Why does Cangjie have four eyes? Who else is interested in history?

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Cangjie is a character in ancient Chinese legends, the God of words in Taoism, and the sage of writing. According to historical records, Cangjie has four eyes, and is naturally wise and moral. Next, the editor of China story net will introduce the relevant content in detail.

How can Cangjie have four eyes

Cangjie, also known as “Cangjie”, is the historian of the legendary Yellow Emperor. He used the ancestral method of tying ropes to record events to record historical facts for the Yellow Emperor. Over time, those large and small, grotesque knots remembered something, even he himself forgot. Therefore, Cangjie wanted to create a simple and easy to remember symbol to express ideas, teach experience, and record history. Because he was afraid of being disturbed and delayed the time, Cangjie locked himself up and began to concentrate on creating new symbols.


For the convenience of calling, he named these symbols as “characters”. These words are made according to the form of all things. For example, the word “sun” is painted according to the red circle of the sun; The word “Moon” is modeled on the shape of crescent moon; The word “person” is drawn by looking at the profile of a person; The word “claw” was painted by observing the claw marks of birds and animals… Cangjie was so careful to observe everything and worked hard to make words.

Day by day, Cangjie created all the Chinese characters we use today, and it is said that Cangjie caught many crustacean insects at the beginning of writing characters, stained them with black water and let them crawl on the grass leaves, and made characters with the marks left by insects when they crawled. Because there were not many words in the early stage, and it was not enough to use, Cangjie was extremely anxious, and he even had a pair of eyes, four eyes on a face. Later Cangjie created Chinese characters according to the methods of pictograph, understanding, pictophonetics and so on, and taught them to later generations.


What is heavy pupil

Heavy pupil also weighs Hua and double pupil, that is, there are two pupils in one eye, which are divided into double eye heavy pupil and one eye heavy pupil. People who recorded heavy pupil in ancient mythology are generally saints, but in fact, after modern medical interpretation, this situation belongs to pupil adhesion distortion, which changes from O-shape to ? shape, but does not affect the light beam, which is also called pair of eyes. Modern medicine believes that it is a phenomenon of early cataract.

There are only eight people with heavy pupils recorded in Chinese history books: Cangjie, Yu Shun, Chong Er, Xiang Yu, Lu Guang, Gao Yang, Yu jiluo, Li Yu.

Cangjie was a sage who created characters in the era of the Yellow Emperor; Yu Shun was a sage of surrender, filial piety, and one of the three emperors and five emperors; Duke Wen Chong’er of Jin was one of the five hegemons in the spring and Autumn period; Xiang Yu is the “overlord of Western Chu” who is unparalleled in ancient times; Lu Guang was the late Liang king who swept the western regions during the Sixteen Kingdoms period; Gao Yang was the founder of the Northern Qi Dynasty; According to legend, Yu jiluo used a plan to kill the fierce general Li Yuanba, a famous general of the Sui Dynasty; Li Yu is a famous poet and litterateur, the late leader of the Southern Tang Dynasty in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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