Why do Wu Lei and actresses have no sense of CP? Are child stars not suitable for idol dramas

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New star Han, a TV series starring Wu Lei and Zhao Ruth, has attracted much attention since the shooting began. Recently, the preview of the play has also been released. However, after reading the preview, many people said that Wu Lei and zhaoruth had no sense of CP. Why don’t Wu Lei and the actress feel CP? Isn’t a star born as a child star suitable for idol drama? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Why don’t Wu Lei and the actress feel CP

Netizens can’t help but complain that roast and zhaoruth have no sense of CP in Xinghan brilliant. They also complain that roast’s TV plays in recent years, whether modern plays or ancient puppet plays, have no sense of CP with his partner’s actresses. Although Wu Lei feels Su when he looks at it alone, when he is with an actress, he always feels that the feelings between the two people have nothing to do with love.

In this regard, many netizens said that it may be that Wu Lei was active on the screen since he was a child and shot many well-known TV dramas. Although Wu Lei has grown up now, it seems that he has always been a minor in the eyes of many audiences. It must be awkward for people to watch minors shoot idol dramas. That’s why they can’t accept that Wu Lei and the actress play romantic dramas. They think that Wu Lei and the actress have no sense of CP.

Are child stars not suitable for idol dramas

Xiaobian doesn’t think it’s a sense of CP. some viewers really don’t have the the final say. Xiaobian thinks that Wu Lei has cooperated with Dili Reba in the long song line of costume TV dramas before. There is a sense of CP between the two people. There are still sparks. Actors born as child stars can still perform love plays, such as Yang Zi, guanxiaotong, lilandi, and so on. Wu Lei and zhaoruth’s Xinghan brilliant is just a preview now. Whether they have CP or not depends on the effect of the TV series. If the plot is in place and the crew knows how to fry CP, the CP sense of Wu Lei and zhaoruth can definitely be pulled up.

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