Why do female divers wear briefs to compete, aren’t they afraid of running out?

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The Chinese diving team is known as the dream team. Especially the women’s team, in the history of Chinese diving, there have been many outstanding divers.

One minute on stage, ten years off stage. Athletes need to work thousands of times if they want to achieve the desired results. Audiences who like diving will find that female divers are all wearing briefs to participate in the competition, aren’t they afraid of going out?

In fact, fear is useless. Because it is tailor-made for each athlete by FINA, and it is also a professional competition uniform. Even if you don’t want to wear it, you have to wear it.

Secondly, at the beginning of designing the competition uniform, FINA has taken into account whether it will be worn out. The safety of athletes has always been the top priority of the work of major competitions.

The design of the competition uniform is reasonable, coupled with the escort of the competition team, there is no need to worry about whether the athletes will disappear. Moreover, in the history of gymnastics, there has never been a situation where an athlete has disappeared.

In addition, the design principle of the competition suit is not only considering whether it will go out. At the same time, they also need to take into account the comfort of the athlete and the impact on the performance of the game.

If the contact area between the competition suit and the body is too large, the resistance of the athlete when entering the water will become larger, and the corresponding splash will become larger.

The size of the splash when the athlete enters the water is negatively correlated with the final performance. The larger the splash, the worse the performance.

Therefore, the contact area between the competition suit and the body should not be too large. Furthermore, diving is a sport with a high degree of viewing, and the design of the competition uniform also takes into account factors such as aesthetics. Diving is born for beauty.

Moreover, such a competition uniform may be difficult for ordinary people to accept. But for professional athletes, it’s already their daily attire.

Habits come naturally, even though they are on the field, they are facing audiences from all over the world. However, every athlete has received professional training, and they all have super-strong psychological qualities.

And when they step on the field, the athletes will be fully focused on the game, and what style of competition clothes they wear will not have any impact on them.

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