Why didn’t the four sacred monkeys in the journey to the West appear? Is there a story about akajiri horse monkey?

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Why didn’t the four sacred monkeys in the journey to the West appear? Is there a story about akajiri horse monkey? Interested friends, come and have a look!

In the section of the journey to the West about the true and false Monkey King, the Buddha Buddha mentioned the four mixed gods and monkeys, namely Lingming stone monkey, chijiri horse monkey, tongarm monkey and six eared monkey. The six eared macaque won’t say much about it. In the section of true and false Monkey King, it’s hard to separate from Sun Wukong, and their skills are no different. However, the monkey with the arm was so famous in the monkey king that it almost put out the fire of the monkey king. However, few people mention chishiji marmosets. Why?

Maybe some friends will have some opinions, saying why the journey to the West did not mention the red Jiri horse monkey? Isn’t Marshal Ma and marshal Liu of Sun Wukong’s Huaguo Mountain the Chiji horse monkey? But if you think about it carefully, is it possible that chijiri horse monkey, like Sun Wukong, is one of the four divine monkeys? As the Tathagata has said, chijiri horse monkey knows Yin and Yang, knows human affairs, is good at going in and out, and avoids death and prolongs life. If he really fought the world with Sun Wukong in Huaguo Mountain, with his ability, Tianting could change its owner. Not to mention the nameless, he was destroyed by an ordinary person shortly after he appeared.


In Chinese ancient mythological novels, the real red Jiri horse monkey is this one – Wuzhi Qi. It is said that Wuzhi Qi is a water monster in the Huaihe River. He is shaped like an ape, with a flat nose, a convex forehead, a white head and a blue body, and fire eyes and golden eyes. Because he is good at controlling water, he often makes waves in the huaishui area. But because of his ability, no one in the local tribes dared to provoke him.

Dayu passed through Tongbai mountain three times during flood control. Whenever he came close to Tongbai mountain, Tongbai mountain would thunder and lightning, and ghosts would cry. Dayu knew that there were monsters preventing him from controlling the flood, so he ordered the gods and tribal leaders to meet to discuss ways to deal with the monsters. However, the leaders of the tribes near Tongbai mountain are worried that fighting will harm their own tribes, and they do not want to help. Moreover, they were also very afraid of provoking Wuzhi Qi, so they begged Dayu to withdraw the order of eliminating demons.


When Dayu saw that the leaders of Hongmeng, Shang Zhang and Dou Lu were afraid before fighting, he sent people to lock them up. Later, it was learned through inquiry that what these leaders protected was the Huai vortex water monster Wuzhi Qi. Wuzhi Qi is not only eloquent, but also powerful. As soon as I stretch my neck, it’s more than 100 feet. When you hold your hands, you have the power of nine elephants. Dayu and wuzhiqi fought at the foot of Tongbai mountain, and sent tonglv and ebony to fight successively, all of which were defeated miserably. Later, Gengchen was sent to capture Wuzhi Qi alive. The defeated soldiers under Wuzhi Qi’s hand saw that the boss was captured and wanted to take him back. As a result, Geng Chen beat him to the ground.

After wuzhiqi was captured, Dayu had his neck locked with chains, and put a copper bell on his nose. Finally, he was suppressed at the foot of Guishan mountain in the north and south of the Huaihe River. Dayu also brought the flood under control quickly because he lacked this troublemaker. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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