Why didn’t Jiang Ziya endow these people? Is Jiang Ziya intentional?

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Why didn’t Jiang Ziya endow these people? Is Jiang Ziya intentional? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

It is not accurate to say that the list of deities has included all those who have made sacrifices for the great cause of deity, because there are also some people who have done great things for the purpose of deity, but have not been rewarded in the end. Do you know who these people are? Who has made the same or even higher sacrifices as others, but has not been deified? What are their final outcomes?


In the romance of gods, Jiang Ziya sealed 365 road gods, but still several failed. Who are they? Next, the editor will take you to see who the twelve gods who are not sealed in the list of gods are, and why other people are all sealed, but they are not!

Jiang Ziya sealed so many gods, why didn’t he leave any place for himself? It is said that Jiang Ziya originally left the position of the Jade Emperor to himself. Therefore, Jiang Ziya sealed off the gods, but not the Jade Emperor. Therefore, some immortal asked, “who should be the Jade Emperor?” Jiang Ziya and Tang Sai said, “there is no need to hurry. Naturally there will be people.”

At that time, a man named “Zhang Youren” said: “thank you, Prime Minister. You Ren is here.” Jiang Ziya had no law, so he had to grant the position of the Jade Emperor to Zhang Youren.

Jiang Ziya had no place, so he had to climb up the roof of the heavenly palace and sit down and shout: “Jiang Taiji is here, and the gods are hiding.” Jiang Taiji is here, and there are no taboos. Of course, Jiang Ziya did not become a God, but he held a magic wand to fight immortals. This kind of power is much more valuable than a mere God.

However, in addition to Jiang Ziya, there are two categories of twelve people who have not been granted the title.

One of them is that Li Jing, Jin Zha, Mu Zha, Nezha, Yang Jian, Wei Hu and Lei Zhenzi have not been deified. The reason is that these seven groups are all saints in the flesh. They do not need to be deified, and they indirectly become immortals.


Li Jing was awarded the king of heaven and became the Grand Marshal of 100000 troops in Tianting; Nezha was the deputy commander of Tianting, and he was the great God of Haihui in the third altar; Yang Jian was granted the title of Miaozhen Jun of Qingyuan Road, and the leader of guanjiangkou River; Lei Zhenzi was appointed as a member of the Ministry of thunder; Wei Hu granted the three religions Quanzhen Dharma protector. Later, he left the Tao and joined the Buddha with the three great men. He was granted one of the 24 days, and he was the only one in charge of the Buddha realm. He was the God of Wei Tuo, often called together with Yayin and Maitreya; Jin Zha is a follower of the Buddha, and Mu Zha is a follower without elegant sound. As for Lei Zhenzi, it seems that he did not mix well, and even had no record.

A closer look at the real list of deities will reveal that there are several outstanding figures who died in the plan of deities. They are Caiyun fairy, Gao Ming gaojue, Su Daji (Nine Tailed Fox Spirit), Hu Ximei (nine headed pheasant chicken essence), and Wang Guiren (jade Pipa essence).

In addition, there was a very strange decision in the personnel arrangement of the list of deities, that is, to let three big girls, Yunxiao Bixiao and Qiongxiao, who have not yet come out of the cabinet, take charge of the reincarnation of children.

The three demons in Xuanyuan tomb killed countless people. It’s understandable that they don’t have a God. It’s a little strange that other people don’t have a God. Then let’s carefully study Caiyun fairy and Gaoming gaojue again.

Colorful cloud fairy: in the 49th appearance of the jiejiao sect, he was invited by Shen Gongbao to help Sanxiao to set up the Yellow River array. The magic weapon in his hand killed the eye beads, hit Huang Tianhua, and hit Jiang Ziya. He could seize the opportunity to steal the eye beads from behind in the face of the original Tianzun. Until the 51st ten Jue array was broken, “he was shot by Nezha, stabbed in the shoulder armor, and fell to the ground; another shot, and he died.”.

Gao Ming and Gao Jue: the 89th time, he opened the recruitment list and joined the army to help Yuan Hong fight against Xiqi. Originally, it was the ghost of peach and willow on the chessboard. It was the ghost of the clay figurine of Xuanyuan temple. Its specialty was to follow the wind with eyes and ears of thousands of miles. It could see and hear thousands of miles and explore the enemy’s reality.

Yang Jian learned about this from immortal Yuding. Li Jing dug the root plate of peach willow. Lei Zhenzi broke the clay figurine emissary, and “set fire to the temple to destroy its roots, for fear of further trouble”.

It was only in the ninety first time that “the Ziya sacrifice started to beat the divine whip. The two people could not escape this difficulty. They only beat their brains out, and the two spirits had gone to the Fengshen platform”.

Just look at it like this. It’s really nothing special. However, when we look at the experiences of these three people, we will find that they have one thing in common: they have offended the heads of the three immortals.

Yunxiao Qiongxiao Bixiao openly attacked Laozi and Yuanshi Tianzun, and the colorful cloud fairy sneaked into Yuanshi Tianzun in the Yellow River array. Gao Minggao felt that Xuanyuan temple was burned. In the eyes of these immortals, they all offended their own authority. Therefore, they were also to blame for not being deified in the end. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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