Why did Zhenyuan immortal in journey to the west make a sworn brother to Sunwukong? What’s the secret

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Zhenyuan Daxian Road No. Wanshou mountain Wuzhuang temple, where zhenyuanzi produces ginseng fruit, is the place of cultivation for zhenyuanzi, the “ancestor of earth immortals”. The ginseng fruits he planted mature once every 9000 years. If you smell the ginseng fruits, you can live 360 years; If you eat one, you can live 47000 years. This is the article brought to you by the small editor of China story network today. I hope it can help you.

Anyone who has read the journey to the West knows that at Wuzhuang temple, Sunwukong was clearly a thief. He not only stole the ginseng fruit of Zhenyuan immortal, but also overturned his fruit tree. But Zhenyuan immortal was not flustered. He not only didn’t get angry, but also comforted qingfengmingyue. He waited slowly for Sunwukong to move rescue soldiers, and even made sworn brothers with him.

What are the secrets behind this? Is it true that Zhenyuan immortal has fallen to the point of fawning on Sunwukong?

Yangjiaofeng’s series on his journey to the West: is there only Wuzhuang Taoist temple in zhenyuanzi’s Taoist temple? You may not believe it. He actually comes from Huaguo Mountain!


First of all, let’s ask a question first. Huaguo Mountain is a treasure land of geomantic omen. Before the birth of the monkey king, did no one occupy it? If so, whose Taoist temple is this treasure land?

This is not a wild fantasy, but is clearly recorded in the novel Journey to the West. According to the book, before the birth of the monkey king, the group of monkeys had not entered the water curtain cave. The monkey king was the first, and it was like this:

“There are trees and flowers beside the bridge. It is a stone house with stone pots, stoves, bowls, basins, beds and benches.”

It can be seen that someone must have lived here. There have been endless debates about who this person is for many years. There are those who say that the Tathagata Buddha, the Supreme Lord, the Bodhi patriarch, the Dragon King of the East Sea and the Taibai Jinxing. Anyway, the public says that the public is reasonable and the women say that the women are reasonable.

In fact, there is another possibility, that is, this water curtain cave is likely to belong to Zhenyuan immortal. Don’t hurry to spray it. Listen to me slowly!

Anyway, Huaguo Mountain is definitely a treasure land of geomancy. According to the records in journey to the west, Huaguo Mountain is not an ordinary mountain:

“This mountain is the ancestral vein of the ten continents and the dragon of the three islands. It stands from the clear and turbid, and was formed after being judged by Hongmeng.”


In other words, this mountain existed in the Hongmeng period and is the ancestor of the ten continents. In vernacular, it is the ancestor of the ten continents. The three islands refer to the three fairy islands. After the ginseng fruit was pushed down, monkey king went to the three islands to ask for help from the three immortals, Fu Shou Lu.

The three immortals accused Sunwukong:

“You monkey, don’t know people at all. That Zhen Yuanzi is the father of the immortals. We are the ancestors of the immortals.”

It can be seen that Huaguo Mountain, which the three immortals of Fu, Shou and Lu dare not covet, must be a great God of “ancestral” level to cultivate here.


There are not many immortals who can be called ancestors, such as the ancient Buddha who lights the lamp, the Tathagata Buddha of Lingshan, the Supreme Master of Tianting Taoism, the Bodhi ancestor of Fangcun mountain, Lingtai, and the nine heaven Dang devil.

Then there is zhenyuanzi, the ancestor of the earth immortals!

For Huaguo Mountain, no matter how it is divided, it must be a mountain on the ground, which is inseparable from the ancestor of the earth immortals. In other words, through our analysis, Zhenyuan Daxian is qualified to become the owner of Huaguo Mountain. Is there any evidence?

The first and most obvious evidence is that there are several large characters on the stone tablet in the water curtain cave, which reads:

“Huaguo Mountain is a blessed land, and the water curtain cave is a cave in the sky!”

When the Tang Monk and his disciples arrived at Wuzhuang temple, there was also a stone tablet in front of the Wuzhuang Mountain Gate, which read:

“Longevity Hill is a blessed land. Five villages view the cave!”

It doesn’t make sense to say that the two stone tablets have nothing to do with each other. Let’s take a look at Huaguo Mountain, a treasure land that came into being in the Hongmeng period. The ginseng fruit tree in Wuzhuang temple was produced in this period, which is recorded in journey to the West:

“The general treasure in that temple is the first division of chaos. The judgment of the great and the great was made. This spiritual root came into being before the heaven and the earth were opened.”

In other words, in terms of time, the land of Huaguo Mountain is related to ginseng fruit trees. What kind of relationship is it?

Before answering this question, let’s first answer the question raised by me (yangjiaofeng) at the beginning of the article. Why did Zhenyuan immortal become sworn brothers to Sunwukong?


Of course, the purpose of Lingshan, the scripture learning team, Guanyin Bodhisattva, and so on, aside from the relationship between Sunwukong and Zhen Yuanzi.

When the Tang Monk’s teachers and disciples arrived at Wuzhuang temple, how could it be so coincidence that Zhen Yuanzi insisted on going to Tianting as a guest on the premise that he knew that Tang Monk and others were coming:

“On that day, the great immortal of Zhenyuan got the simple post of Yuanshi Tianzun… Leaving two extremely small house keepers.”

It’s only enough to be a guest. Why do you leave two youngest disciples, namely, qingfengmingyue, to guard the Wuzhuang temple and the ginseng fruit tree with only one tree in the three realms?

The reason why these two disciples were left to guard the fruit trees was not that they were reliable. In fact, they were quite unreliable. Of course, this was not my nonsense. When Zhen Yuan came back with his disciples, it was his disciples who said:

“He thought it was because we were not here, so he turned and left.”

That is to say, in the eyes of other disciples of Zhen Yuanzi, qingfengmingyue is two very unreliable people. Zhen Yuanzi left two unreliable people. Knowing that Sunwukong and others were thieves, he deliberately asked qingfengmingyue to give the Tang Monk ginseng fruit. He was afraid that Sunwukong and others did not know that there were ginseng fruit in Wuzhuang temple.


Needless to say, Zhen Yuanzi made it clear that he deliberately seduced Sunwukong and others into committing crimes. When he came back in time, there was a description like this:

The moon kowtowed and said, “master, your old friend was a monk from the East. He was a gang of robbers. He was very fierce!” The immortal smiled and said, “don’t be frightened. Speak slowly.”

Zhenyuan immortal’s smile is really meaningful, because he knows that Sunwukong must have caused trouble, and it’s right for him!


What’s more unimaginable is here. After the clear wind and bright moon said that the monkey king had knocked down the ginseng fruit tree, Zhen Yuanzi did not panic:

When the immortal heard the words, he was even less angry and said, “don’t cry! Don’t cry! You don’t know that sun is also a Taiyi Sanxian. He once made a big fuss in heaven and has great powers.”

If someone else had heard that the baby fruit tree had been pushed down, he would have gone crazy. However, Zhen Yuanzi was calmly wiping tears for qingfengmingyue. Yes, the outcome had been expected by him.

In other words, Zhen Yuanzi doesn’t worry about the destruction of ginseng fruit trees at all. Unless he has a way to recover, he won’t be so calm!

During the fight between Zhenyuan immortal and Sunwukong, zhenyuanzi repeatedly emphasized one thing to Sunwukong, that is, returning fruit trees, and said with a smile:

The immortal asked with a smile, “I’ll hide you, monkey! Who are you hiding?… don’t go! Return my tree as soon as possible!”

“Sun Walker! Go there! Give me the ginseng tree back!”

The Zhen Yuan immortal held the walker in his hand and said, “I know your skills, and I can smell your fame… I have to pay back my ginseng fruit trees.”

Zhen Yuanzi was a little too polite to Sunwukong, who destroyed his fruit trees. He clearly had a way to invigorate the fruit trees, or knew who could invigorate the fruit trees, but why did he force Sunwukong to return the fruit trees?

Is it just to find a reason to worship the monkey king and curry favor with the Buddhism?


No, zhenyuanzi is actually trying to verify whether the monkey king is related to ginseng fruit trees!

To be more clear, the monkey king himself is a ginseng fruit. The so-called poisonous snake can bite people, but the serum can save people. All things in the world are mutually reinforcing. If Monkey King has ginseng fruit tree gene in his body, he will naturally have a way to save the fruit tree.

OK, now the question has changed. What is the relationship between monkey king and ginseng fruit?

Let’s first look at the stone egg that gave birth to the monkey king

“There are no trees on the four sides to shade, but there are Chilan on the left and right. Since the opening up of Gai, it has been naive to show its beauty every day. After feeling it for a long time, it has the meaning of being smart.”

There is a strange problem here. Huaguo Mountain is full of trees and flowers:

“Yao Cao and Qi Hua never die, green pines and cypresses in Changchun. Fairy peaches often bear fruit, while bamboo leaves clouds every time. A ravine is covered with vines, and the grass on the original embankment is new.”

Why is it that there are no trees next to the immortal stone that gave birth to monkey king? Moreover, the so-called Zhilan is Ganoderma lucidum and orchid, both of which belong to fairy grass. This kind of fairy grass is a shade loving plant. At least it has to be moist around to grow. Isn’t that strange?

What is even more strange is the naming of the first chapter by Lord WuChengEn:

“The spiritual root nurtures the pregnant source, and the spiritual nature cultivates the great way.”


Obviously, this spiritual root refers to the stone egg, which is exactly the same as the description of ginseng fruit trees in Wuzhuang temple, and belongs to the spiritual root.

This shows that the ginseng fruit tree is probably not only the one in Wuzhuang temple, but also one that once grew in Huaguo Mountain and left a fruit.


So, is there any other evidence to prove this point?

Yes, of course!

First of all, let’s take a look at what is unusual about the land of Wuzhuang temple. This is what the land of Wuzhuang Temple says:

“This soil has been around for 47000 years. Even a steel drill can’t drill a bit. It’s three or four points harder than pig iron. If people eat it, they will live forever.”

This land says a strange thing. The land under ginseng fruit trees is 47000 years old. You can live long after eating. Wait, you can live long after eating soil?

Yes, you guessed right. Eating this soil can indeed live long. However, this soil can’t be eaten at all. Instead, ginseng and fruit trees are needed to extract the essence of this soil.

Because even the golden cudgel can’t hurt a little earth:

“With my staff, I can smash stones and hit pig iron with marks. How can I hurt some people?”

And eating a ginseng fruit can also prolong the life of 47000 years, which is consistent with the life of the land:

“If a man is destined to get the fruit and smell it, he will live threehundredandsixty years. If he eats one, he will live forty-seven thousand years.”

In other words, the ginseng fruit tree is actually a huge life extractor, which absorbs life from the land, which is why there are no birds near Wuzhuang temple.

At that time, Monkey King asked the land:

“The fruit is from a tree, and birds passing through the air should also have a share… Why did you catch it as soon as it was hit?”

Yes, the ginseng fruit tree is so tall and good. Why don’t even birds come?

Because birds dare not, they will die when they come. To the east of Wuzhuang temple is an 800 mile Liusha River, 3000 meters deep. The goose feather cannot float, and there is no life at all. To the north of Wuzhuang temple is the white tiger ridge, where Lady Bai Gu is located. Looking around, there are many white bones and no living creatures.

This is also the reason why Baigujing insists on eating Tang Monk’s meat, but does not dare to change into a bird to make the idea of ginseng fruit.


It can be seen that this ginseng fruit tree can really absorb creatures, which is similar to the star sucking method in Jin Yong’s novels. The human demons in the meat group absorb the life of children.

So the ginseng fruit is just a fruit, a plant. How could it possibly breed a life like the monkey king?

Of course not. In fact, every ginseng fruit is a spirit child who is practicing. After eating the immature spirit child, the life span of the spirit child is transformed into his own.

If the ginseng really matures and falls off naturally, it will be the same as the gourd baby. Naturally, it is a spirit child with a life span of 47000 years.

This is not nonsense. It is recorded in the novel, such as in a tree:

“Nod your head and move your hands and feet.”

When it was just taken off:


“Just like a child who has not been full in three dynasties, he has complete limbs and five senses.”

After a long time:

“If you put it too much, it will become stiff and will not be eaten.”

This is the spirit boy!

Because the monkey king is the spiritual root, so in the hundreds of years after the birth of the monkey king, the creatures of Huaguo Mountain were extracted and released. How many of them?

Exactly 47, 000!

After monkey king had beaten Baigujing three times, he was driven back to Huaguo Mountain by monk Tang. He asked the remaining monkeys in Huaguo Mountain:

“I had forty-seven thousand demons at that time. Where have they all gone now?”

Don’t underestimate the amount of 47000. This is just the life of Huaguoshan land and wuzhuangguan land.

Therefore, many monsters tried to eat Tang Monk’s meat, but never thought that monkey king’s meat could actually live forever. However, Sunwukong’s body is as hard as the land of Wuzhuang temple. Ordinary people can’t bite it at all.

It is no wonder that the three princes of Yuhua state will be different in an instant with one breath from the monkey king:

“Walker… Here he secretly recited the mantra and mantra, blowing the immortal spirit into the hearts of the three of them. He took the yuan Shen back to his house, passed it on to the mantra, and each of them was given thousands of physical strength…”

Therefore, the stone egg that gave birth to Sunwukong is another spiritual root that zhenyuanzi left in Huaguo Mountain. As a sworn brother to him, Zhen Yuanzi is indeed holding a low profile. It is reasonable to say that monkey king has to call Zhen Yuanzi his grandfather, just like the King Kong gourd baby.

As for why Zhen Yuanzi left the monkey king alone in Huaguo Mountain, this is a later story. It is related to the scripture learning plan. Let’s talk about it later! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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