Why do you have to wash and eat Tang Monk’s meat? How should I eat Tang Monk’s meat?

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How to eat Tang Monk’s meat brought by the editor of China story network today? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

In journey to the west, Tang Seng is a treasure to the monsters. Every monster wants to get Tang Seng, so that he can eat Tang Seng’s meat and live forever. However, this can only be a rumor at most. Even if it is true, no monster has eaten it, and there is no way to prove it. In addition, do monsters really know how to eat Tang Monk’s meat? No monster has ever succeeded in making Tang Monk’s meat. Is this just a lie?


I don’t know where it came from. After eating Tang Monk’s meat, you can live forever. Anyway, the monsters all want to try it. They also delimit their own areas along the way. As long as Tang Monk passes through his own territory, he will try to catch it.

Among them, the most likely one to eat Tang Monk’s meat is the monster Jinji Dapeng, because he is very hard backstage and his own strength is not bad. Sun Wukong has nothing to do with him. Tang Seng was also caught by him and put into a steamer. It was almost cooked. If Sun Wukong hadn’t found the Dragon King to protect him, Tang Seng and Zhu Bajie would be finished.

Moreover, the golden winged Dapeng knows the Tang Monk very well, and he also has a lot of research on eating the Tang monk. The original text says: eating alive is not interesting. This thing can’t be compared with that stupid man and layman. It can be used as food. This is a rare thing in ShangBang. You must take it out when you are free in Tianyin, make it clean, guess Mei’s orders, blow it and eat it.

As to whether eating Tang Monk’s meat can really live forever, the journey to the West does not give a clear answer, but many monsters say so. But the golden winged ROC has something to do with the Tathagata in the West. He knows the Tang Monk deeply. Since he said that he would live forever after eating the Tang Monk’s meat, it is probably right.

When I read journey to the West as a child, I always wondered why the goblins didn’t eat the Tang Monk immediately after they caught him. They had to wash him and wait for the monkey king to rescue him. In the end, their families were destroyed and people died. Why?. Are there any problems with the intelligence of these monsters.

Therefore, some people concluded from this: the argument that eating Tang Monk’s meat can prolong life is false, and some people spread rumors in order to cooperate with Tang monk to perform this great play of learning scriptures.


But if you want to spread a rumor, someone must believe it. Can a rumor deceive all the monsters? What has no one tried, and everyone believes it together? And they are all powerful people, which is absolutely impossible!

The journey to the West mentions that the Tang monk was the reincarnation of the golden cicada son and a good man of ten generations of practice. Some people eat a piece of his meat and live a long life. The monsters in the book also made it clear many times that someone would eat a piece of his meat to prolong his life. The meaning behind this sentence is that someone once ate a piece of his meat and extended his life!

That shows that the Tang Monk meat really has a long life. Because someone has eaten it.

Who? Dapeng essence.

From chapter 74 to chapter 77 of journey to the west, we need to read it carefully and repeatedly, because this paragraph records in detail how Dapeng Jing wants to eat Tang Monk’s meat, and also because this paragraph explains the correct eating method of Tang Monk’s meat, and also opens the “mystery of Tang Monk’s meat” for us.

Let’s take a look at how Dapeng Jing talks about eating Tang Monk’s meat:

1) “this thing is not comparable to that stupid man and layman. It can be used as food. This is a rare thing in the world.” It can be seen that Dapeng knows the goods. He knew very well that Tang Monk meat was a rare resource. A rumor deceived the little demon, but he still said it, deceived him? no way.

2) “don’t frighten the Tang monk. The Tang Monk can’t frighten him. Once he is frightened, his flesh will sour and he won’t eat.” Dapeng not only knows that eating Tang Monk meat can prolong life, but also knows under what circumstances Tang Monk meat will become invalid.

3) “we must wait until the day is overcast when we are free,” said Dapeng, who also knows the specific way to eat. We must wait until the day is overcast before eating. When you eat, you must be happy and relaxed in your spare time without any external disturbance.


4) to eat Tang monk, you should steam it. As mentioned above, they usually eat people by cooking or cooking, but when they eat Tang Monk’s meat, they have to steam it.

5) eat the Tang Monk and steam the whole living person. They usually eat people by scraping their flesh before eating them. But when they eat Tang Monk’s meat, they do not kill or scrape it. They want to put the whole living person of Tang monk in a steamer.

6) “take it out, make it clean, blow it carefully and eat it.” It means that when you eat, you must eat slowly and never gobble. After the Tang Monk steamed it, you must cut it into small pieces and eat it slowly.

Dapeng, how did he know so specifically and in such detail? I know all the links clearly. If he hadn’t eaten, how could he be so expert?

There is only one conclusion. Dapeng has eaten Tang Monk’s meat. He is the party who eats Tang Monk’s meat. It’s natural to know that Tang Monk’s meat can prolong life.

As the king of a demon Kingdom, the news that eating Tang monks can live forever is likely to have spread from here, because it is written in the book: “the Three Kings (Dapeng) did not know which year the eastern Tang Dynasty sent a monk to the west to collect scriptures.” He had known the arrangement of Monk Tang’s Buddhist Scriptures for a long time and had long thought about eating. Therefore, the legend that “someone ate a piece of his meat to prolong his life” was spread in the monster society.

Dapeng is the uncle of the Tathagata, and Jinchanzi is the disciple of the Tathagata. They are all high-level figures of Buddhism. Dapeng has eaten one piece. Who has eaten the other meat? Who is still qualified? Why did he get eaten? Behind this is the whole mystery of Tang Monk’s flesh. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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