Why didn’t Sun Wukong kill the nine worms in journey to the west?

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In the journey to the west, the nine headed insect is a nine headed evil monster. It is the son-in-law of the all saints Dragon King in bibotan. Today, the Xiaobian of China story network sorted out relevant content for you. I wonder if it can help you expand some knowledge?

We know that Sun Wukong has always been jealous of monsters and must cut down the roots, but the nine headed bug is a special case. At that time, Zhu Bajie wanted to chase after the nine severely injured insects, but Sun Wukong took the initiative to stop him from chasing them. Why did Sun Wukong release the nine headed insects

First, make a scene in bibotan

Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie came to the blue pool of luanshi mountain with Bo’er and ba’er. They cut off one ear and the other lower lip of the two fish spirits. They told them to report to the Dragon King of all saints and ask him to hand over the relic, and let his family go, or the whole family would be killed. When the king saw Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie leaving in the clouds, he thought they were immortals. Monk Sha then explained to the king that all three of them were celestial beings. After hearing this, the king was more respectful to monk Sha and monk Tang.


The two protagonists came to the Crystal Palace, first explained the truth to the protagonists, and then went to tell the nine headed insects of the Dragon King and his son-in-law. When the dragon king heard that Sun Wukong was coming, he was frightened. The nine headed insect advised his father-in-law, the Dragon King of all saints, not to worry. He had excellent martial arts and would definitely catch the monkey king.

II. World War I nine headed worm

With a crescent shovel, the nine headed insect came out of the blue wave pond and asked Sun Wukong why he was meddling? Sun Wukong blamed the nine headed insect for stealing the relic, resulting in his own family being wronged. Then Sun Wukong and the nine headed insect fought, and the two sides fought for 30 rounds, neither winning nor losing. Zhu Bajie then took a nine tooth rake and hit the nine worms.

Nine worms saw pig Bajie coming, so they held a crescent shovel against the golden cudgel stick and nine tooth rake. After several rounds of fighting among the three, nine insects could not defeat Sun Wukong and pig Bajie, so they showed their true colors and had nine heads. When Zhu Bajie saw that the nine worms were so frightening, he was startled. When Sun Wukong saw it, he was also secretly surprised, so he chased nine worms. The nine worms hurried past the monkey king, grabbed pig Bajie, and took him back to bibotan.

Three, fight again nine worms

When the dragon king saw that the nine insects had won and returned, he arranged a banquet to celebrate. Seeing that Zhu Bajie was captured, Sun Wukong was not good at water warfare. He was in a dilemma for a while. Finally, he decided to turn into a crab and save Zhu Bajie first. Sun Wukong took Zhu Bajie’s place of detention from Yu Jing, released him, stole back the nine tooth rake and gave it to Zhu Bajie.

Zhu Bajie told Sun Wukong to wait outside the pond and find the Dragon King himself. If he won, he would remove all of them. If he lost, he would lead them out of the pond. Then pig Bajie entered the Crystal Palace. The all saints Dragon King and the nine worms were unprepared and hid in fear. Zhu Bajie then smashed everywhere, leaving the Crystal Palace in a mess.

Nine worms came to beat pig Bajie with a crescent shovel, and then the Dragon King of all saints led the Dragon son and the Dragon grandson to help. Knowing that he was not his opponent, Zhu Bajie hurried out, and the Dragon King of all saints led people to chase after him. When Sun Wukong saw that the Dragon King was chasing him, he came forward and killed him. The nine headed insect then took the corpse of the Dragon King and brought it back to the Crystal Palace. Then the nine headed insect, the Dragon son and the Dragon grandson held a funeral to mourn the all saints Dragon King.

Sun Wukong wants to take advantage of the victory to pursue the attack, enter bibotan, and completely eradicate the nine headed insects. But Zhu Bajie was lazy and indifferent, so he took it as an excuse that it was too late. At this time, Erlang God came with the six brothers of Meishan, all the way. Because Sun Wukong was captured by Erlang God, he asked Zhu Bajie to go to see him in his own name first, and then he came forward to ask for help. When Erlang heard that it was Sun Wukong, he hurriedly invited him to meet him. Sun Wukong explained the truth of the matter, and Erlang God immediately agreed. He invited him and pig Bajie to have dinner first, and then went to pingbi Lake tomorrow.

Fourth, take back the relic


The next day, pig Bajie went down to fight. Sun Wukong and Erlang God waited outside. Zhu Bajie enters the Dragon Palace, kills a dragon son first, and frightens the Dragon sun into running away. Nine worms came out to fight against pig Bajie, and long sun settled down to help. Pig Bajie led the nine worms out of the pond. Sun Wukong and Erlang God took the opportunity to come forward and kill dragon sun.

The nine worms showed their true colors and circled in the air. Erlang God took out a gold bow and a silver bullet and hit the nine headed insects. The nine headed insect then stretched out its head to bite Erlang God, but the howling dog hurried to bite off his head. The nine worms were in unbearable pain and ran away in a hurry. Zhu Bajie wanted to chase nine worms, but was stopped by Sun Wukong, who said that the goblin would not live long without a head. It’s important to get back the relic first.

Sun Wukong then changed into a nine headed insect and went to see the princess of all saints. He lied that he was defeated by pig Bajie and asked her to protect the relic well. Therefore, the princess of all saints took out the relic and asked Sun Wukong to hide it and fend off the pig Bajie himself. Monkey king then showed his true colors and asked Princess all saints to recognize himself. Pig Bajie rushed forward to kill Princess all saints.

When Long Po saw that her daughter Princess Wansheng was killed, she hurried to flee. Pig Bajie wanted to kill Long Po, but Sun Wukong wanted to leave a witness and left long Po alive. Sun Wukong invited Erlang to see the king of Jisai with him, but he insisted on leaving. So Sun Wukong took the relic and pig Bajie went back to the sacrificial kingdom with Long Po. The king was very happy and thanked the Tang monks and disciples for their hospitality. The king asked Long Po about the whole thing, and she answered one by one and begged for her life.

Sun Wukong said he could spare longpo’s life, but asked her to guard the golden pagoda. Long Po thought that living was better than dying, and agreed to Sun Wukong’s terms. Sun Wukong then ordered someone to wear a lute bone for Long Po, then put the relic back into the pagoda, warm it with Ganoderma lucidum grass, summon the land, the City God and Galan, and ask them to deliver rice to Long Po. Sun Wukong also advised the king to change the “imperial construction of the golden light temple” to “imperial construction of the Fulong Temple”. Then the Tang Monk and his disciples bid farewell to the king and continued to travel westward.

V. the reason why Sun Wukong released the nine headed insect

The monster escaped in pain and went straight to the North Sea. Bajie was about to drive away. Xing stopped and said, “don’t drive him. It’s just ‘the poor bandit should not chase him’. He was bitten on the head by a small dog. He must have died more and lived less. When I become like him, you separate the waterway, drive me in, find the princess, and trick his baby into coming.” Erlang and Liusheng said, “it’s OK not to drive him out. It’s just that leaving this kind of person alive will be harmful to future generations.” So far, there are nine worms dripping blood, which is also a legacy. (63 chapters of journey to the West)

Xingxing said: “there are no criminals at home. I’ll spare you. I just want you to look at the tower for me in the long run.” Long Po said, “it’s better to live a bad life than to die a good one. But you can teach me what to do to save my life.” Skywalker called for the iron rope. When he became a driver, he took an iron rope and pierced the bone of longpo’s lute. Teach monk Sha: “please the king to visit our Anta.” (63 chapters of journey to the West)

It is said that there were ten such birds in the past, one of which was devoured by a dog. So far, people who shed blood can be blamed for the disaster. Therefore, whoever hears of it will rebuke the dog and turn off the lamp to pass it quickly. (yuan ยท Zhou Mi’s Qi Dong Ye Yu)


The following are the main reasons why Sun Wukong didn’t cut the grass and remove the roots when he released the nine headed insect:

First of all, although the nine headed insect is a monster, it only stole the relic of the golden Pagoda in the golden light temple of the sacrificial country. Besides, it did nothing bad. Therefore, nine headed insects are not monsters that are ferocious like Dapeng Jing or bully like red boy. They have neither eaten nor bullied mountain gods and land. They are better monsters. Therefore, Sun Wukong didn’t have such a bad impression of the nine headed insects. He mentioned that as long as the Dragon King of all saints handed over his relic, he would spare his family. Although the Dragon King of all saints didn’t listen, Sun Wukong didn’t kill the Dragon woman and left her alive.

Secondly, the fate of the monks in the Jinguang temple was tragic, with many deaths and injuries. Although it was caused by the nine headed insect stealing the relic, the main killer of persecuting the monks was the king Jisai. It was precisely because the king of sacrificial contest did not understand reason, insisted on his own way, and did not listen to the explanation of the monk that many of them died and became beggars. After nine worms stole the relic, they also let the princess of all saints steal Nine Leaves of Ganoderma lucidum grass to warm it up. It can be seen that the nine headed insect takes great care of the Buddhist treasure, which makes the relic preserved for a longer time. It has a little credit in this respect.

Finally, the original form of the nine headed insect was a monster called “ghost car”. The ghost car was bitten off by a dog, but it survived. Therefore, the story of nine headed insects in journey to the west is to reflect the legend of ghost cars and link with reality. For example, the plot of Guanyin receiving the inspiration king is derived from the story of “fish blue Guanyin” in reality. Therefore, in order to match the legend in reality, Wu Chengen did not let the nine worms die, and let the monkey king let him go. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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