Why do Liangshan heroes in the outlaws of the marsh not ride horses? Is there any special reason?

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Friends who are very interested in the outlaws of the marsh, China story network Xiaobian brings detailed articles for your reference.

Today, let’s take a look at an interesting story about the water margin. When it comes to the water margin Xiaobian, I believe many people know that the water margin is a very classic novel, which tells the story of Liangshan heroes being forced into Liangshan. So, there are 108 heroes in the water margin. Recently, many people have found a very funny thing, That’s why these heroes usually don’t ride horses in case of emergency? Why did the heroes in the Water Margin not ride horses? Is it because you can’t ride a horse?


Liangshan heroes do not want to ride horses. They do appear on many occasions in the water margin, and they are not alone. Many people do not ride horses.

For example, after Chao built Liangshan Mountain, in order to thank Songjiang for informing him, and after robbing his birthday Gang, Chao decided to ask the red haired ghost Liu Tang to send Songjiang a thank-you fee, that is, gold. After receiving the task, Liu Tang did not choose to ride a horse, but walked " Sweat and rain flow;. See, it’s a long journey from Liangshanpo to Yuncheng. But even so, Liu Tang completed the task with his own feet and gave the gold and the script bag to Songjiang.

Another person who doesn’t like riding is Walker Wusong.

As we all know, wu song is the leader of the infantry, and all his achievements are related to the infantry. He only rode a horse once in the water margin, and most of the time he chose to walk.


At that time, after Wu Song killed panjinlian and XiMenqing, he distributed them to enzhou, and then helped Shi en get rid of jiangmenshen and recapture his business in happy forest. There was an interesting clip at that time. When Wu Song wanted to go to the happy forest to help Shi en take revenge, Shi en once said " There are horses in the back trough, ready to ride;. The meaning of Shien is very simple, that is, brother, you ride a horse. It’s faster, and you can save energy. As a result, Wu Song didn’t adopt this plan. Instead, he said, “I’m not too small to ride on that horse. That means I can’t walk. What do I do on horseback? Then I walk all the way, drink all the way, and go all the way to the happy forest. Later, someone said that Wu Song doesn’t ride on horseback because he’s worried about getting caught drunk driving.

Besides Wu Song, Zhang Shun is also a man who doesn’t like riding. At that time, Songjiang had a big sore on his back, which had not been cured by many doctors. Zhang Shun proposed to go to find an Daoquan, saying that this man was very sick. Songjiang immediately asked him to go to find an Daoquan. Such an important matter concerns the development of Liangshan Mountain and Songjiang’s life. Time is life, but Zhang Shun did not ride a horse, but " Against the wind and snow ", Then &quote; Go ahead with your life;. Even if Songjiang died, he would not ride a horse.

Of course, Songjiang himself is the same. When he received a letter from Shi Yong, saying that Songjiang would go back to the funeral after the death of Songtai Gong, such an important thing, Songjiang also set out on his way without riding a horse. His father did not ride a horse when he died. It seems that Songjiang did not have a horse at that time.


As for Liangshan hero’s refusal to ride a horse, there are various other opinions. Some people put forward that the horse was a strategic material at that time. In addition, the Central Plains did not produce flattery, so the price was very expensive. Liangshan was in the development stage at that time, and horses were more expensive than people, so it was reluctant to ride.

It is also said that if you don’t ride a horse often and your skills are not good, as long as you travel a long distance, your inner thighs will wear and bleed. In this way, riding a horse may become a work-related injury. It’s better to walk. Some people also said that Malaysia Airlines is not safe and that no code is the hard truth.

In fact, there is only one real reason why Liangshan heroes don’t ride horses. That is, most Liangshan heroes have committed crimes and have gold seals on their faces. Riding horses is an official way, and there are imperial courier stations along the way, which is easy to catch.

Compared with being caught, of course, the only choice is walking. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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