Why didn’t Wu Lei refute the rumor? Was his love affair with Xiang Hanzhi true

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Wu Lei’s love affair with Xiang Hanzhi was exposed before, but Wu Lei’s Support Committee quickly denied it. As a result, I didn’t expect that Xiang Hanzhi’s account was the top one on wechat when Wu Lei broadcast live recently. Why didn’t Wu Lei refute the rumor about his relationship with Xiang Hanzhi? Is it true that Wu Lei Xiang Hanzhi? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Why didn’t Wu Lei refute the rumor

Wu Lei accidentally exposed his wechat page during the live broadcast. The screenshots of Netizens found that the top account was suspected to be Wu Lei’s gossip girlfriend. Because the title of that account, like Xiang Hanzhi’s head portrait on a platform, is a beautiful picture of Xiang Hanzhi squatting on the snow. The relationship between Wu Lei and Xiang Hanzhi was once again hotly discussed by netizens, and directly went on hot search. However, both Wu Lei and Xiang Hanzhi remained silent on the matter and were unwilling to respond.

Many people don’t know what Wu Lei’s team does. The new play of Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi is on the air. Many people knock the CP of Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi. As a result, Wu Lei’s love affair has been revealed. Many CP fans feel betrayed by Wu Lei and have become Zhao Lusi’s only fans. People think that Wu Lei should make a voice to dispel the rumours, so that he can consolidate his power. Wu Lei doesn’t come out to refute the rumour now. He is definitely in contact with Xiang Hanzhi and is not willing to break up. Therefore, it is not convenient for him to come out and speak out.

Is Wu Lei’s love affair with Han Zhi true

In fact, for many fans of male stars, even if their idols are really in love, they do not want them to admit their love. As long as you don’t admit it, if your brother breaks up after a period of time, your brother will have nothing to do with the woman. Fans will continue to be their girlfriend and wife fans. In addition, Wu Lei’s current situation, later, Wu Lei slightly hinted that he was single, and fans can also wash the white that someone framed Wu Lei and wanted to prevent Wu Lei from spreading rumors about Wu Lei’s affairs. In this way, they can help Wu Lei abuse and solidify his fans.

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