Why does Dong Jie like Wang Dazhi

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The affair between Dong Jie and Wang Dazhi can be regarded as an old melon in the entertainment industry. As a result, I didn’t expect to suddenly appear on the hot search today, and still ranked first in the entertainment list. The kissing photos of Dong Jie and Wang Dazhi spread wildly again. Many netizens of Ji Xiao said they didn’t understand why Dong Jie, a beautiful woman, would like an ugly man like Wang Dazhi. Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Kissing photos of Dong Jie and Wang Dazhi

The reason why the matter of Dong Jie and Wang Dazhi made hot search again is that Dong Jie and her ex husband pan Yueming’s fans tore each other apart. Today, pan Yueming posted the photos of Dong Jie and her son attending the event sent by the marketing number. Although pan Yueming’s text was a thank-you note, fans loved pan Yueming very much and felt that it was difficult for him to even meet his children. It was Dong Jie who was too selfish. Dong Jie’s fans accused pan Yueming of being irresponsible. If they really meet, they will definitely have a chance.

And Dong Jie’s fans felt that Pan Yueming’s behavior was very green tea, so the two fans tore it up again. Shortly after Dong Jie and pan Yueming divorced, they were exposed kissing photos with Wang Dazhi. After that, netizens also picked out two people who had already secretly poked their love on Weibo. Wang Dazhi also has a wife, so many netizens suspect that Dong Jie and Wang Dazhi are cheating in their marriage.

Why does Dong Jie like Wang Dazhi

At that time, pan Yueming was the representative of handsome young people in the entertainment industry. Wang Dazhi was the representative of ugly actors in the eyes of netizens. After seeing the kissing photos of Wang Dazhi and Dong Jie, many netizens said that their eyes were polluted. However, later, Netizens found that although Wang Dazhi was ugly, he had a wide range of contacts in the entertainment industry. It was revealed that Wang Dazhi was well-off and was currently a Shaanxi opera actor. His father was a senior official in Shaanxi. So people who eat melons think that Dong Jie contacts Wang Dazhi because of her resources. She doesn’t really like Wang Dazhi.

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