s husband is even famous

In the eyes of many outsiders, Lianyi’s name must be more suitable for Yang Ruoxi than Liu Wei. Lianyi’s name is a complete victory over Liu Wei in terms of appearance and age. Moreover, Lian Yiming and Liu Wei have also cooperated before. In the play, Liu Wei still plays Lian Yiming’s father. Yang Ruoxi has focused on his family in recent years. After all, their children are only eight years old this year. One of the couple must sacrifice his career to accompany their children.

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