Why didn’t lijiaqi live broadcast lijiaqi was fucked by Weiya

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During the 618 event, it was originally the busiest time for major live bloggers to bring goods. However, Li Jiaqi, as the head anchor, stopped broadcasting without notice after only a few days. Why doesn’t lijiaqi live broadcast? Did Weiya get into Li Jiaqi’s accident? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Why doesn’t lijiaqi live broadcast

Judging from the current situation, lijiaqi has been directly blocked by the platform. On the surface, lijiaqi was banned because he sold inappropriate cakes in the live broadcasting room and was banned for political reasons, but in fact, his ban was a game of capital behind it. After lijiaqi was banned, many netizens even speculated that it was Weiya, Li Jiaqi’s former competitor, who did not like lijiaqi, so she designed to frame lijiaqi, resulting in lijiaqi being banned.

Weiya made Li Jiaqi, which was just a guess of the netizens themselves. Lijiaqi was blocked. To put it bluntly, he was blocked by capital. Li Jiaqi should have known that she would be like this one day when Weiya was banned. Lijiaqi and Weiya, as the two leading anchors of Taobao, have created a monopoly on Taobao anchors. Even Taobao itself has to fear them. So the platform, of course, is looking for a chance to kill them both.

Is lijiaqi fucked by Weiya

The reason why the platform is afraid is that Weiya lijiaqi, a large-scale anchor, can compete with the platform. Once there is a conflict between the two sides, Weiya lijiaqi takes her fans to other platforms, which is definitely a fatal blow to Taobao. After the fall of Weiya, lijiaqi’s family was the only one. This situation is even more serious for Taobao. Taobao will definitely kill lijiaqi, and prevent him from going live on other platforms and taking away Taobao’s traffic. Because it is the best way to block lijiaqi.

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