Why did Zhu Erdan change his wife’s head? What happened to Zhu Erdan?

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Why did Zhu Erdan change his wife’s head? What happened to Zhu Erdan? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

Zhu Erdan is a character in Liaozhai. Many of the stories in Liaozhai are about demons and immortals. One of them, perhaps those who have seen the TV series of Liaozhai filmed before, is quite impressed. That is, a man named Zhu Erdan asked Lu to change his wife’s head and a very beautiful woman. Is it because Zhu Erdan disliked his wife because she was too ugly? Why did Zhu Erdan change his wife’s head?

I. Lu judgment of strange stories in Liaozhai: Zhu Erdan who changed his wife’s head

Those who have seen the 2005 edition of strange stories from a new Liaozhai should be deeply impressed by the story of Lu Zheng at the beginning of the TV series. In the story, judge Lu and judge situ bet. Lu Xing believes that a foolish person with wisdom will benefit the country and the people and become a good person. However, judge situ believes that human nature is evil. When a fool has wisdom, he will be blinded by fame and wealth and become a villain.

In order to get the result of the gamble, the two of them took the somewhat foolish Zhu Erdan as the experimental object.

In the story, Zhu Erdan’s life began to change greatly after he gained the wisdom given by Lu. He is no longer as silly as he used to be, and even has some elegant appearance, which makes his wife and father excited.

Logically speaking, it is a good thing to have a wise heart. Lu Zhi also thinks that after he changes Zhu Erdan with a wise heart, he will certainly be able to be good and his life will be very sweet. However, Lu’s judgment was accurate at the beginning and not at the end.

Lu Xing took Huixin from the dead scholar and replaced it with Zhu Erdan. Bai Yang, who had a bad relationship with the scholar and had a bad family, was wrongly accused of killing the scholar, so that he was wrongly imprisoned.

In order to make up for his mistakes, Lu Xing asks Zhu Erdan, who has become smart, to avenge Bai Yang. Zhu Erdan runs into a beautiful Man’er visiting Bai Yang while avenging Bai Yang. At that time, Zhu Erdan had the idea of Bai Yang’s fiancee Man’er. With his wisdom, Zhu Erdan quickly exonerated Bai Yang. Man’er and Bai Yang are lovers. Naturally, they have to thank Zhu Erdan for coming and going. Zhu Erdan is more obsessed with Man’er’s beauty. Therefore, Zhu Erdan begins to dislike his wife, who makes stinky tofu at home.

Later, due to the decline of Bai Yang’s family, Man’er’s parents did not care about him. They wanted to separate him from Man’er, and ordered Man’er to withdraw from Bai Yang’s marriage. Man’er doesn’t want to, so he asks Bai Yang to discuss ways to deal with his parents outside the city, but he is targeted by bad people. Man’er, who would rather die than surrender, died in the hands of the bad guys, and all this was seen by Zhu Erdan who followed him.

Zhu Erdan’s first reaction was not to save her, but to run back to Lu Xing for help when he found that his sweetheart Man’er had been humiliated. By the time Lu arrived, Man’er was already cold. Later, Zhu Erdan begged Lu Zhi to move Man’er’s head to his mother’s neck. Lu Zhi could not bear Zhu Erdan’s hard and soft, so he agreed.

Zhu Erdan once thought that his life was very sweet. He began to pursue fame and wealth crazily. From the beginning, he fought a lawsuit for the people who had grievances. Finally, he won the lawsuit for several boxes of gold and helped the people who killed his father and stole money, which made his father despise.

Faced with the doubts of his kind wife and father, Zhu Erdan did not have a trace of regret. He believed that all this was reasonable and was obtained by his own wisdom. He refuted his father and his wife. If he had not become clever, where would they have a good life? This made his father and his wife heartbroken.

Later, it was discovered that Lu Xing had changed her head. Lu Xing was punished, and Lady Zhu Erdan’s head was also changed. I thought it was over, but God didn’t let him go. Zhu Erdan’s mother had difficulty in giving birth. When she was faced with the choice of protecting the large and the small, Zhu Erdan chose to protect the small. However, to Zhu Erdan’s surprise, his son was the reincarnation of Lu Juan, which was also the punishment of emperor Yuanwu for him and Lu Juan.

Lu’s reincarnation is not a good thing for Zhu Erdan. His good wife died. Zhu Erdan’s son grew up and became a bad gambler. Even if Zhu Erdan had a heart, he could not bear his son’s gambling. Over 60 years old, he can only drag his aging body to sell the stinky tofu he hated most at the market.

The ending of the story is rather ironic. Zhu Erdan, who is more than 60 years old, is selling stinky tofu with trembling. He is worried and murmurs, “why no one comes to buy my stinky tofu today?” Before he had finished speaking, his son came to give him a good beating, took the last silver or two from him and went to gamble.

At this time, although Zhu Erdan had a wise heart, he had no daughter-in-law who was good to him wholeheartedly. His father had already died. All those who cared about him had left, and he had a son who gambled badly. I think he must have suffered a lot in his heart.

II. Zhu Erdan’s sweet and bitter: it is not wisdom but desire that turns sweet into bitter

There is a strong irony in the story of Lu Zheng in strange tales of a Liaozhai. No wonder this book was once banned in ancient times. Isn’t it ironic that a pure man has become evil because he has acquired wisdom through education. The story clearly tells about the bet between judge Lu and judge situ. In fact, it satirizes the hypocrisy of the “Confucian” who pursued fame and fortune in the ancient feudal society.

It is a good thing to have intelligence, but when some talents become more intelligent, they begin to distinguish between good and bad, and distinguish between good and bad. In order to get a better balance of interests, fame and wealth struggle ensued. Zhu Erdan gradually lost himself in the struggle for fame and wealth. Therefore, although he was clearly in the world, he had already gone to hell alive. As his wife said to him, “you are not my husband. My husband is dead.” I think that the great contrast in Zhu Erdan lies not in the contrast between the foolishness in front and the shrewdness in the back, but in the good in front and the evil in the back.

Wisdom is not a symbol of goodness, nor is fame and wealth the source of sweetness. The bitterness and sweetness of life often lie in people’s definition of sweetness. When Zhu Erdan was a fool, he was happy every day. His definition of sweetness should be that the body is good and the family is free from worry. At that time, he didn’t have any aversion to his wife who sold stinky tofu every day. Although he resented the stink of stinky tofu, he was very dependent on his wife. Once someone bullied him, his first thought was his wife.

Although the couple are noisy, the whole family is happy. At that time, Zhu Erdan was not rich and intelligent. His wife was not beautiful and he often farted. Although his father read some books, he was relatively mediocre. But the smile on jurdan’s face and the sweetness in his heart are not fake. Even though he was so stupid, his father never gave up on him, and his wife was convinced that his father-in-law would definitely be able to gain fame. She stewed pig heart soup for him every day. Although the taste of pig heart soup is not good, although Zhu Erdan also resists it, he always drinks it according to his mother’s advice. The taste of pig heart soup may be strange, but Zhu Erdan’s heart must be sweet.

Later, Zhu Erdan gained wisdom. Even if his wife changed her appearance, the stinky tofu she used to support her family still became something he could no longer bear. Because stinky tofu symbolizes his previous poverty and stupidity, and his wife’s “untidy appearance”. At this time, Zhu Erdan’s definition of sweetness is probably the desire of the floating eyes and ears. He began to take money to court and made a small profit by relying on his intelligence. In the envious eyes of the people, his mind was floating. He wanted more and also wanted beautiful Man’er. He no longer drank the pig’s heart soup, which was full of love from his mother. He was disgusted with the stinky tofu that once fed his family. He began to dislike his mother and his family.

From that time on, Zhu Erdan’s face no longer had the sincere smile that he had when he was a fool. Some only have the cunning smile of calculating success, which makes people shudder. At this time, Zhu Erdan’s desires fluctuated and his mind was uneasy. It was really hard to see where his life was “sweet”.

Later, Zhu Erdan was so lustful that he asked Lu to change his wife’s head and deceived her that it was Guanyin who changed her head. After the lie was punctured, Zhu Erdan became worse and worse. Regardless of what was right and wrong, he helped the villain to file a lawsuit for money. It seems that he can betray everyone for his own interests. He threatened his mother and insulted his father. The family that used to laugh and laugh has been quarrelling constantly. The pain and suffering haunted Zhu Erdan, his wife and father.

Is such a day sweet?

Throughout Zhu Erdan’s experience, his life changed from bitter to sweet because of his wisdom. Some people may think that it was Huixin that made Zhu Erdan this way. In my opinion, no, Huixin is only a sufficient condition, and it is not the culprit that ruined the sweet days of zhuerdan. It is Zhu Erdan’s desire to destroy Zhu Erdan’s happy life and turn his life from sweet to bitter.

Wisdom and knowledge are not good or bad. The bad is in people’s desires. Wisdom gives people the capital to gain fame and fortune. Fame and fortune stimulate people’s desire. Some people can suppress desire and keep their original heart from being swallowed up, while others cannot.


III. when the mind is enslaved by desire, all tastes are bitter

In fact, I just want to tell you that, objectively speaking, wisdom and knowledge are just words printed on paper one by one. How to understand them, how to use them, in our people.

Different words will form different knowledge according to different combinations. When knowledge is regarded as words, how can lifeless words stand? For us, these words are just burnt if we want to burn them. The words can not jump out of the paper and fight with us. Those who have a stand are those who study and practice knowledge. Words will not fight with us. Those who turn knowledge into dogma will.

There is no distinction between good and evil, good and bad. What separates them is people’s inner desire.

“If wisdom is enslaved by desire and people fall into the mire of fame and wealth struggle, it would be better not to have this wisdom at the beginning, and a fool’s life would be ‘sweet’ and carefree.” This is probably the most helpless expression of the ancients when facing the evil of greed.

However, we can not be so pessimistic. At least we know the truth that “when the mind is enslaved by desire, all tastes are bitter”. We don’t have the natural “foolish” fortune of the ancients, but we have the wisdom of the ancients. “Stupid” here is for “sweet”. To live such a wise “fool” does not depend on “ignorance of mediocrity and stupidity”. To a certain extent, it depends on “dullness” to fame and wealth and “indifference” to material desires and greed.

The story of Zhu Erdan in Liaozhaizhiyi may seem more like a criticism of the phenomenon that more wisdom leads to chaos. Yan Xiaoer, however, thinks that in addition, the author may also want to tell us that what disturbs people’s hearts and turns the sweetness of life into the bitterness of life is precisely the “desire” of greed floating in the hearts of people.

When wisdom meets fame and fortune and is enslaved by fame and fortune, such wisdom will easily become a catalyst for “suffering”.

When wisdom is defeated by desire, all tastes of life are like one taste. This taste is bitter. A life full of greed, even if it is resourceful, can only be bitter. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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