Why didn’t Bodhi let Sun Wukong mention his name? Why

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Bodhi is one of the most mysterious masters in the journey to the west. There are several places in his body that have been causing endless debates among the fans of the journey to the west——

Mysterious source: He lives in Xiniu Hezhou, but the Tathagata does not seem to know his existence. He proudly tells his disciples that Xiniu is supreme. In the Jianghu, I have never heard of Bodhi.

Mysterious Kung Fu: He knows both Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, and is a model of the integration of the three religions. Sun Wukong studied in the Three Star Cave for ten years, but he spent the first seven years sweeping the floor. He really learned kung fu for three years. But in the past three years, he has been reborn and become a strong man in the three worlds. How many more years? Can’t even the Tathagata control him?

Disciple Mystery: Bodhi taught many disciples, but it’s strange that Sun Wukong never met a brother on his way to learn scriptures. They seem to have disappeared. Why don’t they show up?


In addition to the above riddles, there is also one of the biggest riddles, that is, Sun Wukong just showed his seventy-two skill of becoming smaller in front of the martial brothers. He forced him out of the school after only changing a pine tree, and threatened him when he left——

“You must be a bad person when you go here. You can’t say that you are my apprentice because of how you cause trouble and commit crimes. If you say half a word, I will know that you can peel the skin and file the bones of the monkey, and banish the spirit to the Nine Outlying Places to teach you never to turn back from the abyss!”

This is puzzling. What’s wrong with mentioning his name? Why is he so afraid of being known?

In fact, before this paragraph, he also said a paragraph about Monkey King showing off his kung fu, which is the key——

“How can you show off in front of others? If you see someone else has something, don’t ask him? If others see you have something, they will ask you. If you fear disaster, you will pass it on to him. If you don’t pass it on to him, it will hurt you, and your life will not be guaranteed.”

You see, this profound philosophy of life can’t be said by people without Jianghu experience? Without a profound and painful lesson, Bodhi would not be so sensitive to monkeys!


Let’s see if the Tathagata knows the origin of the Monkey King.

In the seventh chapter of the original work, the Monkey King made a scene in the Heavenly Palace. The Tathagata came to kill the demons at the call of the Jade Emperor. As soon as he met him, he sneered and said to the Monkey King——

“Your son is a monkey. How dare you bully him to take the Jade Emperor’s God’s throne?… How can you say such a big thing about that beast who was a man in his early life! You are careless, you are careless! Your life expectancy is broken! Convert as soon as possible, and don’t talk nonsense! But you are afraid of being poisoned, and your life will end in an instant. What a pity!”

You can see, he is very clear about the experience of Monkey King, and warns him not to regret his true colors. What is it? It is thought-provoking.

It can be seen that Bodhi cannot be unaware of the existence of the Tathagata, nor can the Tathagata be unaware of the existence of Bodhi. It is entirely possible that many years ago, they had a deep communication, or even experienced a battle, and both sides left a deep impression.

Since then, Bodhi has gone into seclusion in the mountains and taught disciples behind closed doors, while the Tathagata has kept silent about Bodhi. It seems that he really does not know his existence.


In fact, on the way to learn scriptures later, Sun Wukong did not comply with the requirements of his founder and did not mention his name, but repeatedly mentioned his apprenticeship. But people in the Jianghu pretended not to hear about it. I don’t know why! Disclaimer: The above content comes from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If it infringes your original copyright, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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