Why do some rich people immigrate to the United States?

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As mentioned in the previous article, the GDP of the United States is indeed larger than that of China, but a considerable part of the GDP of the United States does not bring real happiness to the people, only increases the number according to the internationally accepted GDP statistics method.

Specifically, a large part of the GDP of the United States is not spent on living expenses such as clothing, food, housing and transportation, but on medical treatment, accounting and litigation.

To understand this problem in depth, we must understand what GDP is. At present, if you pay attention to the international and domestic macroeconomic and political situations, you can’t avoid the word GDP. It can be said that the word GDP is just like eating and dressing. It follows us like a shadow. If you read the article, it will pop up.

Therefore, a correct understanding of GDP plays a fundamental role in our understanding of many international and domestic problems, which is also the core reason why I want to make a special article for this purpose.

On the meaning of GDP, the most important point is that we must realize that GDP refers to incremental wealth, not stock wealth. Many people think that China’s GDP will reach 114 trillion yuan in 2021, and that China’s total wealth will reach this amount in 2021 is completely wrong.

I repeat, it’s completely wrong.

China’s GDP in 2021 reached 114 trillion yuan, which means that China added 114 trillion yuan of wealth in 2021, not that China’s accumulated wealth reached this number.

When we talk about a country’s GDP, we sometimes feel a little empty. Let’s take a family for example. In fact, a country is a big family, so the analogy I want to make next should also be appropriate.

Suppose a family has a house, a car, furniture and a deposit. The family’s wealth reaches 2 million yuan. In 2021, the family will earn another 500000 yuan. Then the family’s total wealth will reach 2.5 million yuan. But the family’s GDP in 2021 is 500000 yuan.

A country is composed of innumerable families, innumerable enterprises and governments at all levels. The added wealth of the government, enterprises and households is the country’s GDP every year.

In the 18th episode of my Himalayan finance album “behind finance and Economics 1: rubbing hot spots, learning finance and economics”, what is GDP For example, if you have a piece of wood, the value of the wood is 1000 yuan, and then you process the wood into a table, the value of the table is 1500 yuan, then you process the wood into a table, and its value increases by 500 yuan. The added 500 yuan is your GDP this time. GDP is the added 500 yuan, not the total value of 1500 yuan.

Therefore, GDP refers to new wealth.

I have said this view many times before, but there are always people in the background who question my view. Please rest assured that this view will never be wrong.

We can also see that GDP is new wealth from the accounting method of GDP.

There are three accounting methods for GDP, namely, production method, income method and expenditure method. Among them, production method can best reflect the essence of GDP. According to the accounting method of the production method, GDP is equal to the sum of the added value of various industries, and the added value is equal to the total output minus the intermediate input, which refers to the sum of the value of goods and services input in the production process.

Let me use the example of the method of producing tables with wood just now. The total output is 1500 yuan. In the process of producing tables, a piece of wood is used, which is worth 1000 yuan. Subtracting 1000 yuan from 1500 yuan equals 500 yuan. This is the added value, and the added value is GDP, not the total value of this table. 1500 yuan is GDP.

When we see many articles describing GDP, we often see such statements, such as how much is the added value of the primary industry? What is the added value of the secondary industry? What is the added value of the tertiary industry? What is the added value of the secondary industry? What is the added value of manufacturing industry in the industrial added value? What is the added value of the mining industry Wait, wait. In short, when we talk about GDP, we often see the term “added value”, which once again confirms my view that GDP refers to added value and increased wealth.

In fact, if we don’t make the concept so complicated, we can say exactly what is a country’s GDP, including the GDP of the primary industry, the GDP of the secondary industry, the GDP of the tertiary industry, or the GDP of a certain industry, such as manufacturing. However, we are not used to saying this. When we talk about things by industry, we like to talk about the added value of this industry or this industry. This may make people a little dizzy sometimes, but it also illustrates a problem: GDP refers to added value. Since it is added value, it means that GDP refers to incremental wealth, not stock wealth.

By the way, in this case, if our GDP drops, it can only be said that we do not earn more this year than last year, not that our total wealth has dropped. For example, the family mentioned just now has a family property of 2 million yuan. It earned 500000 yuan in 2021. If it earned only 450000 yuan in 2022, the GDP of this family in 2022 will drop by 10% compared with that in 2021. But his family property has increased. How much has it increased? The answer is: an increase of 450000. Of course, I mean without consumption.

From this logical analysis, we can understand why the GDP of many countries in the world has declined, but the people of these countries are still getting by. That is because the so-called GDP decline only means that the money earned this year is less than that of last year, not that this year not only did not earn money, but also reduced part of the original wealth.

As for the understanding of GDP, according to the information I have, GDP is not understood as incremental wealth, but as stock wealth. This problem has the highest probability of error.

Therefore, we must put our understanding of GDP deeper.

Then let’s talk about the second method of GDP accounting, that is, the income method.

The so-called income method means that a country’s GDP is equal to the remuneration of workers, depreciation of fixed assets, net production tax and operating surplus. These four words are quite professional. In fact, if you read them a little, you will feel that they are very clear.

From the perspective of income, a country’s GDP first includes the remuneration of workers, that is, the wages of workers; The second is the net production tax, that is, the tax paid to the government; Thirdly, the operating surplus, that is, the profit of the enterprise; In addition, add the depreciation of fixed assets (the depreciation of fixed assets is very complicated to say, and we will skip it for the time being). In short, a country’s GDP is equal to the tax revenue of the government, plus the profits of enterprises, plus the wages of workers. (again, in order not to make things too complicated at once, we won’t talk about the depreciation of fixed assets today and will skip it.)

Therefore, as I have said many times before, a country’s GDP is how much money a country earns in general. The specific distribution is about between the country (represented by the government of course), enterprises and individuals. On the average of the world, you can think that these three aspects each account for 1 / 3.

This is the understanding obtained by accounting GDP according to the income method. If we follow this understanding, we will naturally lead to the third accounting method of GDP, that is, the expenditure method.

What is the expenditure method? In fact, it is very simple, that is, the money you earn will eventually be spent. For example, if you earn 500000 yuan in 2021, you will usually spend all the 500000 yuan. Of course, for a family or individual, income and expenditure may not be equal. Sometimes, you earn 500000 yuan, but you only spend 200000 yuan and save 300000 yuan. Sometimes you earn 500000 yuan and you spend 1 million yuan. But for a country as a whole, income and expenditure should be equal. Why? Because what I spend is your income. For example, if you sell things to me, I give you 10 yuan. If you give me things, you earn 10 yuan. Of course, you didn’t fall from the sky. You still bought it from others, so you may have to give others 8 yuan. Others bought it from others. If you calculate it one by one, the expenditure and income are equal. My expenditure is your income.

From a micro perspective, if you earn 500000 yuan a year, only spend 200000 yuan, and deposit another 300000 yuan in the bank, and the bank lends the 300000 yuan to an enterprise, the enterprise may buy equipment with the 300000 yuan, or spend the money, or use the 300000 yuan to pay the workers, and the workers take the salary to spend, or spend the money. Therefore, as a country as a whole, income is equal to expenditure.

That is to say, the calculation results of the three GDP accounting methods, namely, production method, income method and expenditure method, should be consistent in logic, except for the different accounting angles.

When we look at a country’s GDP, we can calculate it according to the production method, the added value of its various industries and industries, and the income method. We can also calculate it from the perspective of the expenditure method, that is, how much the government, enterprises and individuals of a country earn in a year. These three figures should be equal.

OK, let’s talk about GDP from the perspective of spending money.

Since GDP is measured from the perspective of spending money, as mentioned in the previous example, if you earn 500000 yuan a year and contribute 500000 yuan to the country’s GDP, you can say that you spend 500000 yuan a year and contribute 500000 yuan to the country’s GDP. How much money a country’s government, enterprises and individuals spend in a year is the country’s total GDP.

This is very interesting. Let me make a comparison.

For example, Zhang San and Li Si both spent 500000 yuan in 2021, so their GDP is equal. It sounds like their quality of life should be the same, but it is not the case.

Let’s say that Zhang San spends 500000 yuan a year. During the year, he repairs the house, adds furniture, buys clothes, travels and eats. In a word, his life is very interesting. In a word, he spends 500000 yuan a year.

What about Li Si? In 2021, it also cost 500000 yuan, but Li Si did nothing else in one year and only did three things: the first thing was to treat the disease and pay 300000 yuan to the hospital. The second thing was to go to court and give the lawyer 100000 yuan. The third thing is to declare tax. I paid a service fee of 100000 yuan to professional tax filers. Li Si also spent 500000 yuan a year, but the 500000 yuan was mainly spent on medical treatment, litigation and tax return.

In terms of GDP accounting, the GDP of Zhang San and Li Si each year is 500000, but the quality of life is very different.

This is the trick behind analyzing the magic data of US GDP. A large part of US GDP is used for medical treatment, litigation and tax accounting.

Among these three things, litigation can not enhance people’s actual enjoyment, nor can tax filing services increase people’s actual enjoyment. As for treatment, if it is well treated, it can increase life span and happiness. If it is not well treated, it may even kill people. What is the situation in the United States? Americans’ per capita medical expenditure is the highest in developed countries, but their per capita life expectancy is the lowest in developed countries. Since 2020, the life expectancy of the United States has been lower than that of China. In 2021, the average life expectancy in the United States is 76 years, while that in China is 78 years.

In this sense, we can roughly say that Americans spend a lot of money on medical care every year, but it has brought little effect. Therefore, speaking from the perspective of the people, we can say that his money is wasted.

Therefore, a lot of money in the GDP of the United States is spent on failing to enhance people’s happiness. Relatively speaking, China’s GDP is spent on real enjoyment of life.

From a national perspective, China has been the world’s largest manufacturing country for 12 consecutive years, and the products of clothing, food, housing and transportation produced by the manufacturing industry are really enjoyed by us. In addition, we all know that China is an infrastructure maniac. What is the infrastructure maniac doing? Build roads, bridges and houses. The road built will make our infrastructure better, make it more comfortable, more efficient and faster to drive out for fun and work. We are all living when houses are built. Although the house price is too high, the per capita housing area in China has increased a lot. In 1949, China’s per capita living area was 4.5 square meters. In June this year, the National Bureau of statistics released the China census yearbook 2020. The per capita housing area in China reached 41.76 square meters, eight times that of 1949.

In fact, Americans also know where the hidden trouble lies in its GDP, so they also know that although its GDP still maintains a leading position on the surface, in the face of China’s aggressive pursuit, can they not worry?

There are many comments saying: you said that the GDP of the United States is so empty, so why do so many high-ranking officials and rich people want to immigrate to the United States?

I would like to stress in particular that many friends have asked this question, so I would like to focus on this matter today.

Let’s first analyze the problem itself. Speaking with this tone and angle, we must be based on the premise that high-ranking officials and rich people are definitely not fools, that is, sensible people are smart people. So why do these sensible and smart people want to immigrate to the United States? The implication is that the analysis of the weakness of the United States on August 31 seems to be falsified from the evidence of high-ranking officials and rich people immigrating to the United States.

Let me first make a logical rhetorical question. We say that those senior officials and rich people who immigrated to the United States are sensible people, smart people, not stupid people. I agree with that. Because if he does not understand and is not smart, he may not become a senior official or a rich man.

However, I would like to remind my friends that the reason why they can become high-ranking officials and rich people is that they are smart and understand on the whole, but they can not be said to be smart and understand in any field. Otherwise, you can’t explain why so many former senior officials and rich people are now living in prisons?

Can you say that so many high-ranking officials and so many rich people ended up in prison? Can you say that prison is very good?

This shows that high-ranking officials and rich people are smart people and understanding people, but they may be stupid in some fields, or to put it mildly, their thinking has blind spots.

This is said logically, and then from an empirical perspective.

Where are the blind spots of those former high-ranking officials and rich people who immigrated to the United States? In fact, it is also very simple because the democracy, freedom and human rights advocated by the United States over the years are very attractive to them. Up to now, the United States still firmly holds the control and discourse power of world public opinion. Those former high-ranking officials and rich people are the prisoners of American public opinion hegemony.

Although I said this from an empirical perspective, I still said it in a rough way. Next, I will talk about it in detail. For example, can you be sure that the senior officials and rich people who immigrated to the United States have accurately mastered the specific contents of the US GDP analysis? There is no doubt that it is a very segmented topic. They can become senior officials and rich people. Although they understand that they are smart, they may not understand it. Especially before emigration.

If you understand after emigration, I’m afraid it’s too late. This is because China does not recognize dual nationality. If you become an American, you will automatically lose your Chinese nationality. It is not so easy and willful to return and become a Chinese citizen.

In fact, it’s polite to comment on those former senior officials and rich people who immigrated to the United States in this way, because there are some (I can only say some, not all) of those senior officials and rich people who immigrated to the United States. As for the proportion of this part, no one can say clearly, and I don’t presume). In a word, what characteristics do some people have? Some of the money in this group of people may have come from an improper source. As for how it came from an improper source, think for yourself. Today I will not analyze it. In short, some people’s money comes from an improper source. His money came from a wrong source. What do you think he will think? If he continues to stay in China, he will find out his old scores one day. So he wants to leave China. Which country is he going to? First of all, he has to go to countries that do not have judicial assistance with China, that is, China will turn over his old scores one day, but if he wants to go to that country and ask for people, that country will not give him, so that he can have a sense of security. Secondly, this country should at least sound good. When these two factors are combined, the United States is naturally the first choice. Of course, China and the United States have a certain degree of judicial assistance, but judicial assistance is not comprehensive and thorough. After old lady Pelosi visited Taiwan on August 2, China suspended judicial assistance with the United States.

Therefore, if he has money from an improper source, he is likely to choose to immigrate to the United States, which does not necessarily mean that the United States is good. I’m not saying that people who immigrate to the United States get their money from wrong sources. I’m saying that some of them do.

In fact, some people’s money may not have come from an improper source, but they also immigrated to the United States because they were afraid of being turned over from history. Because there is a standard for judging whether the source is right or not, and China has a disadvantage, that is, this standard is constantly changing. In a particular period, a certain behavior of a certain person is in line with the general environment of the country, but after 10 or 20 years, it seems that it takes advantage of the country. Do you think such money is right or not? If its practice was a popular practice 20 years ago, or even tacitly approved by the national policy, 20 years later we will find that it has taken advantage of the country. We will go back to the old scores of history and try to arrest these people. Do you think we can catch it or not? I believe that there must be people who think that we should grasp everything we can. Since some people think so, are people who took advantage of the country’s loopholes and made some money 20 years ago very worried about this situation? Will they try to emigrate to the United States?

Therefore, I would like to remind my friends that the state should be responsible to the end for its policies at every stage, and keep what it has said. Even if some people do take advantage of the policies and words of a certain period, as long as they are not particularly excessive, they should admit it afterwards. Otherwise, it will enhance people’s sense of insecurity and uncertainty in the future. In terms of national policy, we should not turn over and over and turn over Shaobing every three days and two mornings. Today’s extreme left and tomorrow’s extreme right are absolutely impossible. Knocking down this one today and that one tomorrow will only do harm to the country without any benefit.

This is my analysis of some former senior Chinese officials and wealthy people who immigrated to the United States. Generally speaking, the United States is not good, or the United States is not so good. Finally, I want to be realistic and say that the United States has a good side, especially that it is relatively suitable for the rich to survive.

This can be analyzed from many angles. One of them is that for a rich person, he spends more money on litigation, medical treatment and accounting every year. He doesn’t care. After spending all this money, he still has a lot of money to enjoy life. On the contrary, in the three aspects of medical treatment, litigation and accounting, spending more money can also allow him to enjoy many privileges. For example, if he can use advanced medical equipment and drugs in hospital without hesitation, the effect and efficiency of his treatment will be high. In the United States, as long as you have enough money, you can hire a very good lawyer, and sometimes you can even get away with the law. The most typical case is Simpson’s wife murder case.

No one knows whether American football player Simpson killed his ex-wife in 1994. I only know that public opinion all over the world thinks that he killed him. But because he hired a good lawyer, and coincidentally, the police made several major mistakes, resulting in insufficient evidence. Finally, he was acquitted. To do this, one must have money. On the other hand, if you have money, it is very possible to do this. Do you think the United States is particularly good to the rich?

However, such a good thing is impossible for the poor, because: you have no money.

There are many examples of the United States being good to the rich. Today, I would like to say a few words about the medical care mentioned earlier.

The annual medical expenditure of the United States accounts for about 18% of the total economic volume of the United States. This proportion is far higher than that of China, not to mention the average of Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom and other OECD member countries. However, the life expectancy of the United States is the lowest among those developed countries.

By the way, in 2020, China’s national medical expenditure was 7.2 trillion yuan, accounting for 7.2% of GDP, and accounting for less than half of that of the United States. If calculated on a per capita basis, the per capita annual medical expenditure of the United States is about 10000 US dollars, while that of China is 5000 yuan, and that of the United States is 13 times that of China. However, since 2020, China’s per capita life expectancy has exceeded that of the United States.

Some people say that China’s medical burden is also very heavy. Indeed, this is also one of China’s important problems. However, if it is compared with the United States, it will be dwarfed. Because the per capita GDP of the United States is six times that of China, but the per capita medical expenses are 13 times that of China. At least from this figure, we can see that the medical burden of the United States is more than twice that of China in terms of income.

What is the general situation of poor people in the United States who have no money to treat diseases? About 46 million people in the United States do not have any form of medical insurance every year. If we leave aside 13 million illegal immigrants, there are also 33 million serious Americans who do not have any medical insurance, accounting for 10% of the total number of Americans. For these people who do not have any medical insurance, it costs about two to three hundred dollars to see a general outpatient service, and they have to pay first before seeing a doctor. If you go to an emergency room, it will cost thousands of dollars. If it is seriously ill or seriously injured, it is easy to get hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars. For the poor, do you still dare to see a doctor? Therefore, there is a paragraph on the Internet about American medical treatment, which generally means that an American suddenly has hypoglycemia when walking on the street, his eyes are black, and he is about to faint. Before he faints, he will use his last consciousness to shout out to the people around him: “don’t call an ambulance!” Why? Because an ambulance costs 1000 dollars.

It’s sad to think of Americans, but this is especially for the poor. If you are a rich man, I am glad to tell you that medical care in the United States is really up to standard and high-end. For example, rich people can hire a private doctor, and a person can hire many private doctors. The so-called private doctor is to serve you alone. Moreover, because you have bought a high amount of medical insurance, you may be able to see a doctor all over the world on an accountable basis. The amount of this high amount of medical insurance starts from about $1200 a month.

If you are not particularly rich, but not too poor, then if you buy an insurance of $500 a month, you will have a lot of trouble in reimbursement, especially when commercial insurance companies are picky about you. Commercial insurance companies are essentially businesses. They want to make money. Where does it come from? That is, when you get sick, try to pay less. It was reported in the news that an American woman had a car accident and called for an ambulance, and then the insurance company announced that it would not settle the claim, because she did not apply to the insurance company in advance before calling for an ambulance.

Can you imagine that if a person had an accident and called an ambulance, he still had time to call the insurance company? Unless this person is often involved in traffic accidents, often calls an ambulance, and has more experience. What kind of logic is this?

Because of such troubles, every year more than 1.9 million people in the United States can not afford to see diseases, so they can only go abroad to seek medical treatment, and even risk imprisonment to sneak into Cuba. In the eyes of the Americans, Cuba is a country as poor as slag.

But all these problems would not exist if they were placed on the rich. Not only is there no such trouble, but if you are especially rich, you will find that the United States is really good.

I shared the article of bad potato on June 15, 2021?

The day when China and the United States are decoupled is the time when the US empire collapses

?You can tell from the name that this work is very anti American and bad mouthed, but that issue of the work seriously analyzed the good and bad of the United States in medical technology. There is a paragraph in that issue. I’ll read it again in the original.

“The United States leads the world in medical treatment, but a large number of basic drugs in the United States are actually imported from China.

“Cohen, a former economic adviser to the White House, once warned trump that 96.6% of antibiotics in the United States are made in China. For example, nine common antibiotics, including penicillin, are not produced or even supplied in the United States. Cohen said: if you are Chinese and want to destroy us, don’t export antibiotics to us.

“Of course, despite Cohen’s warning, the United States will not produce these drugs, because it is too unprofitable to produce them.

“If we are ordinary people, we will have completely different feelings in China and the United States.

“In China, you can enjoy the cheapest basic medicine in the world. In the United States, more than 1.9 million people go abroad to seek medical treatment every year because they can’t afford to see a disease, and even sneak into Cuba at the risk of going to prison. However, China can only take care of 99% of the people. If the remaining 1% of the people get suspicious diseases, it is the time when American science and technology can play its part. This is a problem of marginal utility. Both China and foreign countries have ventilators, which can save lives. However Imported brand ventilators have a history of nearly one hundred years more than China’s, and are superior to domestic brands in terms of comfort, silence, environmental protection and heating and humidification.

“But the question is: if my monthly salary is only 5000 yuan, whose ventilator do I use?

“For example, the level of technology of surgical equipment used in lumbar surgery in the United States is amazing. It can provide real-time navigation during surgery, realize electrophysiological monitoring during surgery, and provide services with various black technologies. This kind of surgery is simply watching science fiction movies, but it brings high medical costs.

“Without these black technologies, Chinese surgeons can only drive nails with their bare hands under the guidance of the C-arm machine. As a result, doctors’ surgical skills are constantly improving, and the success rate is about the same as that of the United States. They have also outdone American doctors by a few blocks in terms of surgical techniques, pursuing micro trauma and minimally invasive surgery. The surgical wound is only 1 / 3-1 / 4 of that of the United States.

“Of course, if we have an annual income of 3 million US dollars, with the cooperation of medical devices with the highest technology in the United States and the technology of Chinese doctors, it is certainly good to choose American devices. But the question is: how many of us can enjoy American technology with an annual income of 3 million US dollars?

“Similarly, due to the development of the sports industry, the United States has an unparalleled scientific and technological position in the treatment of sports injuries. If I am a top athlete and have a knee or Achilles tendon injury, the first choice must be the United States. Although the cost is more than 50 times that of China, the recovery effect must be better than that of China. But how many people can be top athletes?

“The core problem here is that, as an ordinary person, I am injured in sports. China’s medical technology can restore me to 99% of my original level without affecting my normal life and sports. However, black technology in the United States can ensure my complete recovery. But how many people can afford this extra 1% marginal effect at a price 50 times higher?

“Therefore, ordinary people can say what China has provided to the world. Most ordinary people have to think about what the United States has provided to the world for a long time because they have nothing to do with most people.

“The development of China’s science and technology is almost synchronized with the improvement of the Chinese people’s living standards. The improvement of the Chinese people’s living standards requires the breakthrough of any science and technology, and then it goes to the world to benefit the people all over the world. It is just like China’s home appliances now almost occupy the global market, and China’s infrastructure is going global. This also predestinates that China’s scale will become larger and larger.

“American science and technology is more focused on high-tech, so that a few people can enjoy it. The development route of the United States has doomed them to provide less and less to the world, and their proportion in Global trade is getting lower and lower.”

This paragraph clearly tells us that American medical care does have its good side. From the perspective of GDP, it is not good for the whole country for many people to spend money on medical treatment, but it does not matter to a few rich people. Moreover, if you really have money, you may live a long life in the United States. The United States is a good country for the rich.

The rich are also human beings, and the poor are also human beings. We can’t look down upon the rich, let alone think about putting the rich into 18 layers of hell. As a person who has been thinking about financial issues for a long time, I have a strong appreciation for the rich because I appreciate their ability to earn money. And most of the rich are doing business management. Doing business management work means creating job opportunities, jobs and wages for ordinary people. Therefore, the rich make great contributions to our society. We should not try to overthrow the rich at any time. So I say that the rich are also human.

Of course, naturally, the poor are also human beings. We are all human beings, and there is no distinction between high and low. But I have to admit that most of the time, I stand in the position of the poor.

The poor people mentioned here include both the extremely poor and the general public. Because the rich people I’m talking about here should have reached the threshold of “small goals” that a rich man in China blurted out in a TV program? For example, your net assets should be at least 100 million yuan, right? However, the net assets of the vast majority of us may not reach this level, so I say that I often speak from the standpoint of the poor, and in terms of the number of people, I mean speaking from the standpoint of the vast majority of people. We say that the United States is good or bad, which is very important.

If you are particularly rich and rich, you can skip many of my views. But if you are not a rich person and your net worth is less than 100 million, please pay attention to my point of view.

China’s current gap between the rich and the poor is also relatively large, and care for the poor is not in place. Of course, I think the care for the rich is not enough. For example, generally speaking, we still have a hatred of the rich. We always want to take the rich and take back the money they have.

But on the whole, China’s care for the poor is better than that of the United States. The poor people I mentioned here do not mean only those who are particularly poor, but generally those with net assets of less than 100 million.

Many of China’s practices treat the poor and the rich alike. For example, China is an infrastructure maniac, so our infrastructure, represented by transportation, is relatively perfect. On the road, the poor and the rich enjoy the fruits of development equally. For example, the death rate per million people in China is about 1 / 7 of that in the United States, which means that social security is relatively good. This is the same for the poor and the rich.

With or without money, the poor and the rich can equally enjoy social security. With or without money, transportation is convenient. The poor and the rich can enjoy it equally.

However, in the United States, a rich person can hire a bodyguard, install various advanced protective measures on his courtyard wall, and the police can send out police quickly in case of an accident. His personal and property safety can also be guaranteed. If he has done bad things himself, the police can also properly make some negligence and loopholes, which will eventually lead to insufficient evidence and let you be acquitted. But the poor certainly can not enjoy this treatment. Therefore, the public security situation in the United States, especially the issue of gun ownership, has not been resolved for a long time. CNN reported on July 31 that according to the statistics of the US gun violence archive website, 381 mass shootings have occurred in the United States this year with at least 4 casualties, with an average of 1.7 per day. Since this year, more than 25000 people have lost their lives due to gun violence, and an average of 119 people have died under guns every day.

But at the same time, we also found that Americans are obviously saving energy on the traffic problem. The transportation infrastructure in the United States is backward, and the roads are potholed. There are more than 56000 dangerous bridges in the United States. The poor and the rich can’t enjoy this very well. Therefore, we find that in the past decade or so, the United States has been chanting for improving the transportation infrastructure at least every year. At least the call for improving the transportation infrastructure is higher than the call for improving the social security situation in the United States.

I concluded earlier that Americans are engaged in infrastructure construction.

“From 2008, Americans began to pay special attention to infrastructure construction. In the 14 years from 2008 to 2021, there were stories about infrastructure construction in the United States in 13 years. Among them, there were three years when they gave impassioned speeches, in 2008, 2013 and 2016. There were four years when they announced plans, in 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2021. There were five years when the plans were rejected or suspended, in 2009, 2011 and 2017 In 2019 and 2020, I counted the $10 billion plan passed in 2009, which was not enough to fill the gap, to the item that the plan was rejected, because the mere $10 billion infrastructure construction plan passed is tantamount to whether the infrastructure construction has been decided. Please understand. In these 14 years, only one plan was passed, that is, the great 2015. The total investment in the five-year plan is 1 / 10 of China’s annual investment.

“Pick the key points and say again. In the past 14 years, we have talked about infrastructure construction for 13 years. Among them, we have given speeches in three years, announced plans in four years, denied plans in five years, and passed plans in one year.”

Although I satirized the Americans for being too inefficient and slow in infrastructure construction, we have to admit that Americans are more motivated to build infrastructure than to solve the gun problem.

At least when the infrastructure problem was solved, no one openly opposed it, but secretly delayed it. Various reasons were also very complicated, so we will not start today. But when it comes to solving the gun problem, many people explicitly oppose it.

Why? On the issue of guns, the rich can rely on money to survive, so the rich are not too anxious. As for infrastructure, the rich can’t build a road for themselves because they have money, so the rich are as anxious as the poor.

In short, in the United States, no matter what, if you can’t hook up with the rich, it will be very difficult to solve. If you hook up with the rich, it’s very promising.

In short, the United States is really good for the rich in this country.

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