Why do you say that jade Ding immortal is Bodhi’s ancestor? What is the relationship between immortal Yuding and Bodhi?

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Why do you say that jade Ding immortal is Bodhi’s ancestor? What is the relationship between immortal Yuding and Bodhi? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

The jade tripod immortal is Yang Jian’s master in the romance of gods, and the Bodhi ancestor is more familiar to everyone. It is Sun Wukong’s master in the journey to the West. Originally, these two people should not have much relationship. They are different characters in the two novels, with different names and different fortunes. But why do some people link them together and think that they are actually the same person? Is there such a relationship between them?


Bodhi lives in the three-star cave of the oblique moon on the Fangcun mountain of Lingtai. There are many disciples under the sect. According to the hierarchy, the monkey is named Sun Wukong. However, as for the origin of Bodhi, although he is dressed up as a Taoist, there are always some shadows of Buddhists when he does things. For example, when he names his disciples, most of the characters he uses are a lot of characters used in Buddhism, and his title of “Bodhi founder”. Bodhi will not have any connection with Taoism, right?

Therefore, some people speculate that Bodhi is actually the incarnation of Buddha, who came to teach Sun Wukong the skills. It is true that this is possible, but it is written in the original book that Bodhi is a person who “knows all three religions”. When Sun Wukong came to learn arts, Bodhi said that he was proficient in a hundred schools, and let Sun Wukong choose any one to learn. These contents he taught include various methods of cultivation such as Taoism and Buddhism, so Bodhi is more like a person who integrates the strengths of a hundred schools, Rather than belonging to a single door.

The jade Ding immortal is the master of the Erlang God Yang Jian, who appeared in the romance of gods. Immortal Yuding is Jiang Ziya’s elder martial brother and one of the twelve golden immortals. His ability is absolutely excellent. Just look at his disciple Erlang God. In fact, from the perspective of ability, Yang Jian may still be above the twelve golden immortals, but his worship of immortal Yuding as a teacher naturally shows that immortal Yuding deserves his admiration and respect. Therefore, immortal Yuding is not a role to play.

You should know that all the magic skills of Yang Jian were learned after he was worshipped by immortal Yuding. Even though Yang Jian’s own ability is extraordinary, if there is no immortal Yuding, Yang Jian is still a person with little achievement. You can compare with Li Jing, the king of tota, who worshipped immortal Du’er as a teacher in the previous period, but his achievements were mediocre. Later, he worshipped Taoist Yandeng as a teacher, and he became a saint in the flesh, Master is very important. Master and self-cultivation are indispensable.


But why would someone say that these two different people are actually the same person? We don’t know who said this at first. Maybe it’s just a topic fabricated to attract people’s attention. But it’s certain that Bodhi and jade tripod are not the same person. First of all, these two people appear in different novels, that is to say, their respective immortal systems are completely different. How can they be compared together?

Even the Erlang God in the romance of gods and the Erlang God in the journey to the west, even though their names and settings are identical, they are two different people, because their stories in the novel are different from their identities in the orthodox Taoist immortal system, and there is no comparability, let alone two completely different people. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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