Why does Lithuania dare to blockade Kaliningrad? Is it not afraid of death?

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In the historical rubbish heap of Europe, several small countries often appear and disappear from time to time, sometimes because of war, and sometimes because of war.

Lithuania is one of them. In the past two years, it has emerged that a county level country provokes China and Russia at the same time. Its value seems to be only reflected in the applause of the Americans.

On December 20 last year, zhaolijian, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, said bluntly at a regular press conference: “some people and forces in Lithuania are determined to work in collusion with the separatist forces of ‘Taiwan independence’ and will eventually be swept into the garbage heap of history.”

Officially certified “garbage”, but Lithuanian politicians are not ashamed of it, but are becoming more and more crazy. This time, the target of Lithuania is Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave.


What does it mean to block Kaliningrad? A war gamble, for Lithuania, a small Baltic country, lost and disappeared directly; We won and disappeared with Kaliningrad.

To put it bluntly, it is a gamble, and the United States wants to use it to expand the country.

It is reasonable to say that politicians who come to power through “democratic” elections should at least safeguard the interests of the voters, but nausaida is not afraid to let the country go to destruction.

The Lithuanian railway company recently informed the Railway Bureau of Kaliningrad state that a series of goods subject to EU sanctions will stop transit from June 18 (oil transportation will not be restricted until August 10).


At present, Kaliningrad has been unable to obtain cement, metal and some living materials from Russia and Belarus.

Lithuania’s blockade measures will cause double damage to Russia:

1? The export trade route of Russian goods entering the Baltic Sea through Kaliningrad was cut off;

2? Kaliningrad state has its own material security and social operation crisis.

As for Lithuania’s practice, Klimov, chairman of the “Committee for the protection of sovereignty” of the Russian Federation Council, warned on the 19th that the EU must correct the blockade of Kaliningrad, or Russia will solve the transit problem by any means.

Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council, said today that the Lithuanian people will feel the real consequences of Russia’s counter-measures.

Now the European media and the Russian media have analyzed the possible retaliation means that Russia may take. There are about fiveorsix kinds, mainly political and economic means, such as:

1? It is illegal not to recognize Lithuania as an independent state when it took the lead in independence;

2? Abolish the agreement with the EU on Lithuania’s accession to the EU;

3? It demanded the recovery of kleipeda port (known as meimer port in Germany). According to the Potsdam resolution, the port was handed over to the Soviet Union, and Stalin decided to hand it over to Lithuania. As the successor of the Soviet Union, when Lithuania violates the border transport agreement, the ownership of kleipeda port should be re recognized.

This move will shake Lithuania’s status as a NATO member, because NATO Article 6 stipulates that Member States shall not have territorial disputes.


There are also some measures that are not effective, so I won’t elaborate. For example, Lithuania gave up the “cut off energy and electricity” measures before Russia started. “Suicide”, what can you do?

Although Russia is very popular, it is difficult to use military means. Just like it is not difficult for a man to beat a dog with a stick, but it is very difficult to beat a flea with a stick. China’s opposition to Lithuania actually has this problem.

From the blockade of Kaliningrad in Lithuania, we can see how rubbish this country is?

Lithuanian Prime Minister ingrida himonet said at the press conference today that the trilateral agreement between Russia and Europe is still valid, but Lithuania implements the sanctions imposed by the EU in mid March.

Treacherous she could say so fresh and refined. Before Lithuania joined the EU on may1,2004, Russia did not stop it, but wanted to reach a series of transport agreements on Kaliningrad with both sides of Lithuania and Europe.

It is precisely because the three parties reached the “personnel and goods” transportation agreement between Russia and Kaliningrad in 2004 that Lithuania was accepted by the EU.

In other words, Lithuania shall not cut off this land transport line on the grounds of the contradiction between Europe and Russia.

Otherwise, as early as 8 years ago, when the Crimean problem broke out, Lithuania could follow the EU to cut off this line and not allow goods to enter Kaliningrad.

Furthermore, the EU imposed sanctions on Russia due to the Ukrainian crisis, and issued a list of embargoed goods in March. Lithuania did not follow up.

Because they all know that the effectiveness of the “trilateral agreement between Russia and Europe” is higher than the sanctions policy.

However, the Zelensky authorities have obviously lost more and more ground in the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and can not organize an effective counter offensive. Therefore, the United States decided to open up a “second battlefield”.

So Lithuania jumped out. NATO immediately voiced its support for it, as did the EU. These lines have been designed before, and they want to attract Russia’s attention to Lithuania and Kaliningrad.


The United States just wants to gamble with Lithuania:

1? Lithuania has dual membership of NATO and EU. Russia uses military means to deal with Lithuania, which is different from Ukraine.

Biden has repeatedly stressed that NATO will not use a single soldier for Ukraine. Yesterday, NATO expressed the same attitude again. This is telling Russia that you should try to attack Lithuania?

2? Kaliningrad was originally a strategic military fortress of the Soviet Union. After the rearmament in 2008, strategic weapons – “ilkandel” (with nuclear warheads) and S-400 air defense missiles were placed here.

The offensive armed forces here are not aimed at Lithuania or Poland, but are used to deter London, Paris, Rome, Berlin… And even beyond.

It is impossible for the Russian army to attack Lithuania directly from Kaliningrad, and it will also be attacked by Poland. If we want to fight, we must dispatch troops from Russia, but this is related to the transit through Belarus.

The United States has focused on these two points:

1? Putin may not dare to attack a NATO member while facing the Ukrainian crisis;

2? Does Belarus agree to provide passage or even join forces with Belarus? Putin and Lukashenko still need time to coordinate. Although Belarus is willing to cooperate with the Russian army to attack Ukraine, Lithuania is a member of NATO, and Lukashenko must be cautious.

That’s why Lithuania is a very difficult flea, and it is the favorite victim of the United States. Is there any loss for the United States, Germany, France, the European Union and NATO to destroy Lithuania?

Another purpose of cutting off the transportation line of Kaliningrad is to interfere with the logistics line between China and Europe.

On May 29, the container train from Chengdu to Kaliningrad was shipped for the first time. The shipper is the Russian “FESCO” transportation group. It is estimated that it will take more than 20 days to pass through China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, and finally arrive at Kaliningrad, Russia, and then the goods enter the Baltic Sea.

Originally, this was a trade act beneficial to China, Russia and Europe, but it happened that Lithuania announced to cut off the railway line on June 18, which may affect the trains departing from Chengdu.

In fact, Lithuania is also beneficial, because this line is not necessarily related to the deterioration of relations between China and Russia. As mentioned above, this is the contractual responsibility of the “Russia Europe agreement” that it must undertake.

Moreover, international law clearly guarantees the right of all countries to go to their own enclaves, and regards all acts that hinder the realization of this right as aggression.

Lithuania, however, is extremely abnormal: it does not want to let goods transit, and openly provokes Russia.

Without the “guidance” of the United States, can Lithuania have such a “strategic vision”? This shows that the governor of this county level country has been completely controlled by the United States.

When the situation reaches the brink of explosion, Lithuania will be swept back into the historical garbage overnight.

“Fighter” in garbage

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